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dear weekend,

7 Sep

I miss you.

Please come back now. Soon isn’t early enough.

xoxo, Courtney

boston is beautiful

20 Jun

Hey ya’ll! I’m currently waiting to board my flight back to VA Beach. (I just got incredibly nervous because a man near me asked me if we were waiting to go to Atlanta…thankfully he was wrong and I am in the right place.)

First things first…Boston is BEAUTIFUL. I had such a good time with my family and I’m sad to leave this city so soon.

on the chahhhhles river

If you’re looking for good food, good bars, and just a damn good time…this is definitely a city worth visiting. On Saturday morning I was lucky enough to see the Bruins parade (along with their recently won Stanley cup- so cool)! While I am definitely a Philly sports fan and would’ve enjoyed seeing the Flyers take the cup..this was rad.

throw some glitter make it rain

My family LOVES the sports of beantown and attempted to turn me into a Boston sports fan on more than one occasion.

some boston sports guy..

Nice try, guys. It’s not going to work. Although I had an INCREDIBLE time I’m definitely ready to get back to my Danielson. And even though we walked everywhere…I feel an itch to RUN RUN RUN. It’s funny how just a few days off can really give you even more motivation to work out. Is this restless leg syndrome?

And one more treat…Boston Cream Pie cupcake for breakfast seems incredibly appropriate.

icing is proper running fuel

guilty as charged

16 May

roomie & I this weekend

yep. I’m a Mexican food addict.

this weekend, salsa sampler @ Mole in Williamsburg.


only a few bites, promise. my eyes are bigger (and less healthy) than my stomach.

last week, more salsas @ Dos Caminos,


oh and you know what else? if we’re admitting things – I’m also a cupcake addict.

how cute is this box?! baked by melissa might have won me over today by offering $1 juice boxes.

juice boxes = the keys to my heart.

courtney’s flavors of the day: strawberry, red velvet, cookie dough.

hmmm – it’s a good thing I wake up and run at 6 am ;) blame the endorphins.

may firsts

2 May

While it is only May 2nd, May is already full of firsts. For starts, Sunday was my verrry first visit to Central Park since moving here. Seriously, I know. Who am I? November to April are very cold months, mmk? I headed to CP for a blogger meet up (also a first!) which was co-coordinated by one of my new NYC favorites, Christine! yippie!!! :D Check out {av} at Long Distance Loving for an awesome recap and all the lovely bloggies I met! :)

After wards, I decided to soak up a little more of the park and continue re-reading Something Borrowed to get ready for Friday Wednesday – my roommate & I are two lucky ladies who get to go to an early PopSugar premiere! Awesome, but only two days left to finish! I can’t even express how excited I am, s0 more on that later. !!!!!

Danny met me a little while later and we found the row boats! dun, dun, dun. I’ve been waiting ages to ride these. :D

I think anyone will tell you the truth, the row boats usually consist of a girl taking pictures, and a guy rowing – we were no expection. ;) Full disclosure: Danny is now complaining of blisters on his hands. Tread with caution, ladies. This boat ride comes with a price.

Monday’s first? Baked By Melissa finally opened near my work!!! Of course, I went. Of.course.

My choices: Tye Dye, Mint Chocolate Chip, and the flavor of the month, Strawberry. Just in case you’re dying to know my cupcake strategy – I need to take a bite of each, then I can decide what order to eat them. Finished with the Strawberry. Think that tells you how good it was… ;)

My least favorite May first? Sunburn. I’ve got sunburn on my knees and wrists. Yep, a lovely sunburn line of my watch. I’m so cool. New York, what have you done to me? My skin didn’t seem to know what the sun was and I can’t remember the last time I actually got sun burn, randomly like this. Note to self: don’t sit cross legged on a rock in Central Park unless you want really really beautiful knee sunburns. I feel 8.

dreams do come true

29 Apr

because today a “common girl” became a princess. fjdghdfjhdfkl!!!!!

obviously not this girl ;)

kate looked beautiful. who else is celebrating with a cupcake, (or maybe an ice cream cone..) recaps, and all day? ;)

happy, happy friday!!!! :D ….TWO KISSES!!!!!!!

things change!

13 Apr

I’ve found that in this life, things are always changing and almost nothing ever goes as planned. A few funny little reminders (for you & me!) that change isn’t always bad.

I’ve mentioned Bagel Wednesday before, but just as a refresher, on Wednesday’s where I work there are bagels. What I didn’t tell you is – every day there is cereal. Yep, an entire room dedicated to cereal. Almost any kind you could imagine – sugary or healthy. This was extremely exciting the first few months, but how much cereal can a girl eat? While all of you bloggers are eating your protein packed overnight oats, breakfast cookies, and whatever else – I’m here, still eating cereal. I know, I know, this may sound glamorous and fun, but once you’ve tried it all…. sugary (but made with whole grains… ;)?), healthy, and everything in the middle, you really do want to call it quits; however, you proceed on because well, this city is expensive, and cereal is free.

A few weeks ago, I tried to battle my breakfast woes with bagel thins… three days later, I was done with that and back to cereal. Once you go NY bagel, you never go back.

This week, while at Trader Joe’s, I decided to dig back into my own breakfast funds and give another type of breakfast a good ol’ college try. Enter: frozen whole grain waffles.

Monday & Tuesday I had these with TJ’s honey apple butter and frozen raspberries.

Sososo good. In fact, I had an admirer of my honey apple butter in the kitchen. “but does it taste more like apple, or more like honey?”

Enter: Bagel Wednesday. My usual favorite day of the week. (Next to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday that is.) I’ve gotten obsessed with bagels, ask Jamie – I’m always gushing over them. Well, not today. I looked at my bagel (you have to grab the one you want EARLY – whole wheat everything = hot item.) and all I wanted was my sweet, sweet waffles.

Things really, really do change. (Except I ate it anyway… Duh.)

Changes also come in the form of a meat-loving-veggie-hating-boyfriend who I never thought could turn into even a semi-foodie like those other blog legends I’ve heard.

He even bought some kind of special TJ’s dressing for this said salad. A few months ago, Danny didn’t even know what I was referring to when I said I wanted to go to TJ’s.

Last week, I received a few surprising texts leading to this, too. Pictures of his food, a picture on a menu of some risotto I would like, and best of all:

Now that’s change I’d like to stick around. :D

Last and certainly not least, things do change in the cupcake world, as well. I used to wonder why people would ever stand in a line so long at Baked By Melissa when there are Crumbs around.

And then, it hit me last weekBaked By Melissa cupcakes are tiny. The perfect treat size that you don’t feel guilty about. Now that I’ve tried them, I absolutely cannot wait for the one by my job to open soon. Crumbs and Baked By Melissa are just different.

Birthday Cake, Smores, and PB

See, changes can be teeny tiny, too. ;) Any of you experience positive changes lately? It’s nice to have these little reminders that change can actually be a good thing sometimes! Happy hump day! :D

sweet treat friday

8 Apr

We’d love to add a new blog post today…but the truth is, we’re both a bit wild. We’re sugar rushed, giddy, and too bouncy to write. Although we are best friends now living in separate states, we both chose a similar afternoon pick me up…

Crumbs mint cookie cupcake

a massive cupcake enjoyed in NYC and a size-of-your-face ice cream cone eaten in Virginia Beach..

birthday cake ice cream, rainbow sprinks!!

we’re now happy, giggly, and READY for the weekend. Because what’s healthy about not allowing yourself a good treat?

it takes two, baby

7 Apr

One of my favorite combinations in life is grilled cheese with tomato soup. They just belong together – like Rachel and Ross. I’m feeling out of sorts and a bit sick today so it was the perfect time to call in the dynamite duo (not to be confused with Jamie & I.)

Cosi seemed like the perfect choice. Not only are they incredibly close to me, but their multigrain bread tastes awesome and has a whopping amount of protein in it – which is something I tend to slack on at times.

Their tomato soup is amazing, as well. Not too thin and not too thick – with some chunks of tomato hiding in there! Plus, the side is only $1.99 and it’s the perfect dipping size. :)

That is heaven, my friends. Now if only I could find a cupcake somewhere…

Unfortunately, it’s back to work for me! So instead of eating one, I’ll be day dreaming about customizing my own Baked By Melissa cupcakes.


A new location is being built close to where I work and as I’m sure you can tell I’m already jumping up and down on the inside about it.

little italy + sunday funday

28 Mar

Little Italy might be a tourist trap, but I have to say it’s fun and adorable. Almost every restaurant has someone standing outside the restaurant enticing you in by telling you about the food. Delicious! Homemade! Your money back if you don’t like! I have a fur coat – believe me! (I’m not making that last one up, I swear.)

So, Saturday we chose a restaurant with an early bird special – novella.

The highlights:

mmmm, carbs.


shared an appetizer with mah date, danny!

salad with my meal!

(I know, I know – my highlights to LITTLE ITALY didn’t even include any pasta, but I wasn’t thrilled with my choice and only ate a few bites. Little Italy is definitely a place of trial and error. ;) Danny said the sauce on his spaghetti was awesome, though!)

Sunday Funday looked a little something like this:

Got to wear one of my [many] new finds from a really cute, CHEAP new boutique in Soho. (!!!!)

Made a pit stop at cupcake Land in Williamsburg (didn’t even have to go through peppermint forest ;))

(Red velvet so I could compare to Crumbs!!)

nothing comes close - as of yet!!

And believe it or not, with all of this, I still managed to get a good weight training/cardio work out in… ;)

a cheesy nj trip & back to NYC

9 Mar

I knowwwwww, I’m LATE, but… On Sunday, I was back at home for a few hours in order to prepare my closet (& shoes!!!) for Spring.

road trip fun

I have totally been craving a good ol’ south jersey/philly hoagie. (NOT a sub, and not a hero) So that was the top of my priorities.

mixed cheeeseeeee

My partner in crime… and driver. ;)

My only tip on keeping hoagies,  semi-healthy – is when you have a craving, get them on a whole wheat wrap. I think it tastes better this way… and it’s just a benefit that it’s helps cut down on all calories that I’m instead eating in the crazy amounts of mixed cheese !!!

I got mixed cheese with lettuce, tomato, onion, bruchetta, and my favoriiiiite – diced cherry peppers! Ahhhhh, home.

I came home at an optimum time to say goodbye to my pink walls. :( Jamie & I spent some good times getting ready in this little room while I made her curl my hair and we ate Sprees.

Since I was home, my mom invited my sister & her husband over for dinner, and as I predicted – even made a cake! Dinner was mushroom risotto – and when my parents realized they didn’t have vegetable stock for us, I suggested wine instead of just water. My own dad didn’t believe me and had to google it.

We also had ensalaaaada…

… and baked whole wheat mac & cheese ! :)

I also got to see this little guy:

He is too wild to get photographed!!! Being at home did make me realize.. I’d loveeee a pet and that after not leaving NYC for 2.5 months the rest of the world felt like an entirely different planet. I am not a country suburb mouse.

mom's cake & fruit salad

Other than that… back in my normal city girl life, I have a few other things to be completely stoked about:

1. A co-worker shouted he had extra crumbs cupcakes so we all jumped at the opportunity. I won half of the red velvet, how’s a girl get this lucky?!?!


2. Last night I went to Bright Eyes @ Radio City Music Hall with a friend I’ve know since I was a tiny little girl. I used to go to CCD at his house. :) It reminded me of high school again!

Radio Cityyyy

3. I learned why the treadmills at my gym were completely hogged last week. WE GOT NEW ONE’S!!!!!!!! You can plug your iPod or iPhone in and watch anything you want! OMG, catching up on Gossip Girl Episodes.. HERE-I-COME. What else can it do?!?!? Export your workout results to a zip drive (or an iPhone.. I hope!) I’m so excited to finally be able to share my runs! :)

4. In theme with my new awesome treadmill, I think it’s time I start to plan for my first 5k! I got excited when I found this list of NYC races on Runners World. I’m thinking about this 4 mile Concern Spring Run so I’d have a month to prepare.  I know 5k’s and 4 miler’s are nothing to some of you.. cough, cough Jamie… but it would be my first one! And like I said before, I’m just starting my relationship with  running. Any NY bloggies have any races coming up?!


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