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the besttt sunday funday

18 Apr

Sunday is usually my day of rest, like Jamie, however with 65 degrees & sunny on the forecast, and a boyfriend who actually agreed to run with me for the first time…. ever – I had to make an exception.

Don’t let him fool you though, although this is the first time he ran with me, he used to have to run a few 6 minute miles every morning for lacrosse in high school so he can easily squash me. (but doesn’t know how to pace!!)

We ran all around Williamsburg, through McCarren park and then one lap around the track, down to the water front by East State River park, underneath the overpass, hopping over dogs and puddles on Metropolitan. We finished in about 45 minutes and I tried to do a mapmyrun but I’m not 100% sure where we were at times – I think we did around 5 miles. So much fun in the beautiful weather lapping tourists those walking. :)

After chugging some water while Danny’s roommate was clapping for us  (he was just as shocked as me at Danny running!), we desperately needed some food so we headed to Blackbird Parlour for some brunch.

I got a truffle grilled cheese because I just wasn’t feelin’ the b in brunch.

Some celebratory mimosas were also necessary. (side note – does anyone else find that post-run food takes precedence over post-run showers? if not, feel free to judge me in these pictures. ;))

After lunch, I mean brunch (since mimosas were involved…) I really wanted an ice cream cone so it was off to find Mister Softee. Dreams really do come true, people.

It was way too nice of a day to spend inside, so we headed back to McCarren Park – first we watched the dogs at the dog park (I’m obsessed with doing this until I get my own) and then relaxed on the grass to watch some good ol’ American hipster softball. I got to the urge to ask if i could join their team. I seriously miss it after last year’s fun work league. :( !!!

I’m in love with the fact that we can watch softball with the NYC skyline in the background. Amazing. :D Someone please ask me to join their team, now. Thanks ;)

sweet treat friday

8 Apr

We’d love to add a new blog post today…but the truth is, we’re both a bit wild. We’re sugar rushed, giddy, and too bouncy to write. Although we are best friends now living in separate states, we both chose a similar afternoon pick me up…

Crumbs mint cookie cupcake

a massive cupcake enjoyed in NYC and a size-of-your-face ice cream cone eaten in Virginia Beach..

birthday cake ice cream, rainbow sprinks!!

we’re now happy, giggly, and READY for the weekend. Because what’s healthy about not allowing yourself a good treat?

it takes two, baby

7 Apr

One of my favorite combinations in life is grilled cheese with tomato soup. They just belong together – like Rachel and Ross. I’m feeling out of sorts and a bit sick today so it was the perfect time to call in the dynamite duo (not to be confused with Jamie & I.)

Cosi seemed like the perfect choice. Not only are they incredibly close to me, but their multigrain bread tastes awesome and has a whopping amount of protein in it – which is something I tend to slack on at times.

Their tomato soup is amazing, as well. Not too thin and not too thick – with some chunks of tomato hiding in there! Plus, the side is only $1.99 and it’s the perfect dipping size. :)

That is heaven, my friends. Now if only I could find a cupcake somewhere…

Unfortunately, it’s back to work for me! So instead of eating one, I’ll be day dreaming about customizing my own Baked By Melissa cupcakes.


A new location is being built close to where I work and as I’m sure you can tell I’m already jumping up and down on the inside about it.

how to win girlfriend points, part 2

6 Apr

I can start this off by saying I love my best friend Courtney, and finish it off by also saying that I love my boyfriend Danny. He deserves some serious special treatment today, in the form of  fat, fluffy, snickerdoodles. I followed Jessica’s recipe because all of her treats look absolutely delicious and I KNEW this one wouldn’t disappoint.

We actually creepily stalked looked through all of her dessert recipes together, and Danny chose these. It helped that we didn’t need to make a trip to the store, or as Danny suggested “If you blog this and need to run out, I can take a picture of you walking out the door!!” Thanks, D. :)

Similar to my first blog posted treat for Danny..

pb banana stuffed french toast

These cookies are also cinnamon filled, sweet, and addicting..

girlfriend points, count em!

mah man

because the way to his heart, is definitely through his stomach.

march’s mushroom risotto

31 Mar

I have to say – I stink at sharing recipes because I do everything from mah noggin. I rarely use a measuring cup/spoon – I’m more of a “eh, this looks right…” kinda girl.  However, I was kind of in love with the mushroom risotto with caramelized onions I made inspired by Oh She Glow’s recipe. Plus, I promised. ;) (So don’t be surprised if I don’t *always* tell you my measurements :))

My Ingredients:

  • 2 large yellow onions
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 1 package baby bella mushrooms*
  • thyme/other spices
  • chives
  • 1 cup pearled barely
  • 2 cups vegetable broth
  • 2 cups white wine
  • ground pepper

*(I’d recommend 2 packages, instead!!)

1. Chop one of the onions, and add to a large skillet (one with a lid would work best!) with olive oil. (~1 tbsp!) Sautee for approximately five minutes, and then add the minced garlic.

2. While that’s cookin’, chop some more!! This time it’s your baby bellas. After about 10 minutes, add the mushrooms to the skillet.

3. Once the mushrooms are cooking for about 5 minutes, add the chives + other seasonings, then cook for another five minutes. (I just used whatever I had on hand, but Oh She Glow’s used a sprig of rosemary. Also, I don’t use salt when I cook, but if you do you should add it now!!)

4. Then, add the pearled barely (or whatever grain you choose!) and gradually add the vegetable broth and wine through out the cooking process so the grain can soak up the liquid at the right pace. Once it boils, cover it with a lid and STIR, STIR, STIR!!!

The vegetable broth I used:

The wine I drank while I was stirring added to the dish:

two buck chuck!!!! (also trader joe's)

5. In between constant stirring and wine drinking, make the caramelized onions using your other onion. (This was my first attempt and I’ll be honest – I’m not quite sure I got the hang of it.)

6. EAT!!! Top your risotto with black pepper and the caramelized onions!

On another note, I cannot believe tomorrow is April 1st!!! (Don’t forget to say your rabbit, rabbit’s.) Thank goodness, though – because April showers will bring May flowers..

from my sister's wedding last June

…and more importantly, baseball! ;)

Jamie & I with high school friends

And of course, baseball gives me a legitimate excuse to make Phillies themed cakes again. :D

little italy + sunday funday

28 Mar

Little Italy might be a tourist trap, but I have to say it’s fun and adorable. Almost every restaurant has someone standing outside the restaurant enticing you in by telling you about the food. Delicious! Homemade! Your money back if you don’t like! I have a fur coat – believe me! (I’m not making that last one up, I swear.)

So, Saturday we chose a restaurant with an early bird special – novella.

The highlights:

mmmm, carbs.


shared an appetizer with mah date, danny!

salad with my meal!

(I know, I know – my highlights to LITTLE ITALY didn’t even include any pasta, but I wasn’t thrilled with my choice and only ate a few bites. Little Italy is definitely a place of trial and error. ;) Danny said the sauce on his spaghetti was awesome, though!)

Sunday Funday looked a little something like this:

Got to wear one of my [many] new finds from a really cute, CHEAP new boutique in Soho. (!!!!)

Made a pit stop at cupcake Land in Williamsburg (didn’t even have to go through peppermint forest ;))

(Red velvet so I could compare to Crumbs!!)

nothing comes close - as of yet!!

And believe it or not, with all of this, I still managed to get a good weight training/cardio work out in… ;)

out of the box

25 Mar

Today’s lunch was not packed and in front of a computer screen, but was had outside the office. Phewwww. Sometimes its so nice to get away from my desk for sanity’s sake. I actually had leftover mushroom risotto I could have brought, but in the end it’s worth it sometimes. (BTW, recipe coming soon, so check back :D!!!)

Schinpper’s made an appearance again with my co-worker slash high school friend. I got the Santa Fe salad – which is SO hard to do at Schnipper’s. You watch the mac and cheese, fries, and grilled cheese go by just staring at you saying eat me.

fresh ta death

It was really, really good, though!! I didn’t even miss the mac & cheese once I was eating. *GASP* And as a little treat, Krista & I split a chocolate peanut butter milkshake.

Side Note: Schnipper’s has the best light. I think I’m in love. It’s ALL windows. So dreamy when it’s sunny.

Short post tonight because happy friday ya’ll! (As the Jamie/Taylor Swift in me would say.) This girl is off to all you can eat sushi!! (Of course I’ll share that later, too ;))

mah first macaroon

24 Mar

Today I said enough is enough, and decided once and for all I was going to try a macaroon.

I have been seriously confused, because all I see in the bloggie world are macaroons that look like this <— you know, the famous one’s Fitnessista is giving away for a cause if you donate – DO IT!!!

However, all I see in New York are macaroons that look like little mini whoopie pies. When I google imaged that ish, I saw mini whoopie pies, too! Further confusion ensued.

And then I was enlightened, *ahhhhh.* There are indeed different types of macaroons, originating from various regions. The macaroons I have been seeing are of the FRENCH variety. AH-HA! Cue the light bulb.. I’m NOT going crazy (…or maybe I am, just in other ways.)

Starting from the top – White chocolate, dark chocolate, and mocha-chino. (The guy is super nice and throws in extras! You can tell he is proud of them :))

I started with the dark chocolate. Totally didn’t taste how I expected. It’s got some crunch to it, but I was just thinking – whoopie pie, whoopie pie.

I finished off the dark choc-oh-lat and took a couple bites of the remaining two.

I think the white chocolate was my favorite, but I might be partial because of the bright blue color. I’m sure I’ll be revisiting the left overs later.

PS, I’m trying to convince Jamie we need a vacation to Vegas. Help me out here friends!!!!!! :D We can be our weird selves again and do ab exercises together in a house full of other people like it’s no big thang.

Seriously, that is exactly what happened in this picture. Our friend walked in on us working out and giggling with the door shut before we all headed to the beach a few years ago. Jamie’s post on ab exercises reminded me of our vacation sillyness and mutual-workout-strangeness. (Hey, if you do it right before you go your muscles look better…! ;)) I used this theory in college, too – doing weight(s) before I went out. (Okay okay, I’ll admit it before Jamie outs me – I only owned one weight and I alternated.)

my old roommate, my old weight, my old college me

confessions of my lunch box

15 Mar

Sometimes my lunch box gets lonely because  I forget to use it and instead buy from the zillions of places this city has to offer. In an attempt to save some dolla dolla’s and fill my little lunch box with some fun – I’ve made it another goal to PACK MORE & BUY LESS. I was running out of excuses anyway since I am up super duper early. ;) I’m trying to go from 1-2 times a week if I have left overs to 4-5 days. eeee!!!

My lunch box in case you are wondering:

pssst, hi jamie & phillies pencil holder.

Hey… it’s perfect – snaps at the top & everything!

Last night when I made dinner, I purposely cooked extra veggies (portabello and zucchini) and added some yellow bell peppers at the end. Not too much additional work at all :)


This morning, after a 2 mile run (following a beginner 5k training schedule, more on that later!!) – I prepped everything else. I added spinach and chives, then jack cheese to my veggie container and salsa to another container.

I just packed an entire pack of pitas because it’s easier for me that way.

I inadvertantly bought the same kind as J

A FitSugar article on the benefits of lemons inspired me to also pack half a lemon for my water throughout the day. SUCCESS – I got in so much more agua + reaped the benefits of lemons !!! Hooray

When lunchtime rolled around, I made my veggie pita!!!! :D Heated the veggies, toasted the pita, then added the cheese, spinach, chives, cooked veggies, and salsa inside.

Super spicy with the combo of hot salsa + jack cheese, but I’m a lover of all things hot and it’s only a plus that it helps speed your metabolism. :D

I packed some blue chips to munch on, as well.. which helped with the heat.

I’d definitely recommend putting this all together at work (or wherever you are :)) as I dislike soggy sandwiches. …But does anyone actually like them anyway?!

For my snack, I had a sweet treat from a dessert truck outside our office that my co-worker was kind enough to share with me. :) Some kind of walnut cookie bar. SO GOOD.

PS, Does this officially mean I have tried street food? I may turn into this…

silly picture of me from this weekend's adventures. ;)

some weekend eats!

14 Mar

Margarita Mac & Cheese @ my absolute favorite, MacBar!

Shared some nachos with beans, jack cheese, jalapeños, sour cream, guacamole & salsa @ Buffalo Cantina

This shirt is the absolute TRUTH.

Also, got a spinach salad with ginger lime dressing @ Buffalo Cantina :D

More crudite @ Brooklyn Bowl

and the veggie buster sandwich with roasted vegetables & fresh mozzarella.

biggest veggie sandwich on the planet, I assume…

saoma milkshake @ tasti D lite to end the weekend the proper way ;)

ps, if you don’t know what tasti D lite is, charlotte and harry eat there on sex & the city…. but IN THE REAL WORLD – its claim to fame is that it has less calories than yogurt and regular ice cream. 70 – 80 in a lot of flavors for a small cup, in fact. Their newest flavor is nutella (!!!!!) but they didn’t have it yesterday. :( I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. Even with less calories, I could barely get through 1/3rd of the milk shake, still SO filling!!

Best part of the weekend, I can feel that spring is coming soon to NYC. I can feel it, I can feel it, I CAN FEEL IT!

Time to get back to my veggies – I have some cooking as we speak to incorporate into my lunch tomorrow! See you @ 6:15 am, world.


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