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remember when

22 Nov

….I tweeted at Soul Cycle about newbie specials and then I went to the website and freaked out because they actually now have one? I might have sent Jamie as many exclamation marks in my “GUESS WHAT” instant message (yeah, we instant message… what’s it to ya?!) as if something truly life changing happened. Wait… this is life changing. Cannot wait to try!

….I wanted to cross off Chelsea Brewery from my bucket list, got there, realized it was worse than a Ruby Tuesday (pre-remodeling), and then went golfing instead? Truly did cross it off.

Yep, I'm as good as I look at golf. Mini golf is another story.

…..I let Danny trim my bangs? Back in the day, I allowed Jamie to cut my bangs and vowed never to allow such a tragedy again, however this girl couldn’t see and a straight across trim sounds much easier than brand spankin’ new side bangs.

Nope, Danny doesn't smile.

…..Jamie and I had a full out icon sing along to Dog Days are Over via text?

…..I came across a “Santa’s Snack Shop” on the way home from happy hour and couldn’t stop laughing at how hilarious it was that you just run into a random Santa Snack Shop like it’s no big deal in this city? There were mini cinnabon bites and Hot Dark Chocolate Almond Cocoa. Unreal.

……I thought about how in school the week of holidays used to be all about coloring, Jamie quoted me in a FB status with a grammatically awful sentence, and then I colored my to-do list to look like Turkeys?

Thank God it is now almost Wednesday.

Phew! You probably never knew how many forms of contact I could mention Jamie & I have in one post. (Trust me, there’s more.) Anyway, happy short week and Turkey Day, ya’ll! :D

what jamie ate wednesday

31 Aug


Woohoo! Wednesday is just about over- I am so happy to be one step closer to the three day weekend! I have some plans that I am seriously excited about. Writing this WIAW is a bit sad for the last time I posted a WIAW I was busy staring at Justin Timberlake’s butt in the same day. Sigh. Today was rather normal, starting with breakfast.

most important meal of the day!

Uncle Sam’s cereal with chocolate almond milk and PB. Seriously..this tasted like cocoa krispies!

desktop salad

I had to make a quick run to the grocery store before work and decided I could splurge on a Harris Teeter salad bar lunch. Grilled chicken, eggs, cottage cheese..can you tell I’m amping up the protein here?

And with lunch… some white chocolate chips. I needed my sweet fix!

curbing cravings

I’ve made 2pm my designated snack time, I’m usually starving by then. (I eat lunch at 11am..grandma status.)

chicken of the sea

Tuna mixed with Smart Beat mayo (I’m telling you- SO good) + spicy brown mustard.

Post work I hit up the gym to complete 10 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill and 20 minutes of ellipticalling to the Kardashians. Nothing too intense- just wanted to get my butt moving on some cardio since I’ve been focusing more on weights lately!

Dinner was a lazy one- whole wheat pasta with chicken sausage and jarred (DON’T TELL MY MOM) sauce with spinach. I’m a bad, bad Italian girl today. The shame.

faux italiano

Right now I’m sippin’ on some water but let’s be real here, I’m sure I’ll have a glass of wine soon. I told myself I’d cut back on my week time wine consumption but Danny brought a giant bottle home for me post work Monday…that boy. Cheers!

alive and lifting

30 Aug

Hey friends! I’m alive! Courtney and I fared well in the storm. I know that Irene caused some rough damage to other areas along the coast but we were lucky enough to experience nothing but some wind and rain. And in my case- endless wine and brownies with Danny’s mom. We DID get home Sunday to find a large branch taking up most of our driveway- seriously how crazy does this branch look?

bend, and snap

As per request of Danny’s mom I sent our landlord a photo of the tree to keep him posted. He then emailed me back a powerpoint presentation in which he used my photos to compare and contrast hurricane Isabelle vs. Irene for work. I’m not sure whether that means the tree will be taken care of…? Interesting.

In other news, I bought myself a 9 dollar used gift, because I’m worth it.

Yeah! It just arrived at my doorstep an hour ago. I can’t wait to hunker down (am I 90?) and read this book. Expect a complete review- I’ve heard mixed reviews about The New Rules of Lifting for Women and I’m ready to form my own opinion.

Something I’m also ready to do? GO SHOPPING. I am in desperate need (as per the rules) of an outfit to wear to my cousin’s 30th birthday celebration this weekend. I’ve been so good at cutting back on my spending lately (read: not THAT good but better than normal) so I think I deserve some sort of purchase..Also, I played some gambling dice game with D$s friends on Sunday- I rocked their world and won 40 bucks without throwing any money in to play. (Some call it cheating, I call it hellooo forever 21.)

Back to work, then headed towards the gym! If anyone has any recipe ideas for dinner- point em my way. I’m feeling uninspired.

i am [not] a scientist

23 Aug

I’ve never, ever liked science. Cutting open a squid in tenth grade made me barf, and senior year of high school my health teacher sent me into the hallway when she had to discuss something that would make me “woozy”. Somehow I managed to take just once science class in college about Wildlife and my partner told me he’d do all the work and research on our semester long project if I presented it alone. (He hated public speaking, and I’m not shy.)


In contrast to my science-less past- I feel like a serious scientist right now. With this whole Kick the Habit thing (QUITTING the calorie counting) and the new addition of my ever-feared strength training I feel like I’m conducting some sort of experiment on my body…and I like it. ;)

Quitting The Counting And Adding Weight Lifting: Take One

1. Abstract: Prior to July 25th, 2011 I ran. Cardio queen (okay, princess) with a knack for counting calories, yet never knowing exactly how many I needed and frequently eating more calories than I desired. Objective- to quit the counting, listen to my stomach (hungry eat, full stop) and add in strength training while keeping up with the HIIT I enjoy and cutting out the long cardio sessions that I really never liked anyway.

2. Problem: Will doing this make me gain weight?

3. Hypothesis: Original hypothesis from the start of it all? I’ll “puff up”, hate the way I feel- and revert to my old calorie counting ways.

4. Hypothesis where I cheat and write a hypothesis towards the very end of my experiment: I will love the freedom that comes with NOT counting. I’ll eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with one or two snacks and feel truly full off whole grains, low sugar, and high protein. I’ll start to love the way my stomach looks and kiss my new biceps on the regular. ;)

5. Materials: weights, treadmill (HIIT), ipod, protein, Alyssa, white wine..

moral support, photo stealing, gym partner in crime, of course

6. Procedures: Hiit, lift, make it fun. Smile and RELAX! Don’t be so SERIOUS.

7. Conclusion: TBA on September 1st. ;)

gym review: david barton

16 Aug

Things have changed around these New York City parts. Danny signed up for a David Barton Gym month from a deal website and then started a diet from Men’s Health magazine…. Weird.

flax seeds IN HIS OWN KITCHEN!

However, when he offered up a  3-day guest pass to David Barton, of course his gym-freebie-lovin’-girlfriend couldn’t complain about the weirdness.

So, a few weeks ago I braved it and went to David Barton. I didn’t know much else other then their motto is “look better naked,” there is a live dj, and it’s known to be more of a club. Regardless, when I looked at their class descriptions I was in love. They all sounded AMAZING and super challenging.


On that Thursday, I took at 7:15 pm Shredded class with Tommy. The description from the David Barton Gym website: “This interval training class will alternate between weight training segments and jump rope cardiovascular. This is complete total body endurance challenge.” It sounded like fun to me, but when I told anyone else – they thought I was nuts. After wards, I knew I was nuts.

My thoughts throughout the class: “I can’t jump rope, why am I doing this?!” “I really don’t know why I’m the only person that is tripping over their jump rope AND having it get stuck in their hair” “The teacher can do things to that jump rope I have never even seen before” We would do 2 minutes of jump rope, get on the ground for push ups, and then do all kinds of weights. (There were a few other quirks here and there.) I suck at jumping rope. I suck at push ups. However, it was fantastic. My arms hurt after wards and my legs killed the next day. The teacher was pretty good with his sick jump rope moves and helping with your form throughout the class, but when it started I had no idea what to do with the bar weights we needed for the class and he didn’t seem very approachable. Luckily, another girl taking the class helped me out.

After my class, I talked to a sales person and he set me up with a free personal training session on Saturday morning. Sweet! That Friday, my plan was to try a spin class, but I had to work later then expected and missed it. :( I was sad because I really wanted to try more classes, but I secretly didn’t mind because my legs were hurtin’ and I had that personal training sesh in the morning. Danny and I just hung out on the treadmill. ;) It’s crazy because I’d say about 95% of people at DB don’t have headphones on. I think the dj helps with the “club-like” atmosphere; as in, no headphones = everyone is approachable to be hit on. (I’m just bein honest.)


Saturday, my training session was with Kimani. I never experienced PT before, but was excited to try something out of my comfort zone. I was waiting forever, only to find out my trainer and I were waiting in two different areas and didn’t notice so it cut my time in half. The first thing he said to me was that he was nervous because I’ve had spinal fusion surgery and have screws in my back even though I explained to him I’ve never had an issue. He made it seem like he didn’t want to hurt his “stats” since he’s never had an injury before, which is fine – who wants to hurt other people – but he made me nervous to work out and I’ve never been nervous. Bad start. We began with a back excersise and he asked my why I was there. Does anyone else hate this question?

“Because I like to work out and enjoy being toned.”

“No, really, what is the true reason you are here?” He then explains the real reason he works out.

“I just like it. Really… that’s it.”


We alternated between the machine and lunges and he told me I didn’t understand the back exercise, but we later figured out that it was that my posture just stinks. He showed me a quick stretch on how to stand up straight, and when I went back to the machine keeping this in mind, I did it perfectly. Success!

He pushed me through way too many Captains Chair reps and then it was over. Doh! So soon! I actually didn’t feel too tired, but in terms of hunger, I didn’t think I could make it another hour until his Pain & Pleasure class I was really looking forward to, so I just did some cardio and had Danny coach me through some other machines.

Overall, I was disappointed I didn’t get to try more classes since they all sound incredible (and the one I took WAS!), but what can ya do? The atmosphere at DBG is really different than any other gym I’ve been to and it’s supposed to be. It’s dark. There are velvet chairs. The shampoo is better.

I don’t think there was a single person out of shape, either. I can see this as a motivator in some ways, but also intimidating. I’m easily intimiated in gyms, especially when I don’t know where I’m going, so people looking at you like you’re stupid doesn’t help.

Each David Barton is supposed to be unique, so it’s no surprise that the downtown Astor Place location is quite alternative and most of the people have cut up shirts and sleeves of tattoos, but according to FitSugar, the UES (where supposed celebs frequent) “has a posh feel to it — swanky, airy, and lofty.” Why didn’t I try that one?! Another 3 day pass, please? I just don’t think I’m going to be dishing out the $125/month + hefty joining fee anytime soon. What do you think? Too much of a scene and hype for a gym, or do you think it would be motivating?

girl's locker room

Also, I snagged another 2 week pass for a different gym thanks to the D-boy and spoiler alert I took Spin last night and it was SO much better than the Equinox class I tried a few months ago. Look forward to more recaps comin’ attchya shortly. :)

loving lately

15 Aug

Happy Monday, Jamie here! …Well..! I know Mondays are very easy to hate on but honestly I actually enjoy getting back into a routine of healthy after a weekend of pretending I’m Lindsay Lohan.

On this rather sunny Monday I decided I’d provide y’all with a nice list of what I’ve been seriously loving lately. Happy thoughts to cheer you up and push you through the work day! PMA people..positive, mental, attitude! Have I mentioned I used to be a cheerleader? Let’s go!

here to pep you up

1. Think Thin bars. No- no one is paying me to say this, but I wouldn’t mind if someone would. I’ve been obsessing over these babies. With the decision to quit counting calories I’ve been paying way more attention to what is actually IN my meals and snacks. What I’m aiming for? High protein, LOW sugar. One of these bars keeps me full for about three hours- RARE. I am a hungry animal of a girl. Photo:

2. Emily Griffin. After reading Something Blue and Love the One You’re With I finally got my hands on Baby Proof! These books are perfect reads to be paired with a sandy beach or a glass of wine. Extra bonus points because I purchased this one 40% off at Borders! Yeah! The look on Danny’s face provided sheer terror when he noticed I was buying a book with the word “baby” on the front.

3. Hot UPS men. Well- one in particular. On Saturday D$ and I celebrated our anni (okay.. do anniversaries count when ya aren’t married?) with a couples massage and a fancy dinner. Totally perfect, totally disgustingly mushy and romantic. Sorry, I’ll now move on to something that doesn’t involve feelings.

4. WEIGHTS. Lifting, grunting, and sweating. I accidentally typed “swearing” for sweating but I guess that fits too. After a month long strength training hiatus, it feels GOOD to feel the burn again. I will not fear bulk. I will not fear bulk.

I am already anxiously awaiting my gym date with Alyssa! It’s almost time to lay on mats and giggle and talk about men get our sweat on!

update on kickin’ those habits

9 Aug

HEY Y’ALL. Guess who’s flight was supposed to leave tonight but got canceled so I get to see her face for possibly two more nights?!


Courtney is back in my arms and I’m never letting go. Just kidding..but Alyss maybe y’all can meet now?..

I’ve been having a BLAST with my best friend. Seriously. So much of a blast that I’ve totally forgotten about Freely Be’s Kick The Habit.. where I’ve promised myself to finally quit counting calories once and for all. By forgotten… I mean I’ve QUIT without stress.

Now, I’m not sure if the excitement of my 24th birthday, Court’s visit, and a raise at my job (WHAT) have taken over my brain allowing it to no longer be temporarily consumed by calorie counting.. but honestly. I am a beast at quitting this- mainly because it is SO EASY to just eat and not add. I’m a writer, hello! Numbers were never my deal anyway.

ALSO- quitting has led me to consuming WAY healthier foods. I don’t add a brownie up for a nice lunch total and call it a meal. I eat quinoa, tomatoes, and goat cheese for lunch. Then I’m full, and I’ve forgotten about food until my stomach strikes again.

life is just more fun this way..

Once again- it’s ONLY been two weeks. (I started a week before the first.)  I know that things can change, but as of now I’m happy and I like this life. In addition to quitting calorie counting I’ve decided to do a double whammy and combat my fear of lifting weights.

So until August 31st.. no counting, and bringin’ back that strength training! Really.. the worst that can happen is I decide that I “looked better” on my old plan and I revert back to that. What I’m striving for though is releasing myself from all “fears” left over from my old distorted body image days and to fully embrace myself.. and maybe some muscles too. So good.

bff: flashback friday

22 Jul

This week’s edition of BFF: Best Friends Friday will be a very special blast to the past!! ;) Catch up on what BFF is in our first two posts here and here.

So we’ve said that we’re both from South Jersey, but how exactly did we meet you ask? In high school! At an 11th Grade sleepover to be exact. We went to a gigantic high school so it was likely not to know everyone in your grade. It was a destined friendship when Jamie said, “it’s flu season!” referring to germs (while whipping out some anti-bacterial) and Courtney couldn’t agree more.

first annual christmas card

We sat together at our 12th grade lunch table and began hanging out more and more through out our senior year. We always have fun and make sure to never take ourselves too seriously, which is how we’ve lasted so long as friends.

she was always a weight lifter

We didn’t always take pictures of our food, but we did always take pictures at the lunch table. That’s a start, right? (Although I wish we had some photos of those giant trays of tots the lunch ladies would leave out for us…)

….we liked to play with our food back then, too.

Our school was lucky enough to have a Senior Trip at none other than Disney World and we had a BLAST. While Jamie hates roller coasters, we still got to enjoy the little things in Disney Life, like Moose Juice, dancing, going to the pool, and eating churros.

future food bloggers of america

just working on our fitness

Before heading to separate colleges, we had a ton of fun going to prom, lots of beach trips, graduation parties, and sleep overs together making it a senior year and summer to never forget!

dc dynamites

Who knew how many years later, miles apart, we’d still be going strong and starting this adventure together! :)

foreshadowing cupcake dynamite

(And with better hair…too.)

Random secret Jamie edit: Looking at these pictures and stalking our past made me realize that some of the best times I’ve ever really had were with Courtney! I cannot WAIT to see my best friend in.. LESS than two weeks to take on the city of Virginia Beach. :)

o captain my captain, where is your mom?

12 Jul

First of all- FIVE DAYS. The amount of time my legs have taken to recoup from a Tababat TNT class I took last Thursday. Seriously? Similar to Alyssa, my pregaming Friday night including not only some power hour but some quality foam rolling.

foam party

I can’t even remember the last time my legs have been this sore. I know it’s a GOOD thing because I’ve worked muscles that have obviously been chillin hard for months..but honestly it felt like more of a set back than anything else…probably not worth it as I would have rather felt good enough to run and probably won’t Tababat for awhile anyway. OOPS. At least I got a good class in, and I got to meet this cutie:

photo swiped off in a sneaky manner

I looked extra pretty waddling and limping all weekend. Danny kept asking “ARE YOU 24 OR 84!?” To which I would respond NEITHER..because I am actually 23. Rude.

My cousin Tarrah came in to town which I was super psyched about! Danny, his brother, and I thought it would be an awesome idea to get into his parents john boat and take it through the bay and out to Baja in Sandbridge. Baja is one of my most favorite bars EVER. It’s a big deck on the bay but also has a great outdoor space with cornhole and there is almost always a live band playing, so boat mission it was!

faithful captains

The ride over was a little nuts- it turns out when the water is so high in the bay you have to duck wildly to make it under three bridges. I pretended I was on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disney, but Tarrah was scared.

this is when she began to question my judgement

After 45 minutes of boating, including some Zoolander style photos:


..and one instance where we had to climb out of the boat, run across a busy highway, then jump back in with the boys at the other side.. we had reached our destination.

tarrah just happy we are alive

While I was having a blast drunkenly happily planning my future with Danny, Tarrah was already worried about the trip home.


And maybe she worried with good reason. After endless drinks and a good amount of chicken dancing as if we were at the third grade skating rink (I didn’t get it either) it was time to hop in the boat to go home. Sadly, we got about 30 minutes out into the bay when Dannys little bro told us he really had no idea where we were or where we were going.

I tried to calm Tarrah by saying that worst case scenario we turn around and go back to Baja. Danny ruined this by saying “WELLLL ACTUALLY.. that’s NOT the worst case scenario…”

We turned around..reached an entirely closed baja at 4am, and called Danny’s mom for a pick up. Really. She scooped us in that faithful mini van and hysterically laughed at Tarrah when she told her she cried on the boat.

don't let the cuteness fool you, these boys are terrible captains.

So Court, wanna go for a boat ride when you visit?

bff best friends friday

8 Jul

Welcome to our very first BFF Best Friends Friday! Starting today, Friday posts will feature a post we write together, a crazy memory from our friendship, or basically anything fitness foodie BFF related.. because there was a reason we started this blog journey together! Ya dig?! (Psst, we’d love it if you left us comments to let us know what you think, something you’d like to see in future Fridays, or even a story about you and YOUR BFF! :))


Moving out of Jersey to begin careers in NYC (Courtney) and VA Beach (Jamie) was one of the best decisions we’ve made. The only downfall to this? The “Moving 15″…similar to gaining weight when leaving for college. New places, new rules ( rules) and finally moving out of our respective parents’ homes for good. Here’s our life lessons learned 400 miles apart in regards to feeling a bit…”soft” ;) after moving to a new place…and finding ways to get back on track with health and fitness.


1. A new place means new food.

Coming from the suburbs to New York City my options became literally endless. I packed my lunch for work every single day when I was living at home and when I moved to NYC, I saw myself eating lunch out everyday. Shake Shack? (Anyone see Something Borrowed?) Yes, please. I discussed this before, but the shroom burger became my new obsession. And then one day I took the plunge and looked up how many calories it has. Let’s just say, I am no longer obsessed and I’m not even close to being a calorie counter.

okay look at that, maybe I'm still a recovering obsessor

It took a couple months to realize; yes – the food here is amazing, but I won’t miss anything if I don’t eat it every day. I’ve started balancing myself out by beginning to pack at least 3 days a week, and then gradually making it to every day! However, if I do go out – I make sure I’m picking healthy options. Schnipper’s has amazing mac & cheese, but they also have an amazing salad. If I’m with a friend we make sure to share fries instead of keeping them to ourselves, too. This is why they taught us to share in pre-school, my friends.

2. It’s hard to say no to happy hour.

Prior to moving, I knew a few people living here, but in a city this huge – it’s easy to get lost in the hustle. I felt the need to say yes every single time someone asked me to go out after work. I would then proceed to eat awful happy hour food even though I had a pile of fresh vegetables at home. While it is still hard to say no to happy hour – I know that there’s always tomorrow, or next week and it doesn’t have to be an every night occurrence. I’ve also learned that it’s incredibly easy to stay out for one or two drinks, skip the mozzarella sticks, and then go home to make my usual healthy dinner without missing too much fun.

3.  Getting back into a routine.

Moving to New York was a crazy switch for me. When I first moved here, it was quite an adjustment to start walking ALL the time that I couldn’t even dream of working out. (Also, these said happy hours were getting in the way ;)) It seemed fair because I was walking everywhere after all, but it truly did nothing for me as far exercise or keeping myself at my normal healthy “Courtney weight.” It took a while, but once I felt settled in, I promised myself I’d get back to working out every morning – and that I did! I try to wake up every morning before work and get to the gym so it doesn’t interfere with any of my after work fun and exploration of this amazing new city! Also, running buddies are a fantastic way to explore New York in a whole new way, too!

My boyfriend and I have weekly (unless it’s hot and he whines) Saturday runs around Brooklyn and it’s amazing how much faster you get around to seeing the scenery! …Not to mention all the zillions of classes you can take with your friends  instead of going to happy hour. My roommate and I took a gymnastics class together one night and had an absolute blast doing that, too!


1. The Double Whammy.

For me, moving to VA Beach also meant moving in to my cousin’s home and falling disgustingly in love with his roommate…aka my now boyfriend, Danny. Oops? I’m a scandalous gal, what can I say? For the first few months this meant that the idea of leaving Danny (heaven forbid) in the morning to go workout sounded awful. I was in the phase of wanting to spend every waking moment with the boy, and lost much of my motivation to hit the gym. Danny works for UPS, therefore he basically works out for a living, so bringing him along to the gym was a no go. The solution? I signed up for my first VA Beach 5k. I’m a competitive girl, and knew I’d push myself to run more if I had a race to prepare for. I ended up PR-ing at 25:22 and earning third place in my age group.

Although we’re still in a happy committed relationship, I’ve passed through the newly dating-don’t even leave the room because we’re obsessed with each other phase, and now have no issue ditching him for a good workout. ;)

2. Treating life…like vacation.

I moved to the beach. People flock here for vacation, and during the first few months of living here I treated my life as such. Out for ice-cream even though I just ate some homemade cookies after dinner? Sure. I’m on vacation. About seven pounds later (I’m only 5’0″, it makes a difference) I needed to get strict. SURE I allow myself treats (almost daily)..and I am in NO way trying to restrict my sugar intake (you only live once) but limiting it and not letting it get in the way of also enjoy fresh, energizing foods…is key. Moderation…not vacation. ;)

beachy fit!

3. Making time for fitness.

Moving here and living on my own meant I needed to make some serious cash. I work full-time in marketing (from home……amazing) and part-time free-lance writer. I’m a busy, busy girl. I believe that there’s ALWAYS time to stay fit. If I can’t hit the gym, I “Shred” with Jillian Michaels on my lunch break. Luckily, my new gym is in walking distance and I can head over during lunch time, early in the AM, or at night if I’m not working. I don’t stress about making time, I figure out when I can workout (usually 4-5 days a week), and I DO IT. It makes me feel good, has helped me lose my “Moving 15″…or seven, or eight ;)..and keeps me happy!




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