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BFF: Dynamite Rules

19 Aug

Happy BFF! It’s Best Friends Friday over here! This week we’d like to enlighten you with our rules of life. We swore on the cover of Mean Girls that these are the laws we will would live by, forever and always. (Just kidding…we are not that creepy, nor do we actually follow rules or initiate girls who want to be our friends.)


1. Wine goes well with dinner. It also goes well with late night TV watching, hair braiding, and facebook stalking. Drink it if you agree. Do not be ashamed by the accidental “likes” and overzealous comments you leave on blogs and status updates. “I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THAT PROTEIN POWDER!!!!! It’s SOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD!” If you’ve found comments like this from us (mostly Jamie) anywhere in your life, be aware that we normally do not shout out our love for protein in real life. Pinot sets typing skills on fire.


2. Try hard not to spend money. Talk constantly about how your account hates you, complain about paying rent every month, and insist that you are not allowed to spend on wants- NEEDS ONLY. Then rationalize. “What is the difference between a want and a need anyway? Clothes are wants, but if if I don’t have a new dress for [insert meaningless fun event here] then I will look horrible therefore I will have a terrible time and it will be bad for my metal health.” Move clothes from want to need. Buy just one outfit. Cheap. Kiss the gods of Forever 21.

we can't even wear these. these are MENS SHIRTS. i don't remember what we were doing here.

3. On Wednesdays, we wear pink. When we realize we own nothing pink- we improvise.

is beer a carb?

4. Complain to your best friend. Best friends are there for that sole purpose, to listen to you ramble on about something absolutely ridiculous while you simultaneously ramble on about how ridiculous your rambles are. A true best friend will let you go on and on, and save your boyfriend/mom/roommate/coworkers from finding out just how nuts you actually are.

the joke is on you dmoney!

5. Change your hair, and change it often. If you have had the same part, color, cut, or style for over one month be sure to make a switch up soon. You should be completely unrecognizable to your family when you make it back to Jersey for a visit. After you change your hair- complain (to your best friend- see rule #4) about how you should have never changed your style in the first place, now it’s too short, too dark, too not-the-way-it-was-before.

6. Only fall in love with men named Danny. We’d map it out for you, but we’ve done that before.

7. Keep in contact with your best friend daily. There are about 239084 thousand means of communication these days, use them all. Text her while she tweets you. Leave her 230 comments on her facebook telling her how pretty and perfect she is. It’s kind of like getting a compliment from your mom, but it’s nice and you’ve gotta have each others backs.

i got you!

8. Be silly and have fun. Don’t take anything too seriously, don’t take yourself too seriously. Work hard, play hard. It’s all in good fun. Don’t sweat the small stuff- only sweat in the gym. Or on the beach. Or when Justin Timberlake is three feet away from you. (Okay. Last time on the JT reference. Solemnly swear.)

never too serious for bathroom pics.

9. We’re done, but aren’t rules always better in tens?

10. Follow our rules with caution. We aren’t experts on the matter, these just work for us.

BFF: how to do a waterfall braid

5 Aug

Happy Friday! Welcome to the newest edition of BFF (best friends friday!) we thought we’d put together a sweet vlog for you explaining how to do a waterfall braid. I’ve been braiding, curling, and cutting (it was one time) Court’s hair for years now so here we go! Unfortunately our first takes after dollar vodkas didn’t produce the best material:

So we took another shot at it this morning: how to do a waterfall braid.. without cheap birthday drinks running through your system.

Have a great weekend! Thanks for the kind birthday wishes. And Alyssa, sadly it did not include froyo or getting lost on boats but it definitely included some great times that are just a bit hazy.

bff: dynamite beauty essentials

29 Jul

Happy FRIDAY! For this edition of BFF: Best Friends Friday we thought it’d be a nice idea to show y’all our beauty essentials. We have honestly been using the same products together for years and will probably continue to do so until we’re eighty. This used :( to make restocking simple as when we’d run out of mascara and bronzer weekly monthly we could run the errands together.

dynamite duo

Most of our favorite products come from two places: Target and Sephora.

First up from Target: Our Colossal Volume Mascara! Eighty coats and you’re ready to hit the town! This stuff gives you some pretty amazing lashes without getting all clumpy- and it’s super cheap.

maybe it's maybelline

Second necessity: BRONZER. We’re from Jersey, didn’t you know? We have gone through bronzer phases (from wearing way too much to just the right amount, from expensive to cheap) but no matter which phase we’re in- it’s always included in our make-up lineup.

A word of caution: careful with the bronzer, because you could end up looking like this..

it happens to the best of us

Third on our list: Bare Minerals Matte Powder. This stuff is amazing, and it covers EVER-Y-THING.

you are worth the lofty price tag

And as if the combo of bare minerals and bronzer wasn’t enough, we both add in our most favorite blush of all time: Nars Orgasm. Such a pretty shade.


Once we get our faces glowing with all this goodness, we always brush our teeth with this toothpaste. Crest Vivid White provides THE BEST whitening.

like a ghost

gotta glow!

And to wipe off all our glow and revert to our incredibly dull selves, these face wipes are THE BEST. We have both been obsessed with them for awhile now, as we are usually too tired at night to imagine the thought of using water from the sink and combining it with soap. (The horror!)

so fresh and so clean clean

So there ya have it! These are not the only products we use, but they are the products that we obsess over together. Next week’s installment of BFF will be a special one…vlog, anyone!? ;)

bff: flashback friday

22 Jul

This week’s edition of BFF: Best Friends Friday will be a very special blast to the past!! ;) Catch up on what BFF is in our first two posts here and here.

So we’ve said that we’re both from South Jersey, but how exactly did we meet you ask? In high school! At an 11th Grade sleepover to be exact. We went to a gigantic high school so it was likely not to know everyone in your grade. It was a destined friendship when Jamie said, “it’s flu season!” referring to germs (while whipping out some anti-bacterial) and Courtney couldn’t agree more.

first annual christmas card

We sat together at our 12th grade lunch table and began hanging out more and more through out our senior year. We always have fun and make sure to never take ourselves too seriously, which is how we’ve lasted so long as friends.

she was always a weight lifter

We didn’t always take pictures of our food, but we did always take pictures at the lunch table. That’s a start, right? (Although I wish we had some photos of those giant trays of tots the lunch ladies would leave out for us…)

….we liked to play with our food back then, too.

Our school was lucky enough to have a Senior Trip at none other than Disney World and we had a BLAST. While Jamie hates roller coasters, we still got to enjoy the little things in Disney Life, like Moose Juice, dancing, going to the pool, and eating churros.

future food bloggers of america

just working on our fitness

Before heading to separate colleges, we had a ton of fun going to prom, lots of beach trips, graduation parties, and sleep overs together making it a senior year and summer to never forget!

dc dynamites

Who knew how many years later, miles apart, we’d still be going strong and starting this adventure together! :)

foreshadowing cupcake dynamite

(And with better hair…too.)

Random secret Jamie edit: Looking at these pictures and stalking our past made me realize that some of the best times I’ve ever really had were with Courtney! I cannot WAIT to see my best friend in.. LESS than two weeks to take on the city of Virginia Beach. :)

life is a beach

31 May

Dear Mom,

I’m having too much fun.

thanks alyssa, for capturing my finest moments

Is it strange that I’m excited for my MDW fun to be over? These faces party too hard.

oops? i told you i enjoy embarrassing my boyfriend.

No more liquid diet. Give me back solid foods & a treadmill. And possibly a 10 mile run with my most favorite fellow Jersey girl in VB.

At least until Friday, that is. ;)

things i find hysterical: a weekend review

24 May

1. Photobombs. This past weekend consisted of lots of family time, which is AMAZING. I have the best cousins ever- they are hysterical and I love living close enough to hang with them on the weekends. My cousin’s wife Emily and I were pumped to attend a Norfolk Tides game Sunday, one full of beers, sun, and young girls wanting to be our friend.

can't hate on an angel

2. Embarrassing others, or attempting to. Danny has “no shame”, which he’s mentioned 2343 times before, so making him feel embarrassed to be with me is hard. On Saturday night we joined my cousins at a “truck and tractor pull” in North Carolina. We go to these things to people watch, wear cowboy boots, and again…to drink beer. Coozies are necessary, so I managed to find an awesome set for me and D$. Sadly..he was pumped to sport a coozie that made him reminiscent of his Halloween costume.

jersey style

3. “Rednecks”. I love them. Sometimes I want to be one. First Nascar, now trucks pulling tractors. I am an northerner with a secret obsession surrounding all things Southern. If you’re interested in people watching, I suggest you hit the dirty South for some real entertainment.

ain't no pullin in jersey

ain't no pullin in jersey

And FYI- If you’re like me and enjoy embarrassing others, expect to be embarrassed in return. Last night I took a fitness class similar to Body Pump. The regular instructor was out, and a Drill Sargent (really, an actual hard-bodied tough ass Sargent of some sort) taught the class. She had lots of fun at my expense, and I think if I didn’t love my “blond bimbo” (me?? my hair is brown..) self enough I would have run out crying. That’s karma for ya!

mamma’s day

10 May

How was everyone’s Mother’s Days?! My mom requested I come home Saturday to celebrate, so her & my sister picked me up in Philadelphia in the early afternoon and we headed to Cheesecake Factory for her Mother’s Day lunch. Typical day in the Jersey suburbs, much? ;) Jusssss kidding.

My sister and I split the avocado egg rolls as an appetizer. This has happened often in our life. We are just obsessed the dipping sauce.

I rolled with the lunch pizza and salad combo. I can’t remember the last time I got something other than this at Cheesecake Factory.

After lunch, my mom, sis, and I went to visit my grandma. It’s always funny to hear my grandma’s stories and I was glad I got a chance to see her. :) The bag I found for her presents is officially my new motto and oh so blog appropriate.

Afterwards my mom and I of course went to the mall. :D Can’t remember the last time I was in one of these things! I was on a mission for some Phillies Pink gear since I was in town. My mom also wound up getting me some Sperry’s that are on their way to me as we speak. CANNNOT WAITTTTT. She’s the best :D

When we got home my dad made me a snack before I went out with my friend since I was five years old slash college roommate!

like father like daughter

When I came back, this guy was asleep on my bed his bed that I have to sleep in.

"what are YOU doing here?"

glamor shot

Sunday, after a run in the sun (and INTENSE ALLERGIES) – I came back to the big city (where THANK GOD we don’t have too many of those things called trees ;)) in time for dinner with mah boyfriend and…. to see AZIZ ANSARI!!!!!!!

We stumbled upon a completely random and empty wine bar so we decided to try it.

Completely amazing find!! :D

i'm down for any appetizer that comes with almonds

perfect amount of mushroom ravvv

After dinner, we headed the comedy show where one of the comedians was Aziz Ansari, who I am obsesseddddd with. It was so good!!! Definitely need to go see him again now that he is living in New York. ;) Even though Christina already put this up on hers after Jamie linked it to her, it’s just the best video if you keep blogs in mind. ;)

let me tell ya bout my best friend

26 Apr

As I’ve mentioned before, I live for weekends. Weekends, sunshine, and days without work. On this stormy Tuesday I’m hanging in my room, working from home, and obviously daydreaming about this past weekend- Court and I, WERE TOGETHER AT LAST.

Although he’s a Virginia Beach boy, Danny is a huge Phillies fan. This wins him 60,000 points in my book. I promised him that our night with Courtney and her Danny (yes, our boyfriends have the same name…and she had hers first ;)) would include a lil Phils watching and a whole lotta beer. Rather than heading to Chickies and Petes to watch the game and eat crab fries, Court pushed us next door to Play 2. (Both are located in Philadelphia.)

Owned by Chickies&Petes? Check.
Beer Towers at our table? Check.
Crab Fries? (crinkly, old bay loaded, & cheese on the side?) Check.
Phils game on TV? Danny’s Check.
Wii game rooms with dancing by the hour? HUGE BONUS CHECK.

our cube

And because we know how to turn an empty room into a party:

wild ladies, dangerous with wiimotes

We spent our paid hour (and then some) dancing to Britney, Rhianna, and even AVRIL. After some time jamming out, we turned to notice the Dannys copying our moves behind us. Courtney’s Danny was TOUGH to beat. Don’t let the boyishness charm fool you. My Danny bounced around like a jumping bean.

hands up!


So much fun, but isn’t everything when you’re with your best friend? I love that we both have boys who aren’t too cool to jump in and bounce around to some B. Spears. At one point Danny looked at me and said “JAMIE. I’M LITERALLY SWEATING. THIS IS AWESOME.”

and, because we do have faces.

Our night may or may not have concluded with a trip to Geno’s for world famous cheese steaks (whiz whit, please?) and more fries. It was there that Danny&Danny plotted to create their own blog about junk food, beer, and how I secretly eat at McDonalds. (IT WAS ONE TIME.)

But really. I love my home girl. She bought a ticket to come spend my birthday with me here in VB- is it August yet?! Such perfection.

Edit: I added my official 5k results here! :D

food friday & easter sunday

25 Apr

Friday night, of course I needed to have one last NYC meal before leaving the bubble for a little over 24 hours. We actually just wandered around until we found something. (Rare for me!) I still had the Italian bug after Eataly on Wednesday and we wound up at Centro Vinoteca. The highlights:

vegan yellow tomato soup

caprese, mmmmm

roasted wild mushroom cappellacci - peas, lemon pressed olive oil & parmesan

Once back in New Jersey, I’m not going to lie, one of the first things that’s on my to-do list is… Target. Danny & I decided to split up to fill our baskets for each other. The end result on Easter:

When Danny saw mine, he wanted to “redo” his. His grass was under all that candy, but I think we all know who the clear winner is here on presentation. ;)

However, it’s hard to tell who the winner is otherwise since mine was filled with a ton of my favorites. ;)

The best part of my Easter pictures? My cat in this picture of Danny & I. HAHA can you find him?! He is just hanging out on his leash. Completely normal, right?

In case it isn’t, here is another attemt at being slightly normal.

Now I have a ton of left over desserts waiting for me in the fridge, but coming tomorrow – Jamie & I reunited again!!! (…to dance!)

a family 5k

25 Apr

Jersey was perfect..I wish I could have stayed longer! Danny and I actually left our costumes at home in VA Beach, and I opted for a more traditional outfit…one including my new Nike Tempo shorts so i could race in a local 5k with my brother!

The race wasn’t my best. I originally set out to beat my PR of 25:23…but one mile in my stomach was in some SERIOUS pain. I thought I could hold out my 7:50ishh pace but the only way it would’ve happened was if I was running straight towards a porta potty… I finished the race in 25:33 but was SUPER excited for my brother! It was his first ever race and he finished in 24:13. (With no training what-so-ever…damn kids.)


Despite my failed attempt at a PR, I managed to snag third place in my age group for females, and my bro placed third in his as well. :D

It was so fun to run with my brother, even if he was about a minute ahead the whole time. ;) The race was to benefit research for SIDS, and after explaining the saddness to my brother he said..”Oh, I thought we were running for STDS.”

Post race my mom made us wraps filled with smoked turkey, cucumber, and cream cheese. (Yes..I’m having a hard time quitting dairy, hence my pain. I’m ridiculous.)

with pretzels&pinapple!

Post 5k we took this little girl for a walk..


then headed out to Haddonfield..where I was lucky enough to score a running related gift from my parents! More on that soon. :D

Edit: My official results!

                         age|#in              p. 2
 o'all                   grp|age   age  sex|#fin
 place age s  TIME  pace plc|grp  group plc|by sex
  53    23 F 25:36  8:13   3/26   F2029  10/113  F

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