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L-l-lick it like a yogurt pop

30 Jan

One of my favorite parts of New York is that not only are there restaurants everywhere, there are restaurants devoted to perfecting only one food. They have committed themselves to being fabulous at only one thing, rather than mediocre at everything – and that is something I can commit to. My favorite example being Macbar, which has 12 different combination’s of Mac & Cheese, and I may be partial because the Margarita Mac holds a special place in my heart, but it trumps all other mac & cheese I have had to date. (More on this later, as I may or may not be a member of Mac-and-Cheese-Anonymous.)

mac 'shroom & primavera mac from J's last visit to the city!

So Saturday, after a chocolate chip Larabar to fuel me through my tough morning gym session, followed by a salad beast, I decided it was time to conquer two more “we’re-only-good-at-one-thing” restaurants. (BTW, I inadvertently tried Jamie’s tip – I picked up the 15 pound weights because my baby 10 lber’s were taken, struggled through 2 reps and then happily waited for my 10lbers – kudos to J, xox.)  First up, the East Village for Pommes Frites, which has authentic Belgian fries & around 27 different dipping sauces. I am a huge fan of dipping sauces as my friend once reminded me a few years ago, “when you’re a vegetarian – it’s all about the sauce.” (Now I know Belgian fries are not the healthiest, but to me health is about giving into what you want sometimes and being happy. Happy = healthy.)

fresssshh fries!

We decided on the Horseradish Mayo, Parmesan Pepporcorn, and Wasabi Mayo. I’m not a fan of mayo by itself, so I figured with the two strongest pairings, I would forget the mayo was hiding in there. (Sadly, most of the dipping sauces are mayo!) I liked the Horseradish & Parmesan but the Wasabi didn’t cut it. My boyfriend, Danny (yes, Jamie & I have boyfriends with the same name) said he would just prefer ketchup. So, there’s that. We both thought the fries were awesome though. Each table had holes for your cones to fit in which was enjoyable. 😀

happy fry is a happy girl

mmmm - dipping sauces!













As Jay-Z would say, “on to the next one.” Off to the West Village to try out, Pop Bar; which has handcrafted Gelato, Sorbetto, and Yogurt on a stick! Even though it was snowing, there was nothing stopping me from wanting a frozen treat! You can customize your own by having it dipped or drizzled in chocolate (white, milk, or dark) and adding “poppings” which included [among others], hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, and coconut. They advertise as all natural, hormone free, and for the Sorbetto – real fruit with no dairy or sugar added. Serious + !! 🙂

so many choices!

I went with a mixed berry Sorbetto and had it dipped in dark chocolate with hazlenuts on top (a girl needs her antioxidents ;), drizzled would just not have cut it in my book.) It was SO good!! I will definitely be a Pop Bar frequenter once summer hits.


look at those poppings!

100% real fruit 😀


Blame it on the Almond Butter

29 Jan

Today, I am the bounciest, most energetic girl! Maybe it’s because after a breakfast of a whole-wheat tortilla filled with a scoop of MaraNatha Chocolate Almond Spread& a banana, I felt the need to clean out the jar:

blame it on the a a a a a almond buttah


After my endless bouncing around the house at 10am, Danny (my boyfriend) shouted “WOW..this is worse than when you had the fun dip!” [True..I am guilty of buying a giant pack of fun dip..not sharing a bite..then having a sugar rushed wild night of  screaming at the tv playing an NBA Playstation game.]

Thankfully the buttah + a multi-grain tortilla (archer farms, hey target!) + an egg, feta, hummus, and spinach powered me through my workout!

egg, feta, & baby spinach!

I’ve been reading a ton in the blog world about “lifting heavy”. I’ve been giving it a shot for a month or so, and I can honestly say I see better results. For example, my old bicep curl consisted of 3 sets of 12 reps with 8 pound weights. My new curls consist of 3 sets of 8 reps with 15 pound weights.

Maybe I’m a weakling, but those 15 pound dumbbells get my arms shaking in the end!

As for chest presses and shoulder presses (I think that’s correct?!) I’ve been doing 3 sets of 8 reps using 40 pounds.

My lovely marathon plan had me running 3 miles today. I hit 2.5 on the treadmill and just wasn’t feelin’ it. I think I had way too much coffee on the way over to the legs were so shaky. I hopped off the treadmill and onto the elliptical for an easy 20 minutes of additional cardio.

I used to be SO hard on myself for having a rough workout- now I listen to my body, get over it, and hope tomorrow is a better day.


New York is for Dreamers

28 Jan

Hi – I’m Courtney… aka, the other half of the ultimate dynamite duo! I’m currently living in the best city in the world for my top two passions: food and shopping. More specifically, I mildly obsess over: all things cheese, candy, garlic, Lululemon, & Top Shop. I am a 4+ year old vegetarian and have never looked back! While I occasionally consider running to the subway cardio, pushing the doors back open before they crush me weight training, and shooting nerf guns at work cross-training – I do love to run and am always interested in trying out all of the new fitness classes this gigantic city has to offer!


Today, I had roasting and baking on my mind. After work, I popped a potato in the oven with the idea of making health-ified potato skins. (Think: childhood favorite @ TGIFridays) Even though I did run to catch my subway, I took the opportunity as my potato was-a-bakin for an hour to do a quick 20 minute cardio + a few sets of squats with 10 lb weights before I prepped my roasted brussel sprouts. Ahhh, the benefits of having a gym in your building amidst NYC snow storms.

Little Muscles!

I halved some fresh brussel sprouts and marinated them in olive oil, fresh squeezed lemon juice, minced garlic, and some ground pepper!

Ready for roasting!

By the time I put the brussel sprouts in the oven, my potato was ready to be smothered in the olive oil, garlic, and red pepper flakes I sautéed. I cut the potato in half, spooned out the insides, and did just that! I threw it back in the oven for 10 minutes with the skins up. I saved the garlic, cheese, and chives for the last few minutes when I turned them back over.

The hidden ingredient - roasted garlic 😀

The final result was delicious, not to mention easy. The hardest part was waiting, but that’s a quick fix when you have the gym and Housewives of Beverly Hills at your finger tips. 🙂

nom, nom, nom.

virginia is for lovers

27 Jan
My name is Jamie [Dynamite] , I’m a 23 year-0ld gal living in the usually sunny city of Virginia Beach, VA. I am absolutely obsessed with: candy, my boyfriend, the beach, bud light lime, almond/peanut/cashew butter, a 150 pound French Mastiff, Jillian Michaels, and spending ridiculous amounts of money at Sephora.
(And yes, that list is in order of importance, as sugar holds a #1 spot in my heart.)
Today kicked off my second day of half-marathon training! I’ve completed three 5ks so far. (My PR being 25:23.) While I may be living in a dream world..I’d like to complete my first half marathon at roughly an 8:40 pace..
Me, after my second 5k!
Today’s run (following Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training Plan) consisted of  5x(400) at a 5k pace. Unfortunately this had to be done on a treadmill, as it is pouring in sunny VB.
After waiting what seemed like years for a treadmill to open up (the gym is STILL packed with new years resolution-ers) I ended up running the sets of 400 (one time around a track) at an eight minute pace, and jogging at a ten minute pace between sets. Sweaty girl!
What am I training for, exactly? A sold out race! Crazy girl, I didn’t even check  to see if there were spots left in the VB Yuengling Half Marthon before I dove right in. I’m going to continue the plan regardless and sign up for Februray 14k, Virginia is for Lovers.
All this running, and a girl needs some fuel! Today I stocked up on my favorites: almond butter, frozen spinach and broccoli, dark chocolate, eggs, hummus..
..and a special treat:


Through the introduction of a healthy, protein packed cereal that will surely power me through marathons to come for the next thirty years, I also would like to introduce Cruiser, my boyfriend favorite animal pal.
The plan for tomorrow is an easy three mile run, with some strength training! Let’s see how this all pans out..