virginia is for lovers

27 Jan
My name is Jamie [Dynamite] , I’m a 23 year-0ld gal living in the usually sunny city of Virginia Beach, VA. I am absolutely obsessed with: candy, my boyfriend, the beach, bud light lime, almond/peanut/cashew butter, a 150 pound French Mastiff, Jillian Michaels, and spending ridiculous amounts of money at Sephora.
(And yes, that list is in order of importance, as sugar holds a #1 spot in my heart.)
Today kicked off my second day of half-marathon training! I’ve completed three 5ks so far. (My PR being 25:23.) While I may be living in a dream world..I’d like to complete my first half marathon at roughly an 8:40 pace..
Me, after my second 5k!
Today’s run (following Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training Plan) consisted of  5x(400) at a 5k pace. Unfortunately this had to be done on a treadmill, as it is pouring in sunny VB.
After waiting what seemed like years for a treadmill to open up (the gym is STILL packed with new years resolution-ers) I ended up running the sets of 400 (one time around a track) at an eight minute pace, and jogging at a ten minute pace between sets. Sweaty girl!
What am I training for, exactly? A sold out race! Crazy girl, I didn’t even check  to see if there were spots left in the VB Yuengling Half Marthon before I dove right in. I’m going to continue the plan regardless and sign up for Februray 14k, Virginia is for Lovers.
All this running, and a girl needs some fuel! Today I stocked up on my favorites: almond butter, frozen spinach and broccoli, dark chocolate, eggs, hummus..
..and a special treat:


Through the introduction of a healthy, protein packed cereal that will surely power me through marathons to come for the next thirty years, I also would like to introduce Cruiser, my boyfriend favorite animal pal.
The plan for tomorrow is an easy three mile run, with some strength training! Let’s see how this all pans out..

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