L-l-lick it like a yogurt pop

30 Jan

One of my favorite parts of New York is that not only are there restaurants everywhere, there are restaurants devoted to perfecting only one food. They have committed themselves to being fabulous at only one thing, rather than mediocre at everything – and that is something I can commit to. My favorite example being Macbar, which has 12 different combination’s of Mac & Cheese, and I may be partial because the Margarita Mac holds a special place in my heart, but it trumps all other mac & cheese I have had to date. (More on this later, as I may or may not be a member of Mac-and-Cheese-Anonymous.)

mac 'shroom & primavera mac from J's last visit to the city!

So Saturday, after a chocolate chip Larabar to fuel me through my tough morning gym session, followed by a salad beast, I decided it was time to conquer two more “we’re-only-good-at-one-thing” restaurants. (BTW, I inadvertently tried Jamie’s tip – I picked up the 15 pound weights because my baby 10 lber’s were taken, struggled through 2 reps and then happily waited for my 10lbers – kudos to J, xox.)  First up, the East Village for Pommes Frites, which has authentic Belgian fries & around 27 different dipping sauces. I am a huge fan of dipping sauces as my friend once reminded me a few years ago, “when you’re a vegetarian – it’s all about the sauce.” (Now I know Belgian fries are not the healthiest, but to me health is about giving into what you want sometimes and being happy. Happy = healthy.)

fresssshh fries!

We decided on the Horseradish Mayo, Parmesan Pepporcorn, and Wasabi Mayo. I’m not a fan of mayo by itself, so I figured with the two strongest pairings, I would forget the mayo was hiding in there. (Sadly, most of the dipping sauces are mayo!) I liked the Horseradish & Parmesan but the Wasabi didn’t cut it. My boyfriend, Danny (yes, Jamie & I have boyfriends with the same name) said he would just prefer ketchup. So, there’s that. We both thought the fries were awesome though. Each table had holes for your cones to fit in which was enjoyable. 😀

happy fry is a happy girl

mmmm - dipping sauces!













As Jay-Z would say, “on to the next one.” Off to the West Village to try out, Pop Bar; which has handcrafted Gelato, Sorbetto, and Yogurt on a stick! Even though it was snowing, there was nothing stopping me from wanting a frozen treat! You can customize your own by having it dipped or drizzled in chocolate (white, milk, or dark) and adding “poppings” which included [among others], hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, and coconut. They advertise as all natural, hormone free, and for the Sorbetto – real fruit with no dairy or sugar added. Serious + !! 🙂

so many choices!

I went with a mixed berry Sorbetto and had it dipped in dark chocolate with hazlenuts on top (a girl needs her antioxidents ;), drizzled would just not have cut it in my book.) It was SO good!! I will definitely be a Pop Bar frequenter once summer hits.


look at those poppings!

100% real fruit 😀


4 Responses to “L-l-lick it like a yogurt pop”

  1. Angela (the diet book junkie) January 30, 2011 at 10:10 pm #

    Pop Bar looks like heaven (suddenly i’m craving chocolate and 9 in the morning…) and you’re right about the antioxidents, that’s why coffee and chocolate are my two favorite food groups.;)

    • cupcake dynamite January 31, 2011 at 3:50 pm #

      there is no wrong time to be craving your antioxidants! 😉

  2. yourdailygrace January 31, 2011 at 3:52 am #

    I have a huge soft spot for mac and cheese and unfortunately french fries too! I live in Florida though and haven’t been to NYC but would love to go and when I say love to go I mean I’ve been on the Pomme Frites website and various other NYC restaurants too. I’m pathetic. I LOVE your headband, I contemplated buying one when I was in Pa around Christmas but could justify it since uh… it’s not that cold here!

    • cupcake dynamite January 31, 2011 at 3:42 pm #

      It’s so bad, but so good at the same time! I’m ALWAYS on restaurants websites, it’s an addiction! Thanks about the headband – cute accessories are how I’m getting through this winter! I’m jealous you don’t actually need it, but I think since it’s a headband, not a full on hat you can justify… 🙂

      – C

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