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a very BK weekend

28 Feb

Saturday night, dinner was had @ Lodge in Williamsburg, which has a super cozy, rustic feel. (Exactly like a lodge – but cooler…)

mason jar glasses 🙂

We got the fried okra as an appetizer, which was a special for the night – I have to say whenever I see a fried vegetable that is obscure on the menu, I feel compelled to get it.

couldn't even tell there's a vegetable in there 😉

As for my entreé, I rolled with the apple and shallot risotto, even though it was extremely difficult to pass up the mac & cheese (this may have been a FIRST!) I’ve only ever had mushroom risotto so I was intrigued how the sweet taste of apples would go with the risotto.

looks like mashed potatoes...!!

It was interesting! Mushrooms usually empower the dish, so I got to actually taste the risotto on it’s own in this one…. A+ for originality, but I still think the mushrooms + risotto are the better match. 😉 Risotto is always incredibly filling, but it will look like you never even took a bite!!


On Sunday, I wanted to go to brunch, but when the majority of the group (cough, cough Danny) was very avid that he they did NOT want brunch, our friend suggested Brooklyn Bowl because he saw it featured on the Food Network! (for the fried chicken, though…)

good food at a bowling alley? I'll take it...

I asked everyone quite a few times if anyone at the table was interested in the vegetable plate. I think I just kept asking until I got yes as the answer. Crudité is my FAVORITE. Ask Jamie, I often tell her I’m craving some at random times during the day. I had to actually explain what crudité was the first time I mentioned it, too. Tricky. 😉

crudité & the best blue cheese EVER

It was a tough call for me between the Theresa french bread pizza (butternut squash, mushrooms, & garlic) and the veggie sandwich.

the obvious winner

Brooklyn Bowl was right next to Brooklyn Brewery, so we decided to continue with the Sunday Funday theme for beer tastings & a tour.

BK Brewery

You can get 6 drink chips for $20 and a bunch of people had board games at their table. Good times. 😉

the crew

Another plus of the brewery? An adorable brew-cat. 🙂


The tour was somewhat sub-par as they are currently renovating, but we did learn any beer brewed there in Brooklyn uses unfiltered NYC tap water. Hmmmm.


lazy days, it’s the weekend brah

27 Feb

I love having a late start to a lazy Sunday. I’m a morning person through and through (this I’ve come to realize) so the fact that I slept until 10AM today was considered a personal accomplishment. After running 5 miles Thursday, 7 on Friday, and 6 yesterday my body was gracious for a sleep-in rest day, as well as brunch lunch date with my cousin Scott and his wife Joanne.

the newlyweds :*

danny loves brunch 😉

After a decent amount of screwdrivers mugs of OJ, Danny and I settled on splitting the BBQ fish tacos& and chicken and white cheddar wrap. Because we act like an 80 year old married couple, we’re indecisive and often split two entrees. 😉

wrap, taco, & sweet tater fries

Both were delicious, but I was stuffed after the taco. Danny was lucky enough to snag an entire wrap. I was ALSO super pumped when Scott and Joanne mentioned a pit stop at Target.

candy, anyone?

Post-loading up on Bubble-Yum and Skittles (the obvious essentials) we headed home for an afternoon of relaxation. We have plans to go to Danny’s parents tonight for a pizza dinner (YESSS!). I’m excited to give my body a well deserved day of rest.

the ba ba booey

25 Feb

Sometimes, on a rainy NYC afternoon, you need some zsa zsa zsu ba ba booey.

“Some people are settling down, some people are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than zsa zsa zsu.” – Carrie Bradshaw 😉

I, on the other hand, decided not to settle for anything less than the ba ba booey.  Chocolatey, peanut buttery, butter creamy PERFECTION.

Happy Friday!!! 😀

I’ve got 99 problems, but a Pilates deal ain’t one

24 Feb

That was actually the headline in my Yipit email today, it made me giggle so I thought I’d share. Especially since I’ve got 99 problems, but a Yoga deal ain’t one, I’ve got those babies lined up for weeks. 😉 On my productive day off on Monday, I suggested  Target to Danny and was super surprised to hear an, “okay” back. In NYC, there are only two targets – Harlem and Brooklyn. I have always been intimated by both, assuming they were in uncharted territory. I was happily surprised to learn that the Brooklyn Target was SO easy, and in a giant mall. I felt like a kid in a candy store, no better TOYS ‘R US. It had been months since I went to Target, but now that I know how easy it is, we’ll never be separated for that long again.

Yes, I took a picture of Target, I was that ecstatic

My two biggest inspirations to go to target:

New Yoga Mat + Yoga Meltdown!

Jamie was right about the DVD, it’s nice to learn the poses with repetitions. I’ve been practicing a ton this week with my break from running. Although, I still feel like I could use some sort of yoga flash cards to study with before I go to a class. 😉 This is the best I found! I haven’t looked, but I bet there is an iPhone “app for that.” Heh, heh.

For a laugh, self-photobooth yoga flubs… Photobooth just isn’t meant for me to take yoga pictures.

This is called the Nemo - just keep swimming.. just keep swimming

As for FOOD, a few weeks ago, I found whole wheat lasagna noodles in the grocery store, and while I have never even so much as entertained the idea of making lasagna – I got excited for the whole wheat & have been itching to make it. Let’s face it, anything whole wheat, pasta, or vegetable excites me. Plus, I could incorporate some foods to brighten up my blech winter skin they suggested this FitSugar article!! I take anything I can GET at this point in winter!

The nutrition stats were actually pretty good! 1g of fat, 0mg of sodium, and 7g of protein.

Heart Healthy, not too shabby.

I decided to semi-wing-it after studying a few recipes off of Cooking Light. I think I really clicked every single one of those..

The veggie fillers:  mushrooms, zucchini, yellow pepper, and spinach.

chop chop

The cheese: ricotta, mozzarella, and some Parmesan to garnish.

say CHEESE 😀

The seasonings:

the spinach, oregano, garlic & moreeee

The sauce:

Sauce + mah veggies

Once the noodles are done, you need to lay them out so they don’t stick – I did not know this!

Thank goodness for instructions 😉

I started with a layer of sauce + veggies then layered more noodles, but since I was using a small pan I had to cut the noodles down.


I was a bit confused when it came to the “layers.” I wound up putting sauce on top of the cheese without the pasta; I tried to scoop it out but it seemed like a lost cause.

Ricotta & Mozzerella Layer: The Before Picture

Since I ran out of sauce+veggies, I decided the last layer would be cheese. Oh well…. 😉

The top

45 minutes and one level 1 of Jillian Michaels later, I pulled it out of the oven and let it cool for 10 minutes!

Bubbly goodness

It was hard not to be incredibly generous in my portion….


A meal that was messy, amazinngggg, and will feed me for weeks. It’s still crazy to eat things I never thought I’d make that actually TASTE fantastic, too. I may have missed the yoga pictures, but I am pleased with this outcome. 🙂

I'm just a regular Little Italy chef 🙂


a handsome lunch date

24 Feb

I work from home, and it’s ridiculously sunny out. The perfect way to break out of my office? A hot lunch date with an also-plaid wearing stud. On our run Monday night (5.13 miles in 48 minutes, not bad for me!) Alyssa mentioned the great food at Atlas Diner. When she told me about the under 550 calorie meal menu, I knew I had to check it out!

monday's run stats: click to enlarge 🙂

I try not to count calories, however: I do enjoy going to a restaurant, eating a meal, and knowing I’m not eating an entire day’s worth of calories in just my lunch.

excited, and bug-like

Enter: The somewhere under 550 cal, Mediterranean, whole-wheat chicken pasta salad. I’m a sucker for feta, and had to test it out.

The verdict: incredible. The chicken was so flavorful, and the veggies tasted FRESH! Danny complained that I only care to take photos of my own food, so here he is with something turkey, and sweet potato fries.

eyes..semi-closed. sweet tater fries, deeeelish.

I cannot WAIT to get back there soon. I was impressed with the large portion size, as well as the fact that their healthy entrees still included some cheeeeeeeese. 😉

Back to typing away, and being furiously confused about html and website building. Work is a learning experience, really. I’m hoping to get in a long run tonight to ease my nerves.

rollin’ on a river

23 Feb

Yesterday I was leaving the house as Danny was getting back from work.

“Where ya heading?”

“Target. I need to get a foam roller.”

He looked at me like I had nine heads, but he knows better than to ask questions and just rolls 😉 with my weirdness. After a quick trip, (I knew just where the roller was…and this time on clearance! Yeah!) I returned with my prized possession in hand!

Jane Fonda and Tone it UP have partnered to create some workout supplies and DVDs available at Target. Although I may have been able to snag a roller cheaper at a running store (I’m honestly not sure how much they go for) I knew this one could be purchased quickly. (Plus, a roller is a roller.. I think?)

Lately I’ve been writing about the great amount of soreness in my calves as a result of running a 14k. I LOVE running, and I’d hate to have my “career” 😉 end so soon because I’m not properly stretching or taking care of my muscles. On top of the addition of yoga to my workouts, I’ve decided that a foam roller may be a great way to relieve my muscle pain.

Because it’s absolutely normal to test out your foam roller in the hallway, wearing jeans and boots. It was at this point I was called ridiculous. In the nicest, most caring way possible.

rock and roll

S0 far I have been working on this list of exercises. I’ll obviously be paying much additional attention to these calves of mine. Stress release, alright!

the dynamite duo

22 Feb

A few days ago I was stoked to see that Grace at your daily grace tagged us in her “Seven Facts Blog Awards”! Courtney and I decided we’d complete the task of sharing seven random facts together, although to keep it easy on you we’ll share 3 (1/2 ;)) facts each.

Jamie Dynamite

1. I have one younger brother, Ryan. He is 14 years old and a master in karate. Well, some type of fancy adult black belt. Either way he is ridiculously strong and I’m jealous of his six pack abs. When my mom first told me she was pregnant I ran away crying because I wanted to be the only child. (HAHA).. now I love him and miss him dearly as he still lives with my parents in Jersey. He’s pretty cool, we work out together and catch up on life every time I go home. He even did Jillian’s 30 Day Shred with me once..(“Jamie, I didn’t know this was a woman’s workout DVD..”)

an oldie, he was just eleven!

2. Danny and I haven’t been dating for very long. We’ve actually only been together since August, but he is the most incredibly amazing boyfriend I could ever ask for. We are extra close because we were actually roommates BEFORE he became my boyfriend. (Scandalous) As he has been my cousin’s long-time roommate (I moved in with my cousin in August) and great friend, I have actually known Danny (and maybe had a major crush on him) for almost four years now. Nice how things work out sometimes.

3. In college, I had my very own radio show. By very own, I mean my college roommate/bff/radical home girl Jessica and I had a show together, all four years. The name: JRadical Radio. Some of my  best times in college were spent in that station. We hosted from midnight-2am (wild girls we were), played whatever music we wanted, talked about WHATEVER we wanted, and even had live bands play on the set.


4. Courtney and I have been friends since Junior..or Senior? Year of high school. Before I met Courtney, I didn’t like her. This was because my mom bought me a pair of checkered (really) pants from American Eagle for Valentine’s Day, and I saw Courtney standing at her locker wearing THE SAME CHECKERED PANTS. Mean Girls, anyone? Courtney, feel free to defend yourself (and the wearing of our strange pants) here.

Courtney Dynamite

5. I moved to New York City on November 7th, which was exactly one day before I started my new job and coincidentally also began an entirely new career. I went from a full-time accounting job accounting in Pennsylvania to a new job in marketing with only 14 days to spare! I found my roommate on Craigslist (Hi, Tague!) and while I have heard horror stories – we got so lucky! Books have been written on how difficult it is to find an apartment in New York City – I had to have sent out hundreds of emails and quickly learned to ask the question “Is there a wall?” as the most popular answer is, “No… but you can put up a sheet.” I moved here knowing just a few friends/acquaintances here and there, but the reason I made the switch was because it has always been my dream! I had been applying to jobs for almost a year and when this opportunity finally came I knew there was no way I couldn’t take it. I’m slowly making friends (but always love to meet more! ;)) and starting to find my place in this enormous city!

Dos Caminos!

6. I’ve grown up hating running. I was one of those girls who walked during the fitness tests in gym class, but I was incredibly fast at sprinting. When I went to the track meeting in high school I walked out because I found out even the sprint runners had run long distances at practice.  I have had asthma since I was a child, so it has always contributed to my fear that I just couldn’t run as fast or as long as anyone else. Within the past year I have definitely “upped my game” with running thanks to Jamie’s encouragement. Last year, I played on a softball team at work, and when I realized how fast I still was at sprinting, it gave me a boost of confidence! Now, I absolutely love when I can run outside with the sun. I can’t wait for the spring because I plan to really work on my distance running so I can finally compete in a race! Here’s to hoping my knee & asthma stop holding me back, especially since one day Jamie & I will run the Disney Princess Half Marathon! (We will.)

Really... what are my legs?

7. Short & Sweet for the last one – I’m obsessed with the glitter nail polish I just bought from Sephora! I stare at it all day long and it makes me smile!!! 😀 I actually used to make Jamie paint my nails because I wasn’t sure if I could, and only started wearing it a few years ago.

The first time I wore nail polish since high school & Jamie painted them! (...Do you love our faces?!)

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