Free Food? I’m so there.

1 Feb

You will soon learn I am no stranger to coupons. Since moving to New York City I have become slightly obsessed. I continually need to be reminded that it is possible to eat without using a coupon – really, who am I? I like my coupons, alright. (+ $2 yoga classes & free gym passes never hurt anyone.)

Since yesterday was the last day of my birthday month, and more importantly the last day I could use my free meal coupon at Benihana, it was no surprise I convinced my friend to head there with me after work. It felt strange going to Benihana, being in this fabulous city and all, but sometimes it’s actually nice to eat something that reminds you of home. That being said, confusing wait-staff with my order is definitely something that reminds me of home. I usually don’t feel weird because vegetarian options are so common here, but last night took me back to my frustrated place. Asking for only vegetables on the grill, but not steamed seemed like I was asking for a one way ticket to Mars. Luckily, when the hibachi chef came he was much more understanding and very accommodating! He offered to cook mine first before the meat got on the grill and even made me my own vegetable fried rice aside from the chicken! 🙂 Gotta love it. Just a few strange looks while my tofu was cooking to round out the night, of course.

mmmm, veggieeees + tofu !!

The downside to getting your food first is you are the first one in a food coma. I was ready for bed before everyone else even got their food. As I said this, so did the 7 year old next to me.  We were totally on the same page. She even shouted to her mom, “take a picture!!” during a hibachi “trick” and I was already in the process of snapping one.

great 7 year old minds think alike

Unfortunately, this was one of his only hibachi talents we saw; apparently nearly everything is now banned! (Not sure if it’s just New York.) Tsk, tsk. Poor girl was ripped of her childhood of volcanoes & catching shrimp (or tofu) in her mouth.

The highlight of my free dessert was a poky stick, which is actually all I ate of my dessert aside from a few dips of whipped cream. Homemade poky sticks, coming soon? 😉

On Sunday, dunch (who needs brunch?) looked like this on the patio (heated, phew!) of B Bar and Grill:

Pears, Cranberries, & Cheeseee 😀

Prettyyyy Patio

Whole Wheat Grilled Cheese & More Greens!

After all this eating out I’m excited for my own cooking, the gym, and cuddling up in bed while freezing rain takes over the city tonight. I don’t mind the weather – I’ve had my beautiful bed on the brain all day, plus the Housewives of Beverly Hills is on at a  special time today @ 10. (YES!) 🙂


2 Responses to “Free Food? I’m so there.”

  1. yourdailygrace February 1, 2011 at 11:33 pm #

    LOVE grilled cheese=) Why are tricks banned at Japanese restaurants now?

    • cupcake dynamite February 2, 2011 at 10:50 am #

      Our chef said they banned the fire! Sad 😦 It may just be in New York or just that branch?

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