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Colorful Foods Friday

4 Feb

I’m so lucky to work right next to a coffee/macrooon/heavenly soup/healthy sandwich place that also has create-your-own juices or smoothies. I have recently become a frequent visitor; it seems the colder it is, is seemingly directly correlated to the distance I will travel for food.

I woke up with a serious need for mah greens, so I decided to give it a go and create myself a green monster this afternoon! I had kale, cucumber, lemon, green apples, and oranges. (Maybe something else…?) I wanted some more fruit but unfortunately with the machines they have you can’t mix & match juicing and blending without paying extra. I also decided to go sans protein because I generally like to read the labels first. (Geek, I know!) Maybe I’ll be brave next time. 😀

the greeeens

I snagged myself a cup of butternut squash & apple soup, too.

Looks like babyfood - but tastes amazing... I swear!

It’s a savory meets sweet soup with little bits of squash & apple. Yum!


Now I’ve got tons energy to face the weekend!! I was pondering seconds on my green juice all afternoon… But I remembered I had half a Crumbs cupcake waiting for me when I got home. Isn’t it nice to have something to come home to?! 😉

To continue with the theme of the day, dinner was more colorful foods! (I know, I have been slightly obsessed with pasta all week. Oh carbs, you are replacing the sun.) Spinach & Whole Wheat pasta with yellow bell peppers, asparagus, & carrots.


You know what else is colorful? Red wine. Try it – it’s Friday!



fitting in fitness

4 Feb

I can honestly say that I ENJOY working out. I have a serious passion for fitness and love feeling so strong and alive. I grew up playing sports: field hockey, lacrosse, gymnastics, cheerleading, track.. Currently I work out 3-6 days a week, and have been doing so (CONSISTENTLY for the longest period of time EVER) since March 2010. I’m super pumped about this, since prior to that I was a girl who’d work out for three months, then break for two.. then hit the gym for another month, quit…and so on.

A downside to fitness: it takes up TIME. I recently started a part-time side job as a waitress at an amazing seafood restaurant. I love it, but working 55 hours a week and finding time to workout (as well as time to enjoy my life and time to sit and do NOTHING) is ROUGH.

SOLUTION #1: Six am workouts. I’m doing it. I can’t do it everyday. If I stay up late watching the Jersey Shore and drinking bud light lime on a Thursday night, waking up to workout at six am on Friday sucks. So I don’t do it.

In comes SOLUTION #2:

shred it, baby!

If you had any hint that I just was referring to my night last night, you’ll know that today I have a date with Jillian at noon. This isn’t my only at home option, but the one I’m in the mood for today. I’ve been using the Level 2 Workout for months now, usually once every other week or so.

I’ve had the DVD for six months, and haven’t even PLAYED level three on the TV. I’m terrified of how difficult it must be. I can’t even look. I imagine Jillian spraying her workout girls with water if they are too slow, and having them jump through hoops of fire.

Something else that snuck in to my day:

cheesy goodness

Danny’s mom dropped these off yesterday. I can’t stop looking at them. They are TASTY. It’s only 11am and I’ve already made a sandwich using a stick as the cheese, then had one on the side as well. Seven grams of protein, too!


I’m a bad food sharer, even with humans. What is on my plate is mine and I want to eat it all. I know. I’m working on it.

Although I wish my Friday night would be spent like this:

best friends in nyc

It will be spent serving endless amounts of bread+artichoke& asiago cheese dip. Hopefully I can convince the cooks to whip me up something delicious. 😀