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lucky duck

6 Feb

One great thing about living in a big beach city: SEAFOOD. My boyfriend, his boyfriend best friend, and I made ourselves cozy in a giant booth at The Lucky Oyster last night.

we're really excited to be here.

The Lucky Oyster is a place we’ve camped out on MANY football Sundays. Cheap wings, cheap drinks, & sweet potato fries. What could be better? Last night I had tuna on the brain.. in taco form! Everything is better inside a tortilla.

check out those taters!

I was NOT disappointed, then again I rarely am. After a long business meeting yesterday I was pumped to get some food and hang with my three boys.

teamwork on three


he loves me, really

Time to work brunch! One item we serve: peanut butter and banana french toast.

Once work is done: time for super bowl fun! I don’t care who wins, and my brain gets hazy when I try to remember who is even playing. I’m a Philadelphia sports fan. Once my team is done, so am I.