running ready

11 Feb

My sneaker dilemma has been solved: Thank you Nike, 27-dollar tips, and Rack Room Shoes. If I knew the exact name of the shoe at this very moment I would tell you, but I left the box in my car (I literally wore them out of the store like a 12-year-old). They are nike + which would have been super great in my non Garmin days.

girly overload

I swear the soles of these sneaks are made from bits of clouds. I also snagged a new ear-warmer-band for a dollar, perfect for showcasing my inner Jersey during tomorrow’s 14k. Funny, I don’t like the color pink… but every workout related item I ever buy, I go with the brightest pink I can find. Maybe it’s a girl pride sort of deal, an “I am woman… hear me roar!”.

I am getting super antsy/nervous/excited for tomorrow’s race! I’ll be running with a couple other girls, and maybe Alyssa if she catches this sign-up-for-a-race-last-minute bug I’ve got going on. Highly contagious!

Today I need to pay attention to what I eat as to not aggravate my stomach before the race. I often have stomach aches and am most likely allergic to SOMETHING…(I have a hunch that it is dairy, but cheese is my favorite..)

So a snacky, easy, no prep breakfast it is! A little low in protein, but easy on my body.

this bar is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s

And the other culprit that made it on to my desk this morning…

quick, look away!

This could probably be the source of all my stomach issues. A diet-dew addiction, I need to break it! I really want to get myself off artificial sweeteners. I’ve tried, and failed. When it comes to diet soda: I’m like a smoker. I can’t kick the habit. I need a patch. A dew patch.

One day I’ll be strong enough to resist. Time for some work!


3 Responses to “running ready”

  1. Alyssa @ Life of bLyss February 11, 2011 at 12:00 pm #

    YAY for tomorrow! we should figure out a meeting place – Anastasia and I are both running, and we need a pre (and post) race pic! 🙂

  2. yourdailygrace February 11, 2011 at 1:48 pm #

    Such cute Nikes! I have a similar pair but once I hit the 7 mile mark in training I had to have a shoe fitting because they weren’t working for me…turns but I have super weird feet that need special shoes! I will now wear mine as the most comfy walking shoes ever! Good luck tomorrow!

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