love is all ya need

14 Feb

I LOVE RACING. AH! Saturday I participated in the VA is for Lovers 14k- an 8.7 mile run through the Virginia Beach Amphitheater. Last time I visited the Amphitheater I was wearing a dress, drinking blue moons, and dancing to the sounds of Jack Johnson. Let’s just say this was a whole different ball game.

As soon as I arrived I met up with girls from the restaurant. I was mega nervous that my shins would fail me, so my initial idea was to run with the girls, chat, and simply enjoy the race.

i always look like it's my first time posing for a picture.

i always look like it's my first time posing for a picture.

After running the first three miles at a ten minute pace and giggling at men dressed as cupid, my adrenaline kicked it. I was having fun, but I wanted to RACE. I said my goodbyes (MEET YA AT THE FINISH LINE!) and took off! I ran the next four miles at a 9 minute pace, then kicked it up a notch and tried to stay in the 8 minute range at the end. I clocked in at 01:23:52.

The best part about the race: running into the amphitheater and grabbing “free” Moe’s burritos and a giant mug of Yuengling! I even spotted THIS girl and her friend:

Alyssa and Anastasia!

Final conclusions: This race was a BLAST. Part of me wishes I didn’t hang back in the beginning (chicken I am)..I didn’t feel very tired when it was over- I definitely could have pushed myself a whole lot more. On the other hand- I had a GREAT time. Running with buddies the first half then jamming out to my own tunes during the second was the perfect combination.

post race smiles

Also, this race gave me the confidence I need to now pursue longer races…and really, what’s better than that? The mushy girl I am (like Courtney, think Sex and the City: I am a definite Charlotte) loved the Valentines theme.

Time to work, work, work until it’s time to hang out with my Valentine. Love is in the air!

snapshot from our trip to the jungle



7 Responses to “love is all ya need”

  1. movesnmunchies February 14, 2011 at 4:20 pm #

    ahh your blog it so so cute!! thank you for commenting so i could find you!!

  2. mealsformiles February 14, 2011 at 5:15 pm #

    nice job! I love themed races too, and I heart that you wore pink for the occassion 🙂 Yay for confidence to conquer longer distances!

    • cupcake dynamite February 15, 2011 at 9:47 am #

      ALWAYS festive !! 🙂 Agreed- this was the race I needed to know that I am strong enough (mentally) to run further!

  3. Mary (Sisters Running the Kitchen) February 14, 2011 at 6:49 pm #

    congrats on a great race Jamie! It sounded like a really fun time. hope you have a good valentine’s day!


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