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schnipper’s lunch date

3 Mar

I usually don’t take a lunch because I generally pack my lunch or quickly run out to pick something up and bring it back to eat at my desk. I know, I know this is advised against on all levels: the bacteria, the lack of exercise, no fresh air… the list could go on. In my defense, you should be advised I often use hand sanitizer to clean my area before I eat. Crazy? maybe…

Needless to say, when Danny mentioned he was in the area and asked if I could do lunch I was happy when I was able to swing it! Schnipper’s is one of his faves so I was ecstatic to oblige in the name of sweet potato fries.

Sweet potato fries @ schnipper’s come with maple dipping sauce. ahhhhh….

Even though their grilled cheese & mac and cheese is also awesome, I got the veggie & goat cheese sandwich on wheat bread.  (PHEW, that was a lot of cheese in one sentence… even for me.) Avocado, plum tomato, radish sprouts, arugula, vinaigrette. Even though I couldn’t seem to find these said radish sprouts….

That fry was craving the spotlight!!

Slightly overpriced sandwich… but veggies + goat cheese always make a fresh combo, and I could never totally hate on them. 🙂

This is my weekday I’m sleepy and don’t want to look like a tourist face.

And now to conquer the 3pm sleepy’s from eating sweet potato fries with your lunch… I foresee an apple + white chocolate PB in my future…?

My workout this morning included yoga stretches to loosen my body up from the elliptical last night. (LOOSEN from the elliptical?!) Since the treadmills were all spoken for, and I only had a small window between laundry, I thought it would be fun to experiment by going speeds of 10+ mph @ various resistances. (I never know the correct elliptical “lingo.”) Love yoga, because I’m already all set for another crazy workout tonight!! 🙂


no oats, goats

3 Mar

After some late-night grocery shopping yesterday, I was anxious to create a breakfast using two things I was amped to try:

onion pita!

These Toufayan pitas & some goat cheese! (I just had the urge to type a goat noise, then realized that may not be appetizing and also that I have no clue what sound a goat makes.)

get in mah belly

(In my quest to kick my aspartame habit, I’m also trying to purchase foods with as few ingredients as possible. For me- healthy eating starts in the grocery store. That’s where I analyze nutrition stats and ingredients, so that when I’m home- I don’t even have to think twice about ’em.)

I considered a pita filled with cheese alone, but knew that wasn’t the best option…so I microwaved (does anyone else do this?..) an egg and sliced up some avocado for healthy fats.

egg, avocado, cheeeez, pita!

A winning combo! I was worried it’d be a little dry, but the avocado took care of that! No such thang. Although the pita was tasty, it barely cut open and was virtually un-stuffable! (Every time something like this happens I can’t help but let out a Snooki “WAHH” in my head.)

Oh well! Tasty either way, and time to get to work. I’m hoping to break at lunch time for a run.

(P.S. THANK YOU for all your support in my quest to quit the dreaded diet soda!! Yesterday was rough- I didn’t realize how much diet coke I sip while standing around at the restaurant. I replaced it with water and peed 60 times, in case you were wondering.)