a cheesy nj trip & back to NYC

9 Mar

I knowwwwww, I’m LATE, but… On Sunday, I was back at home for a few hours in order to prepare my closet (& shoes!!!) for Spring.

road trip fun

I have totally been craving a good ol’ south jersey/philly hoagie. (NOT a sub, and not a hero) So that was the top of my priorities.

mixed cheeeseeeee

My partner in crime… and driver. 😉

My only tip on keeping hoagies,  semi-healthy – is when you have a craving, get them on a whole wheat wrap. I think it tastes better this way… and it’s just a benefit that it’s helps cut down on all calories that I’m instead eating in the crazy amounts of mixed cheese !!!

I got mixed cheese with lettuce, tomato, onion, bruchetta, and my favoriiiiite – diced cherry peppers! Ahhhhh, home.

I came home at an optimum time to say goodbye to my pink walls. 😦 Jamie & I spent some good times getting ready in this little room while I made her curl my hair and we ate Sprees.

Since I was home, my mom invited my sister & her husband over for dinner, and as I predicted – even made a cake! Dinner was mushroom risotto – and when my parents realized they didn’t have vegetable stock for us, I suggested wine instead of just water. My own dad didn’t believe me and had to google it.

We also had ensalaaaada…

… and baked whole wheat mac & cheese ! 🙂

I also got to see this little guy:

He is too wild to get photographed!!! Being at home did make me realize.. I’d loveeee a pet and that after not leaving NYC for 2.5 months the rest of the world felt like an entirely different planet. I am not a country suburb mouse.

mom's cake & fruit salad

Other than that… back in my normal city girl life, I have a few other things to be completely stoked about:

1. A co-worker shouted he had extra crumbs cupcakes so we all jumped at the opportunity. I won half of the red velvet, how’s a girl get this lucky?!?!


2. Last night I went to Bright Eyes @ Radio City Music Hall with a friend I’ve know since I was a tiny little girl. I used to go to CCD at his house. 🙂 It reminded me of high school again!

Radio Cityyyy

3. I learned why the treadmills at my gym were completely hogged last week. WE GOT NEW ONE’S!!!!!!!! You can plug your iPod or iPhone in and watch anything you want! OMG, catching up on Gossip Girl Episodes.. HERE-I-COME. What else can it do?!?!? Export your workout results to a zip drive (or an iPhone.. I hope!) I’m so excited to finally be able to share my runs! 🙂

4. In theme with my new awesome treadmill, I think it’s time I start to plan for my first 5k! I got excited when I found this list of NYC races on Runners World. I’m thinking about this 4 mile Concern Spring Run so I’d have a month to prepare.  I know 5k’s and 4 miler’s are nothing to some of you.. cough, cough Jamie… but it would be my first one! And like I said before, I’m just starting my relationship with  running. Any NY bloggies have any races coming up?!


4 Responses to “a cheesy nj trip & back to NYC”

  1. yourdailygrace March 9, 2011 at 4:53 pm #

    Holy cheese! I am glad to see I’m not the only vegetarian who ends up eating cheese subs and macaroni and cheese, which look amazing by the way! We just got new ellipticals in my gym and I was thrilled, except they’re not that cool=( Just not horrible like the old ones were, they do have a fan which I love!


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