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dreams do come true

29 Apr

because today a “common girl” became a princess. fjdghdfjhdfkl!!!!!

obviously not this girl 😉

kate looked beautiful. who else is celebrating with a cupcake, (or maybe an ice cream cone..) recaps, and all day? 😉

happy, happy friday!!!! 😀 ….TWO KISSES!!!!!!!

The Versatile Blogger Award!

28 Apr

Awards make posts fun. My thoughts are usually completely random, so when Alyssa passed this along, I was happy to be able to share seven completely random facts with yall!


1. I am completely obsessed with the movie Mean Girls…and everyone knows it. Every time its aired on TV I get a random text or facebook comment telling me that my movie is on and i should TUNE IN. Courtney and I even drank wine and watched it in Spanish one night…we still knew all the words. During my sophomore year in college I dressed up as Gretchen for Halloween.

me& my co-host/partner in crime Jessica


2. I have the biggest family ever. My dad passed away when I was six, and my mom re-married my step-dad when I was nine. My step-dad was already a step-dad to three young adults when they got married (his first wife passed away..he actually met my mom at a widowed support group). So all together now, I am super close with my dad’s family, my mom’s family, my step-dads actual family, AND my step-dad’s step family. PHEW. Danny has met so many people and probably has no clue how or if I am actually related to any of them.

my step-dad's step grandaughter and me.. or, my "cousin". see?

my bro&me...we're here to party.

3. I’m obsessed with my mom. I moved away to VA Beach and I am the one calling her about five times a day. Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I do speak with her daily and I love her for always telling it to me STRAIGHT. There was a time when I was pretty young (6-9 years old) that it was just the two of us, big Willie style. She’s the bees knees.

we can make it if we tryyyyy

4. Although I live at the beach, I am TERRIFIED of the ocean. This sucks because I have dreams of being an incredible surfer….if only I could go under water without holding my nose. I’m hoping to get over my fear of gnarly waves this summer.

5.  Dancing is my MOST FAVORITE thing to do. I love to drop it low and I dance like an animal. In Jersey…this is welcomed. I’ve gotten some strange looks doing the booty pop down here in Virginia, it’s as though they just can’t handle me. I’m okay with that, though. I blame my wild moves on my college BFFs Lisa & Jessica..

dancing like a snow bunny in NYC

dougie on the floor!

6. I hate math. I’m a writer through and through. Numbers give me anxiety. In third grade I had a math tutor named Bunny. Her name combined with her wildly bleached hair only made my fear grow. My first semester of college I received all A’s and one D…in Algebraic Problem Solving. GAG.

7. I am so glad I moved to VA Beach. Although I miss some fantastic people, there is SO much more to do here than there is in South Jersey. Back at home, I had the choice of three bars… I didn’t realize how middle-of-nowhere-esque it was until I got down here. Being with this guy on the daily doesn’t hurt, either…

theeee best.

So that’s ME. In a random, seven-fact nutshell. I’m passing this along to Courtney (yeah, I just linked my own blog ;)), Christina, Emily, Susan, Heather, Grace, and Emily. xo

kids meals in bryant park

27 Apr

It has been one crazy week in New York City. I’m no expert, but warm weather and celebrity sightings are good for the soul. Monday started with a lunch time viewing of Glee being filmed. Don’t get confused – I’m not a Glee fan in the least; however, I’ll never turn down a good celebrity stalking so I went along for the ride walk.

Tuesday was another gorgeous day, so Krista and I had plans to ride bikes in Central Park after work, but once we got off the subway we just so happened to stumble upon the red carpet of the Time 100 Event. We stuck around to see some celebs like, Aziz Ansari, Carmelo Anthony, Blake Lively, Mark Wahlberg, and Martha Stewart (lol!) By the time we were bored with our celebrity stalking hobby – Columbus Circle looked like this…. Oops? There’s always next time for bike riding 😉

After all the celebrity excitement in our lives, lunch time today definitely called for some relaxation and Bryant Park was the place to be.

AHHHH, and look what we found today. (This time it’s actually not a celebrity…) I cannot wait for this to start. Free?! Lululemon?!? Outside?!?! and I repeat, FREE?!?!?!!

Wichcraft is right in the park (three spots??) and their menu hit the spot.

You know why? Truth: I love kid’s meals. I’ll give you an example of one of my favorites – Chipotle kids meal: one taco, a side of rice, a side of black beans, and a juice box.. aka, my heaven. So naturally, a PB&J (except the J was actually apple butter!) kids meal from WichCraft that comes with a side of fruit and drink sounded perfectttt for enjoying outside. Not to mention the drink I got was san pellegrino limonata. Mmm, mm – tastes like summer.

(Side note: there was another half to that sandwich.)

So, thanks New York for the beautiful days and celebrities – keep ’em comin.

TNT, dynamite

27 Apr

I got my ass handed to me, in the form of wild intervals. Last night I finally joined my NEW GYM. 😀  Walking distance, and GREAT classes. I’m pumped.

When I showed up last night, the class being held was called Tababat TNT, with the description as follows:

TABABAT TNT: A super intense class that will blast your workout to another level. 20 sec work/10 sec rest intervals for 8 sets

Vague. Scary. “You’re a fit girl, you’ve got this.” I wandered in like a lost puppy and had NO idea what to expect. “This girl is the best instructor, she’s SO TOUGH.” (Whispered the girl next to me..) GREAT. Maybe imagining the weekend’s blueberry french toast (x4 would serve as motivation to push through?) mom is the jam

The class was intense, scary, and amazing all at the same time. We split into two groups. One half of the room focused on an assigned cardio move, six sets of 20 seconds on with 10 seconds of rest, while the other side focused on strength moves for six sets of 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest. We switched sides after each set of six.

The cardio featured moves such as sprinting, burpees, hurdles, jumping rope, and other moves I completely forget because I was in a sweaty daze. The strength side focused on weighted lunges, squats, medicine ball sit-ups, planks, push-ups, and more.

After one hour of this, I was dripping with sweat. I joked with the instructor about how I really thought I was in great shape, until I took the class. 😉 I am PUMPED to incorporate various classes such as this into my fitness life. Living here:

beachy keen

Is double the motivation.

let me tell ya bout my best friend

26 Apr

As I’ve mentioned before, I live for weekends. Weekends, sunshine, and days without work. On this stormy Tuesday I’m hanging in my room, working from home, and obviously daydreaming about this past weekend- Court and I, WERE TOGETHER AT LAST.

Although he’s a Virginia Beach boy, Danny is a huge Phillies fan. This wins him 60,000 points in my book. I promised him that our night with Courtney and her Danny (yes, our boyfriends have the same name…and she had hers first ;)) would include a lil Phils watching and a whole lotta beer. Rather than heading to Chickies and Petes to watch the game and eat crab fries, Court pushed us next door to Play 2. (Both are located in Philadelphia.)

Owned by Chickies&Petes? Check.
Beer Towers at our table? Check.
Crab Fries? (crinkly, old bay loaded, & cheese on the side?) Check.
Phils game on TV? Danny’s Check.
Wii game rooms with dancing by the hour? HUGE BONUS CHECK.

our cube

And because we know how to turn an empty room into a party:

wild ladies, dangerous with wiimotes

We spent our paid hour (and then some) dancing to Britney, Rhianna, and even AVRIL. After some time jamming out, we turned to notice the Dannys copying our moves behind us. Courtney’s Danny was TOUGH to beat. Don’t let the boyishness charm fool you. My Danny bounced around like a jumping bean.

hands up!


So much fun, but isn’t everything when you’re with your best friend? I love that we both have boys who aren’t too cool to jump in and bounce around to some B. Spears. At one point Danny looked at me and said “JAMIE. I’M LITERALLY SWEATING. THIS IS AWESOME.”

and, because we do have faces.

Our night may or may not have concluded with a trip to Geno’s for world famous cheese steaks (whiz whit, please?) and more fries. It was there that Danny&Danny plotted to create their own blog about junk food, beer, and how I secretly eat at McDonalds. (IT WAS ONE TIME.)

But really. I love my home girl. She bought a ticket to come spend my birthday with me here in VB- is it August yet?! Such perfection.

Edit: I added my official 5k results here! 😀

food friday & easter sunday

25 Apr

Friday night, of course I needed to have one last NYC meal before leaving the bubble for a little over 24 hours. We actually just wandered around until we found something. (Rare for me!) I still had the Italian bug after Eataly on Wednesday and we wound up at Centro Vinoteca. The highlights:

vegan yellow tomato soup

caprese, mmmmm

roasted wild mushroom cappellacci - peas, lemon pressed olive oil & parmesan

Once back in New Jersey, I’m not going to lie, one of the first things that’s on my to-do list is… Target. Danny & I decided to split up to fill our baskets for each other. The end result on Easter:

When Danny saw mine, he wanted to “redo” his. His grass was under all that candy, but I think we all know who the clear winner is here on presentation. 😉

However, it’s hard to tell who the winner is otherwise since mine was filled with a ton of my favorites. 😉

The best part of my Easter pictures? My cat in this picture of Danny & I. HAHA can you find him?! He is just hanging out on his leash. Completely normal, right?

In case it isn’t, here is another attemt at being slightly normal.

Now I have a ton of left over desserts waiting for me in the fridge, but coming tomorrow – Jamie & I reunited again!!! (…to dance!)

a family 5k

25 Apr

Jersey was perfect..I wish I could have stayed longer! Danny and I actually left our costumes at home in VA Beach, and I opted for a more traditional outfit…one including my new Nike Tempo shorts so i could race in a local 5k with my brother!

The race wasn’t my best. I originally set out to beat my PR of 25:23…but one mile in my stomach was in some SERIOUS pain. I thought I could hold out my 7:50ishh pace but the only way it would’ve happened was if I was running straight towards a porta potty… I finished the race in 25:33 but was SUPER excited for my brother! It was his first ever race and he finished in 24:13. (With no training what-so-ever…damn kids.)


Despite my failed attempt at a PR, I managed to snag third place in my age group for females, and my bro placed third in his as well. 😀

It was so fun to run with my brother, even if he was about a minute ahead the whole time. 😉 The race was to benefit research for SIDS, and after explaining the saddness to my brother he said..”Oh, I thought we were running for STDS.”

Post race my mom made us wraps filled with smoked turkey, cucumber, and cream cheese. (Yes..I’m having a hard time quitting dairy, hence my pain. I’m ridiculous.)

with pretzels&pinapple!

Post 5k we took this little girl for a walk..


then headed out to Haddonfield..where I was lucky enough to score a running related gift from my parents! More on that soon. 😀

Edit: My official results!

                         age|#in              p. 2
 o'all                   grp|age   age  sex|#fin
 place age s  TIME  pace plc|grp  group plc|by sex
  53    23 F 25:36  8:13   3/26   F2029  10/113  F