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sun is shining, weather is sweet

4 Apr

I am near ecstatic. It is 83 degrees in VA Beach today! Cheers to sunshine and warmth, I don’t even CARE that the weekend is over!!

ready to RUN, in my summer gear!

I’m so excited for today’s workout. Aside from a walk in the park, I took the weekend off from fitness and am excited to feel the burn today. I HIGHLY recommend rest days as a motivator- it sounds odd but time off always ignites my passion for running& the gym. I miss it when I take a break!

a weekend stroll to get movin', how pretty are these trees?

I’ve been neglecting my strength training lately, so this morning when I woke up I completed a round of ab exercises plus a “Lean Arms Pyramid” from some fitness idols of mine at Tone It Up.

Taken straight from the facebook fan page…

10 Push-ups (can be on knees!)
20 Dips (on edge of chair or bench)
30 Bicep Curls (light weights or water bottles)
40 Seconds Plank on hands
50 Tone It Up Tummy Tucks!!!
40 Seconds Plank on hands
30 Bicep Curls (light weights or water bottles)
20 Dips (on edge of chair or bench)
10 Push-ups (can be on knees!)

This REALLY worked my arms, much more so than I thought it would. If you’re interested in what a “Tummy Tuck” looks like, you can check it out here. I love little bursts of strength training like this- utilizing NEW exercises and putting your body through change is what creates change, in my opinion. 😉

I’m off to run- possibly on the boardwalk? I’ve got no plan on the distance or pace, I just want to feel the warm sun and enjoy the fresh air.


parks & baseball

4 Apr

Saturday morning started with a run, so of course I needed to fuel up with some of my favorite carbs of NYC.

the best garlic knots

my new found love - the grandma slice

After carb overdosing, Danny and I headed out to explore the parks of Williamsburg. First up – the pier.

hi home

We found this warning odd. So pretty much, NYC doesn’t care if you poison yourself with their fish if you’re a male? 😛

How bout no one eats out of this river, mmk?

After the pier we headed to another park’s play ground to playyyyyy.

Kids are hardcore these days, these were scary. I wanted ice cream from the KOOL MAN truck, but sadly we had no doll hairs. Next time, kool man, next time.

Afterwards, we walked to yet another park and watched all the softball games and dogs. (hooray for extra cardio!!!) I was incredibly envious of both. I wish I had a softball team, but I’d much rather take a puppy instead… 😉 On our walk back, we came across the dressing room of a tv show.

look closely 😉 hehe

As I said, with April starting comes baseball season; so a good chunk of the rest of the weekend was spent watching some of the opening weekend games at a Philly bar here in New York. Lots of cheese steaks, wings, and cheering for Lee. Lucky for me they even have a few good veggie options.

veggie wrap

I also obsessed over their waffle fries dipped in hot sauce. I shared, I promise. 🙂

Yesterday, I was so excited to head to the NYC Vegetarian Festival, but got there to see 3-4 hour long line that they were going to cut off.

Therefore, my extent of the festival:

organic food truck

😦 very exciting, I know. Head on over here to Une Vie Saine for a real recap of the festival. Next time, I’ll buy the VIP pass. I’ve officially learned my lesson.