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food friday & easter sunday

25 Apr

Friday night, of course I needed to have one last NYC meal before leaving the bubble for a little over 24 hours. We actually just wandered around until we found something. (Rare for me!) I still had the Italian bug after Eataly on Wednesday and we wound up at Centro Vinoteca. The highlights:

vegan yellow tomato soup

caprese, mmmmm

roasted wild mushroom cappellacci - peas, lemon pressed olive oil & parmesan

Once back in New Jersey, I’m not going to lie, one of the first things that’s on my to-do list is… Target. Danny & I decided to split up to fill our baskets for each other. The end result on Easter:

When Danny saw mine, he wanted to “redo” his. His grass was under all that candy, but I think we all know who the clear winner is here on presentation. 😉

However, it’s hard to tell who the winner is otherwise since mine was filled with a ton of my favorites. 😉

The best part of my Easter pictures? My cat in this picture of Danny & I. HAHA can you find him?! He is just hanging out on his leash. Completely normal, right?

In case it isn’t, here is another attemt at being slightly normal.

Now I have a ton of left over desserts waiting for me in the fridge, but coming tomorrow – Jamie & I reunited again!!! (…to dance!)


a family 5k

25 Apr

Jersey was perfect..I wish I could have stayed longer! Danny and I actually left our costumes at home in VA Beach, and I opted for a more traditional outfit…one including my new Nike Tempo shorts so i could race in a local 5k with my brother!

The race wasn’t my best. I originally set out to beat my PR of 25:23…but one mile in my stomach was in some SERIOUS pain. I thought I could hold out my 7:50ishh pace but the only way it would’ve happened was if I was running straight towards a porta potty… I finished the race in 25:33 but was SUPER excited for my brother! It was his first ever race and he finished in 24:13. (With no training what-so-ever…damn kids.)


Despite my failed attempt at a PR, I managed to snag third place in my age group for females, and my bro placed third in his as well. 😀

It was so fun to run with my brother, even if he was about a minute ahead the whole time. 😉 The race was to benefit research for SIDS, and after explaining the saddness to my brother he said..”Oh, I thought we were running for STDS.”

Post race my mom made us wraps filled with smoked turkey, cucumber, and cream cheese. (Yes..I’m having a hard time quitting dairy, hence my pain. I’m ridiculous.)

with pretzels&pinapple!

Post 5k we took this little girl for a walk..


then headed out to Haddonfield..where I was lucky enough to score a running related gift from my parents! More on that soon. 😀

Edit: My official results!

                         age|#in              p. 2
 o'all                   grp|age   age  sex|#fin
 place age s  TIME  pace plc|grp  group plc|by sex
  53    23 F 25:36  8:13   3/26   F2029  10/113  F