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kids meals in bryant park

27 Apr

It has been one crazy week in New York City. I’m no expert, but warm weather and celebrity sightings are good for the soul. Monday started with a lunch time viewing of Glee being filmed. Don’t get confused – I’m not a Glee fan in the least; however, I’ll never turn down a good celebrity stalking so I went along for the ride walk.

Tuesday was another gorgeous day, so Krista and I had plans to ride bikes in Central Park after work, but once we got off the subway we just so happened to stumble upon the red carpet of the Time 100 Event. We stuck around to see some celebs like, Aziz Ansari, Carmelo Anthony, Blake Lively, Mark Wahlberg, and Martha Stewart (lol!) By the time we were bored with our celebrity stalking hobby – Columbus Circle looked like this…. Oops? There’s always next time for bike riding 😉

After all the celebrity excitement in our lives, lunch time today definitely called for some relaxation and Bryant Park was the place to be.

AHHHH, and look what we found today. (This time it’s actually not a celebrity…) I cannot wait for this to start. Free?! Lululemon?!? Outside?!?! and I repeat, FREE?!?!?!!

Wichcraft is right in the park (three spots??) and their menu hit the spot.

You know why? Truth: I love kid’s meals. I’ll give you an example of one of my favorites – Chipotle kids meal: one taco, a side of rice, a side of black beans, and a juice box.. aka, my heaven. So naturally, a PB&J (except the J was actually apple butter!) kids meal from WichCraft that comes with a side of fruit and drink sounded perfectttt for enjoying outside. Not to mention the drink I got was san pellegrino limonata. Mmm, mm – tastes like summer.

(Side note: there was another half to that sandwich.)

So, thanks New York for the beautiful days and celebrities – keep ’em comin.


TNT, dynamite

27 Apr

I got my ass handed to me, in the form of wild intervals. Last night I finally joined my NEW GYM. 😀  Walking distance, and GREAT classes. I’m pumped.

When I showed up last night, the class being held was called Tababat TNT, with the description as follows:

TABABAT TNT: A super intense class that will blast your workout to another level. 20 sec work/10 sec rest intervals for 8 sets

Vague. Scary. “You’re a fit girl, you’ve got this.” I wandered in like a lost puppy and had NO idea what to expect. “This girl is the best instructor, she’s SO TOUGH.” (Whispered the girl next to me..) GREAT. Maybe imagining the weekend’s blueberry french toast (x4 would serve as motivation to push through?) mom is the jam

The class was intense, scary, and amazing all at the same time. We split into two groups. One half of the room focused on an assigned cardio move, six sets of 20 seconds on with 10 seconds of rest, while the other side focused on strength moves for six sets of 20 seconds on 10 seconds rest. We switched sides after each set of six.

The cardio featured moves such as sprinting, burpees, hurdles, jumping rope, and other moves I completely forget because I was in a sweaty daze. The strength side focused on weighted lunges, squats, medicine ball sit-ups, planks, push-ups, and more.

After one hour of this, I was dripping with sweat. I joked with the instructor about how I really thought I was in great shape, until I took the class. 😉 I am PUMPED to incorporate various classes such as this into my fitness life. Living here:

beachy keen

Is double the motivation.