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The Versatile Blogger Award!

28 Apr

Awards make posts fun. My thoughts are usually completely random, so when Alyssa passed this along, I was happy to be able to share seven completely random facts with yall!


1. I am completely obsessed with the movie Mean Girls…and everyone knows it. Every time its aired on TV I get a random text or facebook comment telling me that my movie is on and i should TUNE IN. Courtney and I even drank wine and watched it in Spanish one night…we still knew all the words. During my sophomore year in college I dressed up as Gretchen for Halloween.

me& my co-host/partner in crime Jessica


2. I have the biggest family ever. My dad passed away when I was six, and my mom re-married my step-dad when I was nine. My step-dad was already a step-dad to three young adults when they got married (his first wife passed away..he actually met my mom at a widowed support group). So all together now, I am super close with my dad’s family, my mom’s family, my step-dads actual family, AND my step-dad’s step family. PHEW. Danny has met so many people and probably has no clue how or if I am actually related to any of them.

my step-dad's step grandaughter and me.. or, my "cousin". see?

my bro&me...we're here to party.

3. I’m obsessed with my mom. I moved away to VA Beach and I am the one calling her about five times a day. Well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I do speak with her daily and I love her for always telling it to me STRAIGHT. There was a time when I was pretty young (6-9 years old) that it was just the two of us, big Willie style. She’s the bees knees.

we can make it if we tryyyyy

4. Although I live at the beach, I am TERRIFIED of the ocean. This sucks because I have dreams of being an incredible surfer….if only I could go under water without holding my nose. I’m hoping to get over my fear of gnarly waves this summer.

5.  Dancing is my MOST FAVORITE thing to do. I love to drop it low and I dance like an animal. In Jersey…this is welcomed. I’ve gotten some strange looks doing the booty pop down here in Virginia, it’s as though they just can’t handle me. I’m okay with that, though. I blame my wild moves on my college BFFs Lisa & Jessica..

dancing like a snow bunny in NYC

dougie on the floor!

6. I hate math. I’m a writer through and through. Numbers give me anxiety. In third grade I had a math tutor named Bunny. Her name combined with her wildly bleached hair only made my fear grow. My first semester of college I received all A’s and one D…in Algebraic Problem Solving. GAG.

7. I am so glad I moved to VA Beach. Although I miss some fantastic people, there is SO much more to do here than there is in South Jersey. Back at home, I had the choice of three bars… I didn’t realize how middle-of-nowhere-esque it was until I got down here. Being with this guy on the daily doesn’t hurt, either…

theeee best.

So that’s ME. In a random, seven-fact nutshell. I’m passing this along to Courtney (yeah, I just linked my own blog ;)), Christina, Emily, Susan, Heather, Grace, and Emily. xo