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life is a beach

31 May

Dear Mom,

I’m having too much fun.

thanks alyssa, for capturing my finest moments

Is it strange that I’m excited for my MDW fun to be over? These faces party too hard.

oops? i told you i enjoy embarrassing my boyfriend.

No more liquid diet. Give me back solid foods & a treadmill. And possibly a 10 mile run with my most favorite fellow Jersey girl in VB.

At least until Friday, that is. 😉


27 May

….is Spring in New York City, when you are in love with the idea of eating and drinking outside.

Wednesday night it was at Uva with friends on the Upper East Side.





And in the theme of Fleet Week here in New York City, I bring your Carrie Bradshaw: “That’s another reason I love New York. Just like that, it can go from bad to cute.”

Enjoy your memorial day weekends!! I’m staying in the city, but still so excited about my plans! xoxox

wild things

26 May

You make my heeeeeeeeart sing. Okay. Last night I officially discovered the coolest thing ever. Maybe I’m late on this trend but I’ve never seen anything like it and literally went wild.

whole wheat pancakes. in a can.

Pancakes…in a can. Please excuse the residue…things got crazy in the kitchen. I seriously rushed home from the Fresh Market last night and begged Danny to let me make him pancakes. He wasn’t hungry and neither was I, so I made about six of these this morning.

I wish I snapped a picture of the actual cakes, but we didn’t have any syrup, butter, or exciting toppings. I was so excited to eat them that I basically rolled them up plain (I actually prefer pancakes plain) and ate them with my fingers. Mature…and delicious. The brown sugar flavor was AMAZING and aside from the extra sodium the nutrition stats aren’t so ugly. I can get down with 2 grams of fiber in a 90 calorie serving.

And on to other wild things…I’m in the process of de-frat house-izing our home. Danny’s friends have lived in this place for years and it’s pretty obvious. Our room now looks like a grown-up bedroom, the kitchen is A+, and we’re getting brand new couches delivered tomorrow! Once I get rid of all the junk in the living room I’m moving to tackle the back porch.

yeah, i'm for real

I’d like to see the legs go (put I’m not holding my breath). Danny did agree to take down the “totally cool” Sublime poster he put up on the back wall of the house.

Who puts posters directly on the outside of a house? Classy.

Time to get back to work! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!

spring is actually here!

25 May

I’m a happy girl today – you know why? Today was the first day there was not a thunderbolt or rain cloud in the weather forecast. PURE SUN. yahoooooooooo!!!

I’m extra pumped because this morning was my first spin class, ever! My co-worker gave me a 7-day Equinox pass and today started my week of living like a gym-queen. If you don’t know what Equinox is, I have heard it is one of New York City’s most expensive gyms. (If not, most.)  My teacher was great.. he said ya’ll, Jamie.. and picked some fantastic beats to start my morning out right – sweating like crazy. Unfortunately, I am a spin newbie and didn’t even realize my bike didn’t have straps and my feet kept slipping off. Oops. I live and learn, kids. After the class, I didn’t have too much time to check out the rest of the gym, but did get some squats and weights, as well as a quick run home.


Yesterday, I made a summer themed salad for lunch to entice the sun to come out. Guess it worked, huh?!

Who else over-toppingizes (yes, I made that word up) when making a salad?! I can’t help it..

what's left

Today’s celebration of the weather? A bright colored dress and Bryant Park!

things i find hysterical: a weekend review

24 May

1. Photobombs. This past weekend consisted of lots of family time, which is AMAZING. I have the best cousins ever- they are hysterical and I love living close enough to hang with them on the weekends. My cousin’s wife Emily and I were pumped to attend a Norfolk Tides game Sunday, one full of beers, sun, and young girls wanting to be our friend.

can't hate on an angel

2. Embarrassing others, or attempting to. Danny has “no shame”, which he’s mentioned 2343 times before, so making him feel embarrassed to be with me is hard. On Saturday night we joined my cousins at a “truck and tractor pull” in North Carolina. We go to these things to people watch, wear cowboy boots, and again…to drink beer. Coozies are necessary, so I managed to find an awesome set for me and D$. Sadly..he was pumped to sport a coozie that made him reminiscent of his Halloween costume.

jersey style

3. “Rednecks”. I love them. Sometimes I want to be one. First Nascar, now trucks pulling tractors. I am an northerner with a secret obsession surrounding all things Southern. If you’re interested in people watching, I suggest you hit the dirty South for some real entertainment.

ain't no pullin in jersey

ain't no pullin in jersey

And FYI- If you’re like me and enjoy embarrassing others, expect to be embarrassed in return. Last night I took a fitness class similar to Body Pump. The regular instructor was out, and a Drill Sargent (really, an actual hard-bodied tough ass Sargent of some sort) taught the class. She had lots of fun at my expense, and I think if I didn’t love my “blond bimbo” (me?? my hair is brown..) self enough I would have run out crying. That’s karma for ya!

run girl, run

23 May

Apparently May is National Running Month, and since it’s quickly coming to an end (CRAZY!!!), I bring you… my running essentials! After a blog meet up in Central Park a few weeks ago, I have been excited to try out Polyvore for myself (especially since I’m always obsessed with Christine’s adorable creations!!) So here goes nothin’! 😉

running essentials

(Click to see the items!) [1] This headband actually does not slip off my head. Enough said. [2] NikePlus for my iPhone! I wasn’t ready to invest in a Garmin, but I can still track my run and progress. Love. [3] Two hidden front pockets and a back zip pocket make these itty bitty shorts key (har, har) for New York City. I overheat like crazy when I run, so the shorter the better. [4] My go-to tank for running! Again, pockets in the back that fit my iPod/iPhone. [5] I keep it simple with a basic water bottle. And when I’m feeling too lazy to fill er up – SmartWater is awesome. [6] Just got my new Nike Plus sneaks! They’re purple, so not bad so far. 😉 [7] A few bites of one of these gets me going in the morning!

One thing that’s missing? An arm band for my iPhone. I have been in the market for an arm band that fits an iPhone along with its case. I have only come across the one’s where you need to take your phone out of the case every time, and I am far too lazy for that. Any suggestions?! 😀 This is border line absolutely necessary right now, so I can get outside in the parks and thennnn… a race in my future?!

Yes, please.

not yo cheese

18 May

Aside from a lil harsh self-talk lately, I feel like I have been living the past two weeks as a master of life. Seriously. I mentioned that Danny and I moved in to a roomy house just three blocks from the beach (we also live with his long-time buddy Mark) and I am absolutely obsessed with this life so far.

Anyway- reasons why I’ve been mastering life lately.

1. I’ve found the best nachos on the planet. Seriously. Actual fresh grilled chicken with tons of guacamole? Oh. My. God. Does it make it healthier that I eat all the good stuff with a fork and leave only the chips for Danny? Boys like, chips..right?

not. yo. cheese. remember when i was going to avoid dairy? oh..

2. I’m mastering the art of parking illegally at the beach. On Saturday Danny, Mark and I all went out for Mexican food and I suggested we park at the local Wendy’s. Seemed brilliant and fool proof. The best part of this? Post lunch Frostys!

please avert your eyes from my hairy legs

I explained that I’d feel like a horrible person if we used their lot and didn’t purchase anything, and that I really wanted only a baby sized frosty. Danny and Mark decided they wanted baby frostys too, so the convo went like this:

Wendy’s Lady: What can I get for ya’ll?
Mark: Hi, we’d like three baby frostys, please.
Wendy’s Lady: You want three chocolate junior frostys?
Mark: No, we’d like three baby frostys please.
Wendy’s Lady: You want the junior frostys?
Mark: Are junior frostys baby frostys?
Wendy’s Lady: Yes, junior frostys are baby frostys.

SUCCESS. And because all good lists come in threes…

3. Everywhere I go lately, I’m cheesin’ HARD. I can’t help smile when all I see is beach, sunshine, and a boy who makes me ridiculously happy.

could my smile get any bigger?

VA Beach, you have my heart.