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may firsts

2 May

While it is only May 2nd, May is already full of firsts. For starts, Sunday was my verrry first visit to Central Park since moving here. Seriously, I know. Who am I? November to April are very cold months, mmk? I headed to CP for a blogger meet up (also a first!) which was co-coordinated by one of my new NYC favorites, Christine! yippie!!!😀 Check out {av} at Long Distance Loving for an awesome recap and all the lovely bloggies I met!🙂

After wards, I decided to soak up a little more of the park and continue re-reading Something Borrowed to get ready for Friday Wednesday – my roommate & I are two lucky ladies who get to go to an early PopSugar premiere! Awesome, but only two days left to finish! I can’t even express how excited I am, s0 more on that later. !!!!!

Danny met me a little while later and we found the row boats! dun, dun, dun. I’ve been waiting ages to ride these.😀

I think anyone will tell you the truth, the row boats usually consist of a girl taking pictures, and a guy rowing – we were no expection.😉 Full disclosure: Danny is now complaining of blisters on his hands. Tread with caution, ladies. This boat ride comes with a price.

Monday’s first? Baked By Melissa finally opened near my work!!! Of course, I went. Of.course.

My choices: Tye Dye, Mint Chocolate Chip, and the flavor of the month, Strawberry. Just in case you’re dying to know my cupcake strategy – I need to take a bite of each, then I can decide what order to eat them. Finished with the Strawberry. Think that tells you how good it was…😉

My least favorite May first? Sunburn. I’ve got sunburn on my knees and wrists. Yep, a lovely sunburn line of my watch. I’m so cool. New York, what have you done to me? My skin didn’t seem to know what the sun was and I can’t remember the last time I actually got sun burn, randomly like this. Note to self: don’t sit cross legged on a rock in Central Park unless you want really really beautiful knee sunburns. I feel 8.

spin me right rounddd

2 May

Thank you for all your warm moving wishes! Danny and I are semi-settled into our new place and it feels INCREDIBLE. The best part about it so far? I set my alarm for 5:45am (I know) and ran for only three minutes to get to the gym for a 6am spin class…I was pumped for my workout, especially since my last happened Friday with this girl:

we eat six mile runs for breakfast. or dinner.

I was SHOCKED. The gym is basically in my backyard, really. Heaven. Although i was pumped for class this morning, it wasn’t the best. I’ve been to spin twice before at a different gym and felt like I had the workout of a LIFETIME. Today I could barely hear the instructor and was just confused.

Since I am a spinning novice, sitting on a bike and hearing random numbers and words called out (100! 5-8 speed! 112-120 now back down and 15-18!) was just too much to think about. By the time I caught on to the lingo again class was halfway over.

I came home and made two smoothies in my snazzy new blender for Danny and me. Trader Joe’s chocolate protein powder (SCORE! not too gag-inducing), strawberries, frozen banana, and some milk. Winning combo.

Time to get to work! I’m already feeling energized and ready to go. I’m pumped for some new songs to listen to while I crank out some words today, and I have a feeling this album (Adele, 21) will be powering me through some runs as well!

Hey Adele, can we be best friends? Thanks. Jamie.


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