run girl, run

23 May

Apparently May is National Running Month, and since it’s quickly coming to an end (CRAZY!!!), I bring you… my running essentials! After a blog meet up in Central Park a few weeks ago, I have been excited to try out Polyvore for myself (especially since I’m always obsessed with Christine’s adorable creations!!) So here goes nothin’! 😉

running essentials

(Click to see the items!) [1] This headband actually does not slip off my head. Enough said. [2] NikePlus for my iPhone! I wasn’t ready to invest in a Garmin, but I can still track my run and progress. Love. [3] Two hidden front pockets and a back zip pocket make these itty bitty shorts key (har, har) for New York City. I overheat like crazy when I run, so the shorter the better. [4] My go-to tank for running! Again, pockets in the back that fit my iPod/iPhone. [5] I keep it simple with a basic water bottle. And when I’m feeling too lazy to fill er up – SmartWater is awesome. [6] Just got my new Nike Plus sneaks! They’re purple, so not bad so far. 😉 [7] A few bites of one of these gets me going in the morning!

One thing that’s missing? An arm band for my iPhone. I have been in the market for an arm band that fits an iPhone along with its case. I have only come across the one’s where you need to take your phone out of the case every time, and I am far too lazy for that. Any suggestions?! 😀 This is border line absolutely necessary right now, so I can get outside in the parks and thennnn… a race in my future?!

Yes, please.


5 Responses to “run girl, run”

  1. Hollie @ Lolzthatswim(andRun) May 23, 2011 at 12:54 pm #

    I am seriously always needing headbands that don’t slip. My hair is too frizzy to mess with anything that does.

  2. Christine May 23, 2011 at 3:15 pm #

    ahhhh i want that lulu headband! and YES sign up for a race! 🙂


  3. Jenny May 23, 2011 at 5:03 pm #

    Love the cute tank top and headband. You are ready girl :)I use an arm band for the gym and it’s just so convenient for cardio or weight lifting. I love it!

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