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the beach equals

30 Jun

a little bit of this

spicy corn sauceeee

a little bit of that

skinny girl margs

college friend, Shannon!!

beer pong

and a lot of this. I mean….

make shift iPhone speakers

When everyone else left, my friend Lauren (since I was 5!) and I headed to Seacrets in OC, MD on Monday to lay in tubes and drink Rum Runners/Pina Coladas all day. It was a really tough life..

from last year! didn't want to soak my iPhone & camera this year! 😉

Hrmph. Reality stinks. But at least reality is in NYC…? 😉 Danny & I brought our sneakers with all the intentions of running, but with sunburns and beers – it just didn’t happen. I’m not too worried though, it makes me excited to get back into the routine! (Especially since T-Minus 33 days until VA Beach to visit Jamie! :D)

mini vans & strength woes

28 Jun

Hey ya’ll! Courtney is most likely still chilling on the beach with beer in hand and I am back to writing and editing my life away. Camping was a BLAST. I’m anxiously awaiting some pictures but at least I do have one of our arrival…Coors Light Ad anyone?


Danny and I didn’t get to the campsite until midnight Friday night. He got home from his long UPS day at 8pm and we packed up his entire car, got in & ready to hit the road and it wouldn’t START. I had to do everything in my power not to laugh (I mean it was really really funny) because I could see that D$ was pretty sad. We couldn’t take my car because I’m working on getting the insurance set up this week along with my VA it would have been a highly illegal choice. Stealing his parents’ mini van ended up being the best choice ever. Future life vehicle? Let’s hope not.

Fast forward to hitting the gym this morning= highly successful. I’ve been working hard to increase my running mileage and feeling great about it. One thing I’ve decreased= strength training.

I need to make something clear. I know that strength training= does not equal bulky woman. However- strength training makes ME feel bulky. I’m not sure if it’s my past as a gymnast and the fact that I pack on muscle FAST, but there is something about my own body and strength training that really does not mix. Every time I get in to strength training, my 5 foot frame feels puffy and uncomfortable. Am I doing something wrong? Is this just my body?


Feeling this way has honestly allowed me develop some sort of fear against hitting the weights again. I haven’t done any strength training in a month, and I WANT to. I know that it’s good for my body…but I am honestly freaked out about the stocky appearance it gives me, and the way it makes me feel.

Can anyone relate? Am I the only fast packing muscle woman out there?


monkeyin’ around

24 Jun

Hey yall! Jamie here..I am working away, writing and editing like a madwoman but it is SO HARD for two reasons.

1. I drank a Monster Energy this morning. I haven’t had one of these babies since college and I feel wild right now. I honestly feel drunk off the thing…I am so bouncy writing for three minutes then randomly clicking on a blog..then back so fast to work. I wish a chill pill were handy. Or healthy.

proof of what used to occur after drinking monsters in the college library.

Okay, so I guess I’m not aging drinks have always made me insane. On to the second reason of why I am so incredibly antsy:

2. Tonight I am leaving to camp (on a beach) in North Carolina for an entire weekend. AH! We are going with Danny’s friends (there are roughly 25 people going, we may just move there forever and start our own colony) and they are party kind of people. Aka, for the couple days I will be doing this:

serious bum

(In case you didn’t know, it’s the new trend to pull out a piece of your hair and lay it directly on your forehead. Just one strand now, don’t get wild with it. And yes- those are my real feet.. thanks mom.)

I AM SO EXCITED. I am really trying to power through work (obviously doing a great job of it) so that I can get in a workout before its time to shower and pack.

If I get in a five mile run today, I will be at 20 miles for the week! Feelin’ good. Courtie is headed to the beach today too, and I’m sad I won’t be with her for what has been sort of a semi annual trip for us until I decided to move six hours south.

from our delaware beach days...i currently have courts dress in my closet. sry girl!

Serious babies we were, and seriously awesome shot of my armpit. Now that I’ve severely grossed you out with pits and feet, have a fantastic weekend!

Any awesome plans!? And don’t worry Alyss, anything you text me this weekend you’ll get to tell me about on Monday all over again! (She loves that my weekends often mess with my memory.)


21 Jun

sometimes I don’t know how living in New York can get any better, but it always surprises me. Last week I read about the new East River Ferry that goes from Manhattan to Brooklyn & Governor’s Island.

Did I mention it’s free until the end of the month?

Oh, and that there was free iced coffee…?

Need I say more?

always in workout gear for perfect photo ops

After our ferry excursion on Saturday, Danny & I did a quick 1-2 mile run in the lovely 85 degree heat (seriously, I love it.) We worked up quite the appetite and headed to Dumont to enjoy the back garden and beautiful weather.

Mac and Cheese was totally devoured.

Side note: our waitress sucked. That is all.

After wards, in the theme of free concerts, we found another! Crest Fest – we caught the last band and $3 beers.

Sunday was all about sweet, sweet relaxing. Danny and I used the whole wheat pizza dough I got from Fresh Direct and made ourselves some personal pizzas!

danny's, mine

We were attempting to recreate the technique of one of our favorites of Ocean City, NJ – Mac & Manco’s.

oops, definitely a deep dish! 😉

The rest of the day was spent in the park for some good ol’ ladder ball, lacrosse catches, and laughing at hipsters trying to play kickball. It’s all I need in life.

Speaking of sweet? I started my week off by meeting Susan for $4 margaritas & dinner at Blockheads followed by a cupcake at Crumbs for her birthday (Happy birthday again, Susan!!! Thanks for spending your first day of 27 with me! :D)

So of course tonight, I had a [sweet] date with some cardio.

don't think those calories are accurate

+ 15 mins (3.5 miles) on the bike. (and yes, I took that screen shot WHILE on the bike. I get bored.) Threw in a ton of my best friends, the squat, as well. Bring it, Bagel Wednesday. 😉

boston is beautiful

20 Jun

Hey ya’ll! I’m currently waiting to board my flight back to VA Beach. (I just got incredibly nervous because a man near me asked me if we were waiting to go to Atlanta…thankfully he was wrong and I am in the right place.)

First things first…Boston is BEAUTIFUL. I had such a good time with my family and I’m sad to leave this city so soon.

on the chahhhhles river

If you’re looking for good food, good bars, and just a damn good time…this is definitely a city worth visiting. On Saturday morning I was lucky enough to see the Bruins parade (along with their recently won Stanley cup- so cool)! While I am definitely a Philly sports fan and would’ve enjoyed seeing the Flyers take the cup..this was rad.

throw some glitter make it rain

My family LOVES the sports of beantown and attempted to turn me into a Boston sports fan on more than one occasion.

some boston sports guy..

Nice try, guys. It’s not going to work. Although I had an INCREDIBLE time I’m definitely ready to get back to my Danielson. And even though we walked everywhere…I feel an itch to RUN RUN RUN. It’s funny how just a few days off can really give you even more motivation to work out. Is this restless leg syndrome?

And one more treat…Boston Cream Pie cupcake for breakfast seems incredibly appropriate.

icing is proper running fuel

happy friday!!!

17 Jun

Hope it’s filled with lots of fun in the sun (crossing my fingers for New York City!)

frying pan! photo cred to krista 😉

..and tons of grilling.

what lovely blankets we have...

‘Tis the season for grilled vegetables and portobello mushroom burgers! I’ve been known to bring these to a tail gate while everyone else is chomping on burgers and hot dogs. I love confusing the masses. “what, you brought a MUSHROOM?

mah fave

Psst, and have the best time in Boston, Jaim!!

from our last road trip to rhode island/boston together!


here i am, dun dunn

15 Jun

Oy. I’ve been seriously slackin’ on the postage lately. Here I am, back again! It feels good. I worked extra long and hard today (normal internet market job + a freelance project I picked up) + also got in a sweet workout with Alyssa (I ran three miles, ellipticalled for 15 mins, biked for 15 mins, and worked my abs) so when 8pm hit I was seriously craving a nice glass of pinot grigio.
(The first describes my feelings…the day.)

Ask and ye shall receive..Danny came home from a 12 hour UPS day with a bottle of wine. I’m telling you, these southern boys really know how to do it right. Once a cook at my old job here said to me “You know these southern boys..they care about their women more than they care about themselves. That’s why you like your man so much.”

Hmm. I made D$ (Dannys new nickname as of late) a giant omelet& got the urge to bake for our friend Taylor since he was coming over to hang. I stalked PBF for Julie’s recipe for the easiest cookies in existence- PB cookies that require only 1 egg, 1 cup sugar (I used brown), and 1cup pb. Holler! When you don’t want to dirty your mixing improvise.

do i always bake in the dark?

And of course I needed to sample the batter.

we don't do cardio for nothin'

Perfection. Tomorrow I can say “tomorrow I’ll be in Boston!” My plane takes off Friday AM…I’m so excited to see the city!