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kick the habit: confessions of a calorie counter

26 Jul

This morning Gracie (love her style!) posted about “Kick the Habit” (I’ll let you research on your own…the name really says it all!)

An August challenge to give up a negative habit? This really couldn’t have come at a better time, and I am PUMPED to participate. My challenge? I want to quit counting calories for once, and for all.

This is not to say that counting calories is a “bad” habit, but it is to say that counting calories is a bad habit for ME. I’m a closet calorie counter. Courtney knows of my habit because I think I’d notify her if I even changed toothpaste..(nope..still using vivid white Court) and I’ve briefly mentioned it to Danny who didn’t seem to understand.

nope, don't get it..

But counting calories is a process I’ve gone in and out of for…years. I can’t even tell you how long I’ve been tracking. I’m not necessarily obsessed with hitting a certain number, and if I’m hungry and above the limit I wanted to originally stay at, I EAT. There are some prominent reasons that I’d like to give it up, though. And here they are:

1. It’s possible that calorie counting has sometimes made me GAIN weight. This is because there are days when I’m really not hungry but at night I see a couple hundred more calories “allowed” in my future.. so I eat. While I’m not hungry, just because a number says I can. Why stuff my face when my body is clearly satisfied?

2. I’m not getting the nutrients I need. As posted in my last WIAW, I ate lots and lots of sugar. It’s obviously cool to have treats here and there, but I am currently subbing brownies or froyo for actual veggies and grains, just because they fit within my daily limit. This may keep my waistline the same, but it’s not helping my insides.

3. It creates negative feelings about my day. If I go well over the “number” I wanted to stay within, I feel guilty. If I stay under, I am happy. This is also unhealthy for my mind. I don’t need to associate my happiness with food.

4. I’m a fitness fanatic. I need to fuel my body and listen to it. My body needs more than the bodies of those who chill on the couch all day. I want to really LISTEN to it. This includes eating when hungry, and stopping when full. The basic principles of following my appetite.

Whew. I’ve realized that while this post may have made me sound neurotic… I’m really not. I don’t necessarily think about food or calories all day.. I simply tack on the numbers of what I’ve eaten as a guideline. BUT, I don’t think it’s unnecessary. And for the reasons I’ve stated, I want to QUIT.

I think having a month of quitting rather than thinking I need to quit for life will allow me to chill out about it. Hopefully by the 31st of August I will see that NO, I did not gain ninety pounds and YES, I feel great and free.

imma tell you one time

Sorry, just wanted to lighten the mood around here.


Expect lots of progress updates. I have nothing to hide.