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what jamie ate wednesday

31 Aug


Woohoo! Wednesday is just about over- I am so happy to be one step closer to the three day weekend! I have some plans that I am seriously excited about. Writing this WIAW is a bit sad for the last time I posted a WIAW I was busy staring at Justin Timberlake’s butt in the same day. Sigh. Today was rather normal, starting with breakfast.

most important meal of the day!

Uncle Sam’s cereal with chocolate almond milk and PB. Seriously..this tasted like cocoa krispies!

desktop salad

I had to make a quick run to the grocery store before work and decided I could splurge on a Harris Teeter salad bar lunch. Grilled chicken, eggs, cottage cheese..can you tell I’m amping up the protein here?

And with lunch… some white chocolate chips. I needed my sweet fix!

curbing cravings

I’ve made 2pm my designated snack time, I’m usually starving by then. (I eat lunch at 11am..grandma status.)

chicken of the sea

Tuna mixed with Smart Beat mayo (I’m telling you- SO good) + spicy brown mustard.

Post work I hit up the gym to complete 10 minutes of HIIT on the treadmill and 20 minutes of ellipticalling to the Kardashians. Nothing too intense- just wanted to get my butt moving on some cardio since I’ve been focusing more on weights lately!

Dinner was a lazy one- whole wheat pasta with chicken sausage and jarred (DON’T TELL MY MOM) sauce with spinach. I’m a bad, bad Italian girl today. The shame.

faux italiano

Right now I’m sippin’ on some water but let’s be real here, I’m sure I’ll have a glass of wine soon. I told myself I’d cut back on my week time wine consumption but Danny brought a giant bottle home for me post work Monday…that boy. Cheers!


street freebies

31 Aug

I think I could start every post with, “one of the reasons I love New York…” so why stop now? Obviously, one of the reasons I love NY is for all the freebies. Free concerts, free hummus, and now free Odwalla bars and natural energy drinks. And of course because it didn’t let me down and float away after this weekend. 😀

Last Saturday morning, on the way to the gym there was some kind of fitness & health festival going on outside. I walked out it with a few Odwalla bars and a Women’s Health mag reusable water bottle. Score!

Nutrition Facts:

Overall – it tasted GOOD, but I think that’s because.. it’s really not that good for you. It doesn’t look like Larabars for a reason. (Okay, can I finally admit I usually don’t enjoy eating LaraBars?) I enjoyed all the chocolate chips, but I don’t think I’d rely on it for protein or as a bar before the gym. It actually reminded me of those Chewy Bars my parents would put in my lunch box, or force me to eat if I needed a snack. Like seriously, Smores..? Why did I not want to eat those back then!?! Regardless, I’m sure I would eat more Odwalla bars.


Next up, being handing a fruit energy on the way to work is not a bad way to start the day. I given the Strawberry-Banana flavor and decided to wait until I got to work to drink it.

Mistake? It kind of tasted like a warm banana. Nutrition Facts:


Overall – I would probably try another. It’s a good change up from the regular tea/coffee routine, although I’m not sure if it is as effective as coffee. The other flavors, crisp apple and pomegranate blueberry sound good, too! I know it has a lot of sugar, but I like to think its all good sugar from fruits. 😉 It’s definitely less sugar than the other energy drinks out there, too!

PS, I finally tried the cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery.

Verdit – Pretty good, but… Overrated? Too much icing? Could have baked it myself? I’m a Crumbs girl… what can I say?! 😉

alive and lifting

30 Aug

Hey friends! I’m alive! Courtney and I fared well in the storm. I know that Irene caused some rough damage to other areas along the coast but we were lucky enough to experience nothing but some wind and rain. And in my case- endless wine and brownies with Danny’s mom. We DID get home Sunday to find a large branch taking up most of our driveway- seriously how crazy does this branch look?

bend, and snap

As per request of Danny’s mom I sent our landlord a photo of the tree to keep him posted. He then emailed me back a powerpoint presentation in which he used my photos to compare and contrast hurricane Isabelle vs. Irene for work. I’m not sure whether that means the tree will be taken care of…? Interesting.

In other news, I bought myself a 9 dollar used gift, because I’m worth it.

Yeah! It just arrived at my doorstep an hour ago. I can’t wait to hunker down (am I 90?) and read this book. Expect a complete review- I’ve heard mixed reviews about The New Rules of Lifting for Women and I’m ready to form my own opinion.

Something I’m also ready to do? GO SHOPPING. I am in desperate need (as per the rules) of an outfit to wear to my cousin’s 30th birthday celebration this weekend. I’ve been so good at cutting back on my spending lately (read: not THAT good but better than normal) so I think I deserve some sort of purchase..Also, I played some gambling dice game with D$s friends on Sunday- I rocked their world and won 40 bucks without throwing any money in to play. (Some call it cheating, I call it hellooo forever 21.)

Back to work, then headed towards the gym! If anyone has any recipe ideas for dinner- point em my way. I’m feeling uninspired.

BFF friday: scared s*itless

26 Aug

Hi. We’re lame for the lack of post-age. And in unison, we’re both scared.


I live minutes (like walking minutes) from the beach in VA and Courtney lives in some dangerous zone in NYC. (I’ve only been paying attention to the local news, shame shame.) We’re gonna do our best to kick Irene’s tush (good thing I’ve been lifting heavy…)

SEE YA MONDAY, if we have power. Stay safe friends! Here’s to hoping this is some big media hype. I’m off to drink wine with Danny’s mom all weekend. xo

a WIAW freak out

24 Aug

This is going to be short and sweet, unlike I had originally planned.

…my roommate and I just realized, 7 days before we have to decide to re-sign our lease, that Tague did the wrong math (kinda humorous, at least LOL) and our rent is actually going up MUCH more than we thought. Needless to say, these little girls are having major anxiety and googling like mad women. Sidenote: Any help is HUGEEELLLYYY welcomed and I promise to give you lots treats in return. Craigslist ain’t cuttin’ it this time.

Breakfast – bagel Wednesday!

whole wheat everything

with a much needed caramel soy iced coffee

Lunch – salad beast with spinach, strawberries, goat cheese, walnuts, and balsalmic dressing.

I actually made my salad early this morning before I saw Gina’s status! woop. great minds think alike 😉

I had it with a couple of these chips I just became obsessed with. UM, one day and the bag is almost gone!?!

Snacks – way too many unpictured starbursts & jolley ranchers, double oops! I actually forgot to eat my banana an hour before the gym because of it. triple oops.

Dinner after a sweaty ab class – a semi-mexican hodge podge; peppers, onions, black beans, corn mushrooms, zucchini, squash, cheese, and TJ’s cilantro dressing.

Dessert – more freak outs and maybe some wine. 😉

i am [not] a scientist

23 Aug

I’ve never, ever liked science. Cutting open a squid in tenth grade made me barf, and senior year of high school my health teacher sent me into the hallway when she had to discuss something that would make me “woozy”. Somehow I managed to take just once science class in college about Wildlife and my partner told me he’d do all the work and research on our semester long project if I presented it alone. (He hated public speaking, and I’m not shy.)


In contrast to my science-less past- I feel like a serious scientist right now. With this whole Kick the Habit thing (QUITTING the calorie counting) and the new addition of my ever-feared strength training I feel like I’m conducting some sort of experiment on my body…and I like it. 😉

Quitting The Counting And Adding Weight Lifting: Take One

1. Abstract: Prior to July 25th, 2011 I ran. Cardio queen (okay, princess) with a knack for counting calories, yet never knowing exactly how many I needed and frequently eating more calories than I desired. Objective- to quit the counting, listen to my stomach (hungry eat, full stop) and add in strength training while keeping up with the HIIT I enjoy and cutting out the long cardio sessions that I really never liked anyway.

2. Problem: Will doing this make me gain weight?

3. Hypothesis: Original hypothesis from the start of it all? I’ll “puff up”, hate the way I feel- and revert to my old calorie counting ways.

4. Hypothesis where I cheat and write a hypothesis towards the very end of my experiment: I will love the freedom that comes with NOT counting. I’ll eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with one or two snacks and feel truly full off whole grains, low sugar, and high protein. I’ll start to love the way my stomach looks and kiss my new biceps on the regular. 😉

5. Materials: weights, treadmill (HIIT), ipod, protein, Alyssa, white wine..

moral support, photo stealing, gym partner in crime, of course

6. Procedures: Hiit, lift, make it fun. Smile and RELAX! Don’t be so SERIOUS.

7. Conclusion: TBA on September 1st. 😉

BFF: Dynamite Rules

19 Aug

Happy BFF! It’s Best Friends Friday over here! This week we’d like to enlighten you with our rules of life. We swore on the cover of Mean Girls that these are the laws we will would live by, forever and always. (Just kidding…we are not that creepy, nor do we actually follow rules or initiate girls who want to be our friends.)


1. Wine goes well with dinner. It also goes well with late night TV watching, hair braiding, and facebook stalking. Drink it if you agree. Do not be ashamed by the accidental “likes” and overzealous comments you leave on blogs and status updates. “I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THAT PROTEIN POWDER!!!!! It’s SOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD!” If you’ve found comments like this from us (mostly Jamie) anywhere in your life, be aware that we normally do not shout out our love for protein in real life. Pinot sets typing skills on fire.


2. Try hard not to spend money. Talk constantly about how your account hates you, complain about paying rent every month, and insist that you are not allowed to spend on wants- NEEDS ONLY. Then rationalize. “What is the difference between a want and a need anyway? Clothes are wants, but if if I don’t have a new dress for [insert meaningless fun event here] then I will look horrible therefore I will have a terrible time and it will be bad for my metal health.” Move clothes from want to need. Buy just one outfit. Cheap. Kiss the gods of Forever 21.

we can't even wear these. these are MENS SHIRTS. i don't remember what we were doing here.

3. On Wednesdays, we wear pink. When we realize we own nothing pink- we improvise.

is beer a carb?

4. Complain to your best friend. Best friends are there for that sole purpose, to listen to you ramble on about something absolutely ridiculous while you simultaneously ramble on about how ridiculous your rambles are. A true best friend will let you go on and on, and save your boyfriend/mom/roommate/coworkers from finding out just how nuts you actually are.

the joke is on you dmoney!

5. Change your hair, and change it often. If you have had the same part, color, cut, or style for over one month be sure to make a switch up soon. You should be completely unrecognizable to your family when you make it back to Jersey for a visit. After you change your hair- complain (to your best friend- see rule #4) about how you should have never changed your style in the first place, now it’s too short, too dark, too not-the-way-it-was-before.

6. Only fall in love with men named Danny. We’d map it out for you, but we’ve done that before.

7. Keep in contact with your best friend daily. There are about 239084 thousand means of communication these days, use them all. Text her while she tweets you. Leave her 230 comments on her facebook telling her how pretty and perfect she is. It’s kind of like getting a compliment from your mom, but it’s nice and you’ve gotta have each others backs.

i got you!

8. Be silly and have fun. Don’t take anything too seriously, don’t take yourself too seriously. Work hard, play hard. It’s all in good fun. Don’t sweat the small stuff- only sweat in the gym. Or on the beach. Or when Justin Timberlake is three feet away from you. (Okay. Last time on the JT reference. Solemnly swear.)

never too serious for bathroom pics.

9. We’re done, but aren’t rules always better in tens?

10. Follow our rules with caution. We aren’t experts on the matter, these just work for us.