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guess i got my swagger back

29 Sep

Truth is: (is anyone else facebook friends with an under 14 year old crowd..maybe you’ll get the reference..) I haven’t posted in awhile. This is mainly because for the last eleven fitness days of my life I’ve started something entirely new.

In short: I sold my soul to my gym. Some pretty sweet trainers decided to put a 100 day challenge in motion and my crazy ass decided it would be a fantastic idea to sign up. Basically, my fitness is currently in the hands of someone else, and I like it.

sore and still smilin'

A huge part of the plan revolves around the idea that it is impossible to out train a bad diet. For the past 11 days I’ve been following the Paleo diet, with the exception of two beers and a gummy bear.

Oh.. and maybe this as well:


If there’s anything better than cake, it’s cake that’ll get you drunk. ­čÖé

If you’re unfamiliar with paleo, I was excited to see that Dana wrote about it today here.

I also found this video to be incredibly helpful.

Aside from eating fist fulls of chicken, eggs, and fish.. I’ve been having a damn good time. I’m deep into the excitement of football season.


I’m incredibly proud to be #1 (and the only chick) in my fantasy team. When Danny agreed to let me on, he told me “You’ll have to keep up with it…”

Little did he realize I’d be the one obsessively checking my phone and computer all day. Little did he also realize that I’d be the biggest smack talker on the team. I think he’s afraid of me. Once again.. I kind of like it. ­čÖé

loving lately

22 Sep

A few of my current obsessions.

  • Brunch at the Smith. Free sparking water + veggies + Pumpkin beer + actual lunch options = ÔŁĄ

  • Drinks at the Trump SoHo.

  • Friends with backyards in NYC. Shh. Don’t tell the Fire Department.

  • Wine. (This one’s on the way out, we’re currently on a break. *Cue Ross shouting*)

I do have a couple things left in the questionable column, though.

  • Green Kit Kats from Japan. It tasted good (like green tea!), but it made me feel weird.

  • My new as of Tuesday brown hair. Photo coming soon. :X

i just felt like runnin’

15 Sep

AH! A new post…FINALLY. I’ve been super busy lately- in addition to working full time I picked up a part time babysitting gig. Basically I pick up a 7 year old girl from school 2-3 days a week, help her with homework, then paint nails and watch the Disney channel until bed time. Doesn’t interfere with my weekends/friday nights out? I’ll take it, sistah.

Plus- I thrive off a busy schedule. I’m about 80% happier of a girl when I don’t have time to sit around and think about things like hurricanes, war, sharks, and calories. That’s just me.

For an update I can start off by telling you that I’m currently charging two beautiful things that I feel lucky as shit to have.

1. My Garmin
2. My iPhone

Let’s start off with the Garmin. I love running, I really do. But something about running on the treadmill or running in 90+ degree heat really makes me miserable. Now that it’s FINALLY cooling off (or shall I say- it will begin to cool off in the evenings and early stays pretty warm in VB until November) I’ve signed up for a race! The Surfin’ Santa 10 miler! I’m pumped, and tomorrow marks my first “long” run on my schedule- 4 miles… ­čśë

I’m extra excited because I’m running with my cousin’s wife Emily! This is her first race, and I am pumped to run together every Friday until December 3rd.

tailgaters gone runnin'

Moving on to 2. My boss decided to buy me an iPhone! I feel like a lucky internet marketer of a girl. Hard work pays off..sometimes not in the form of a raise but in the form of a beautiful gift. I’m afraid to take it out of the box- and it’s DEFINITELY staying home this weekend. iPhones and dollar vodkas don’t mix. Alyssa knows how many blackberrys I’ve gone through in the past few months..

who, me?

Happy ALMOST Friday! XO


where in the world

13 Sep

…have we been? We know, we know. ­čśŽ Life has been kicking our booties lately. We have both been working way too hard.

if only we were co-workers...

And partying or gyming even harder.

In between all that – somehow getting in some serious resting in, too. ­čśë

this is a rest day... right?

Add in respective sicknesses, second jobs, natural disasters, apartment hunting, football season, lost phones, and things have been straight up cray cray. (<— btw, this is my new favorite phrase. I promise the phase will end soon. Maybe.)

(side note: read our rules if you’re confused on the bunny ears.)

I think we’ve all been there! Some days you get home from a long day (or your long day WAS at home if you are J) and the last thing you want to do is look at a computer. We appreciate your understanding while we gather our marbles. I think the last few might be hiding from us.. ­čśë (Read as: #1 on this Seven Things A Twentysomething Can Do article. It’s hilarious.)

In other news, I was ecstatic to finally get to enjoy Fashion’s Night Out actually in New York City this year! It was a dream come true. ­čśÇ (Even though I didn’t see a single celebrity, not even Pauly D. Sigh.)

my favorite city

free patron popsicles @ lacoste

fashion installation

I’ll take free alcohol and goodie bags every day, please. I think that might help my marble count. What do you think?!

dear weekend,

7 Sep

I miss you.

Please come back now. Soon isn’t early enough.

xoxo, Courtney

burnout (and a habit kicked)

6 Sep

Hello pumpkins! I hope y’all had a super fantastic weekend. I spent mine at the first UVA football game of the season+kept up with my usual habit of partying at the beach. Amazing, fun, and sleepless as usual.

tailgating fun

One thing I gave up from Thursday-Sunday? THE GYM. Last Thursday I hit the gym and felt completely fatigued. After 10 minutes on the elliptical I felt hot and weird (almost feverish) and left the gym. I was so bummed on my walk home about my less than stellar workout and decided I’d give myself a scheduled break.

Four days in a row, no gym, no running, just living like (…the majority of Americans?..) do- without exercise. It felt GOOD. Monday morning I HIIT ­čśë the gym for some intervals and heavy upper body weights with way more energy than I’ve had in AWHILE. I was proud of myself for really listening to my body and resting. Lately I’ve been working out M-F with weekends off from fitness but I really think four days seems to treat me better…Wednesday rest days it is..?

old rest day with courtney, captured on film.

Burnout sucks and I’d really like to prevent it. While I’m not one to compare myself to others much, I think that reading blogs has warped my idea of what an efficient exercise schedule can be. Some can hard every day- but I need more rest than that.

Something else I’ve officially given up? Counting calories.

As per conclusion to my kick the habit experiment:

I quit counting calories, and nothing awful happened (unless you count a hurricane and an earthquake..). My jeans still fit, I’m still a happy girl. I didn’t weight myself prior to quitting vs. now because I didn’t want it to be about that. I eat BETTER, more wholesome foods rather than junk to help me fill up an appropriate “number”. I (ALMOST) don’t think about food before my stomach does and I eat accordingly. (Unless you count a 2AM taco bell run..) All in -all, success feels good.

BFF: our differences

2 Sep

While we often times emphasize how similar we are, Jamie and I actually *DO* have some differences. GASP! :O That’s why we wanted to do a Best Friends Friday where we talk about some of the things that make each of us our own person. Catch up on our rules, or what BFF actually is here.

1. Jamie’s Dance Moves > Courtney’s Dance Moves.

Jamie could probably be a back-up dancer for Lil Wayne, and I on the other hand am very “white girl can’t dance.” My body sometimes feels like a Barbie when it tries to bend.. it just doesn’t move that way. Jamie tries to coach me along, but in her absence my skills are seriously┬álacking.

2. Jamie is a super romantic mushy-gushy┬áCharlotte┬átype. I am a practical, show less-feelings kind of gal. (Maybe more of a mix of Carrie and┬áSamantha┬á– without the┬áraunchiness, and definitely skipping the lesbian episodes. :))


This is a good balance to have in friendship. I can bring Jamie back to reality, and Jamie can tell me when I’m not being mushy enough. Trust me, there’s times.

all about balance

3. In the theme of #2, this stems many (sometimes wine induced) proclamations of love on Facebook.

I, on the other hand, don’t think I have ever made one of these mushy statuses. I like to keep things more serious.

(A reference to my apartment woes..)

4. The herbivore (Courtney) and the carnivore (Jamie)

Anyone who lets eating habits get in the way of friendship is silly. We both respect each other’s choices and would never try to persuade the other to the dark side, or the light side.. ­čśë Jamie actually willingly decided to try out vegetarianism a couple years ago and it just didn’t work out for her. Only we know what’s right for our bodies and as Gina says, “different strokes for different folks.”

5. I need hugging lessons. I dance like a barbie and hug like one too. Jamie will pull anyone into a giant embrace and usually has her arm around Danny at all times. I am more about personal space over here… I’m working on it. ­čśë