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loving lately

22 Sep

A few of my current obsessions.

  • Brunch at the Smith. Free sparking water + veggies + Pumpkin beer + actual lunch options = ÔŁĄ

  • Drinks at the Trump SoHo.

  • Friends with backyards in NYC. Shh. Don’t tell the Fire Department.

  • Wine. (This one’s on the way out, we’re currently on a break. *Cue Ross shouting*)

I do have a couple things left in the questionable column, though.

  • Green Kit Kats from Japan. It tasted good (like green tea!), but it made me feel weird.

  • My new as of Tuesday brown hair. Photo coming soon. :X

where in the world

13 Sep

…have we been? We know, we know. ­čśŽ Life has been kicking our booties lately. We have both been working way too hard.

if only we were co-workers...

And partying or gyming even harder.

In between all that – somehow getting in some serious resting in, too. ­čśë

this is a rest day... right?

Add in respective sicknesses, second jobs, natural disasters, apartment hunting, football season, lost phones, and things have been straight up cray cray. (<— btw, this is my new favorite phrase. I promise the phase will end soon. Maybe.)

(side note: read our rules if you’re confused on the bunny ears.)

I think we’ve all been there! Some days you get home from a long day (or your long day WAS at home if you are J) and the last thing you want to do is look at a computer. We appreciate your understanding while we gather our marbles. I think the last few might be hiding from us.. ­čśë (Read as: #1 on this Seven Things A Twentysomething Can Do article. It’s hilarious.)

In other news, I was ecstatic to finally get to enjoy Fashion’s Night Out actually in New York City this year! It was a dream come true. ­čśÇ (Even though I didn’t see a single celebrity, not even Pauly D. Sigh.)

my favorite city

free patron popsicles @ lacoste

fashion installation

I’ll take free alcohol and goodie bags every day, please. I think that might help my marble count. What do you think?!

BFF: our differences

2 Sep

While we often times emphasize how similar we are, Jamie and I actually *DO* have some differences. GASP! :O That’s why we wanted to do a Best Friends Friday where we talk about some of the things that make each of us our own person. Catch up on our rules, or what BFF actually is here.

1. Jamie’s Dance Moves > Courtney’s Dance Moves.

Jamie could probably be a back-up dancer for Lil Wayne, and I on the other hand am very “white girl can’t dance.” My body sometimes feels like a Barbie when it tries to bend.. it just doesn’t move that way. Jamie tries to coach me along, but in her absence my skills are seriously┬álacking.

2. Jamie is a super romantic mushy-gushy┬áCharlotte┬átype. I am a practical, show less-feelings kind of gal. (Maybe more of a mix of Carrie and┬áSamantha┬á– without the┬áraunchiness, and definitely skipping the lesbian episodes. :))


This is a good balance to have in friendship. I can bring Jamie back to reality, and Jamie can tell me when I’m not being mushy enough. Trust me, there’s times.

all about balance

3. In the theme of #2, this stems many (sometimes wine induced) proclamations of love on Facebook.

I, on the other hand, don’t think I have ever made one of these mushy statuses. I like to keep things more serious.

(A reference to my apartment woes..)

4. The herbivore (Courtney) and the carnivore (Jamie)

Anyone who lets eating habits get in the way of friendship is silly. We both respect each other’s choices and would never try to persuade the other to the dark side, or the light side.. ­čśë Jamie actually willingly decided to try out vegetarianism a couple years ago and it just didn’t work out for her. Only we know what’s right for our bodies and as Gina says, “different strokes for different folks.”

5. I need hugging lessons. I dance like a barbie and hug like one too. Jamie will pull anyone into a giant embrace and usually has her arm around Danny at all times. I am more about personal space over here… I’m working on it. ­čśë

life in pictures

8 Aug

Hey, all! I’m here to update you on our life as of lately while Jamie works! I figures pictures would tell the best story. ­čśë

$5 pitchers @ The Boxx

coming home to an Edible Arrangement from Danny after the gym!

Spinach pizza post gym

beach fun

birthday margs

the nachos I had to try @ Lunasea

oops – Menchie’s. Only $3!! 16 Handles, please take notes.

making our own fun in the rain

brunch @ big sam’s

post pool dinner at baja sandbridge

pretty view over the bay

matching our cups

fun at the pool

cake batter!


bed head.. and candle blowing

o captain my captain, where is your mom?

12 Jul

First of all- FIVE DAYS. The amount of time my legs have taken to recoup from a Tababat TNT class I took last Thursday. Seriously? Similar to Alyssa, my pregaming Friday night including not only some power hour but some quality foam rolling.

foam party

I can’t even remember the last time my legs have been this sore. I know it’s a GOOD thing because I’ve worked muscles that have obviously been chillin hard for months..but honestly it felt like more of a set back than anything else…probably not worth it as I would have rather felt good enough to run and probably won’t Tababat for awhile anyway. OOPS. At least I got a good class in, and I got to meet this cutie:

photo swiped off in a sneaky manner

I looked extra pretty waddling and limping all weekend. Danny kept asking “ARE YOU 24 OR 84!?” To which I would respond NEITHER..because I am actually 23. Rude.

My cousin Tarrah came in to town which I was super psyched about! Danny, his brother, and I thought it would be an awesome idea to get into his parents john boat and take it through the bay and out to Baja in Sandbridge. Baja is one of my most favorite bars EVER. It’s a big deck on the bay but also has a great outdoor space with cornhole and there is almost always a live band playing, so boat mission it was!

faithful captains

The ride over was a little nuts- it turns out when the water is so high in the bay you have to duck wildly to make it under three bridges. I pretended I was on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in Disney, but Tarrah was scared.

this is when she began to question my judgement

After 45 minutes of boating, including some Zoolander style photos:


..and one instance where we had to climb out of the boat, run across a busy highway, then jump back in with the boys at the other side.. we had reached our destination.

tarrah just happy we are alive

While I was having a blast drunkenly happily planning my future with Danny, Tarrah was already worried about the trip home.


And maybe she worried with good reason. After endless drinks and a good amount of chicken dancing as if we were at the third grade skating rink (I didn’t get it either) it was time to hop in the boat to go home. Sadly, we got about 30 minutes out into the bay when Dannys little bro told us he really had no idea where we were or where we were going.

I tried to calm Tarrah by saying that worst case scenario we turn around and go back to Baja. Danny ruined this by saying “WELLLL ACTUALLY.. that’s NOT the worst case scenario…”

We turned around..reached an entirely closed baja at 4am, and called Danny’s mom for a pick up. Really. She scooped us in that faithful mini van and hysterically laughed at Tarrah when she told her she cried on the boat.

don't let the cuteness fool you, these boys are terrible captains.

So Court, wanna go for a boat ride when you visit?

the beach equals

30 Jun

a little bit of this

spicy corn sauceeee

a little bit of that

skinny girl margs

college friend, Shannon!!

beer pong

and a lot of this. I mean….

make shift iPhone speakers

When everyone else left, my friend Lauren (since I was 5!) and I headed to Seacrets in OC, MD on Monday to lay in tubes and drink Rum Runners/Pina Coladas all day. It was a really tough life..

from last year! didn't want to soak my iPhone & camera this year! ­čśë

Hrmph. Reality stinks. But at least reality is in NYC…? ­čśë Danny & I brought our sneakers with all the intentions of running, but with sunburns and beers – it just didn’t happen. I’m not too worried though, it makes me excited to get back into the routine! (Especially since T-Minus 33 days until VA Beach to visit Jamie! :D)

for better or for worse?

7 Jun

Some things in life are better left unsaid (or in my case, unknown.) For example, the number of calories in Shake Shack. (Yes, the Shake Shack seen 37 times in Something Borrowed.) My life was a little better (or worse – you choose) before I knew how many calories and grams of fat are in this beautiful fried, cheese stuffed, mushroom burger.

Before I looked up the nutritional information, I was living in beautiful, cheesy, ignorant, bliss. I think I died a little on the inside when I saw that number. (Posted here if you’re interested.) Regardless, I no longer eat the ‘Shroom Burger like the addict I used to be. Every few months, maybe. Definitely no longer every other week. (Oops, did I really admit that? ;))

Regardless, when I got the the Mint app for my iPhone – I had no idea what I was getting into. Two weeks ago I spent my time properly categorizing all my expenses and truthfully – it scared me and I realized maybe some of these things work better with a “set it and forget” kind of mind set, but one thing that rung true was how much money I was spending on food. I committed to trying to pack a few times a week a few months ago, but two weeks ago – after my night of Mint terror – I decided to go cold turkey. (I’d say no pun intended as that’s a popular lunch meat, but alas I am still a vegetarian. ;))

Last week, I had quite a few lunches to be excited about; like this new salad kit I found at Whole Foods. (I did add some fresh strawberries to the mix.) How perfect? Much cheaper than purchasing a salad out with spinach to spare for the week.

I also stayed home all week – YEP, skipped the Happy Hour and dinner’s out. Gasp!

What did I realize?

By Thursday I killed my only friend for the week. (Had him on the stove while I was cooking brussel sprouts. Very sad. He is in a better basil place now.)

So, this week is all about the balance. I’m still completely committed to bringing my lunch all week – it’s one of the easiest ways to start saving money, but decided a cheap outdoor happy hour and after work human interaction never hurt nobody. (My roomie & I kept missing each other due to both working late!) Sometimes happiness is worth a few extra bucks, and the beauty of happy hours is that they actually do end in time to make yourself dinner if you stay true to that hour part of the compound word. ­čśë

— From Friday’s Happy Hour, spent at Little Town. Four beer tastes of local New York brews and a pint of your favorite for $12.

can you guess who won my heart for the pint?

(+++ Little Town is currently on the Scout Mob App! 50% off, hooray, even better!)

My only other solution is for someone to get me this little guy. I fell in love with him on the streets of Soho Saturday.

Now that’s a face I’d stay home for.