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BFF: our differences

2 Sep

While we often times emphasize how similar we are, Jamie and I actually *DO* have some differences. GASP! :O That’s why we wanted to do a Best Friends Friday where we talk about some of the things that make each of us our own person. Catch up on our rules, or what BFF actually is here.

1. Jamie’s Dance Moves > Courtney’s Dance Moves.

Jamie could probably be a back-up dancer for Lil Wayne, and I on the other hand am very “white girl can’t dance.” My body sometimes feels like a Barbie when it tries to bend.. it just doesn’t move that way. Jamie tries to coach me along, but in her absence my skills are seriously lacking.

2. Jamie is a super romantic mushy-gushy Charlotte type. I am a practical, show less-feelings kind of gal. (Maybe more of a mix of Carrie and Samantha – without the raunchiness, and definitely skipping the lesbian episodes. :))


This is a good balance to have in friendship. I can bring Jamie back to reality, and Jamie can tell me when I’m not being mushy enough. Trust me, there’s times.

all about balance

3. In the theme of #2, this stems many (sometimes wine induced) proclamations of love on Facebook.

I, on the other hand, don’t think I have ever made one of these mushy statuses. I like to keep things more serious.

(A reference to my apartment woes..)

4. The herbivore (Courtney) and the carnivore (Jamie)

Anyone who lets eating habits get in the way of friendship is silly. We both respect each other’s choices and would never try to persuade the other to the dark side, or the light side.. 😉 Jamie actually willingly decided to try out vegetarianism a couple years ago and it just didn’t work out for her. Only we know what’s right for our bodies and as Gina says, “different strokes for different folks.”

5. I need hugging lessons. I dance like a barbie and hug like one too. Jamie will pull anyone into a giant embrace and usually has her arm around Danny at all times. I am more about personal space over here… I’m working on it. 😉

BFF friday: scared s*itless

26 Aug

Hi. We’re lame for the lack of post-age. And in unison, we’re both scared.


I live minutes (like walking minutes) from the beach in VA and Courtney lives in some dangerous zone in NYC. (I’ve only been paying attention to the local news, shame shame.) We’re gonna do our best to kick Irene’s tush (good thing I’ve been lifting heavy…)

SEE YA MONDAY, if we have power. Stay safe friends! Here’s to hoping this is some big media hype. I’m off to drink wine with Danny’s mom all weekend. xo

BFF: Dynamite Rules

19 Aug

Happy BFF! It’s Best Friends Friday over here! This week we’d like to enlighten you with our rules of life. We swore on the cover of Mean Girls that these are the laws we will would live by, forever and always. (Just kidding…we are not that creepy, nor do we actually follow rules or initiate girls who want to be our friends.)


1. Wine goes well with dinner. It also goes well with late night TV watching, hair braiding, and facebook stalking. Drink it if you agree. Do not be ashamed by the accidental “likes” and overzealous comments you leave on blogs and status updates. “I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE THAT PROTEIN POWDER!!!!! It’s SOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD!” If you’ve found comments like this from us (mostly Jamie) anywhere in your life, be aware that we normally do not shout out our love for protein in real life. Pinot sets typing skills on fire.


2. Try hard not to spend money. Talk constantly about how your account hates you, complain about paying rent every month, and insist that you are not allowed to spend on wants- NEEDS ONLY. Then rationalize. “What is the difference between a want and a need anyway? Clothes are wants, but if if I don’t have a new dress for [insert meaningless fun event here] then I will look horrible therefore I will have a terrible time and it will be bad for my metal health.” Move clothes from want to need. Buy just one outfit. Cheap. Kiss the gods of Forever 21.

we can't even wear these. these are MENS SHIRTS. i don't remember what we were doing here.

3. On Wednesdays, we wear pink. When we realize we own nothing pink- we improvise.

is beer a carb?

4. Complain to your best friend. Best friends are there for that sole purpose, to listen to you ramble on about something absolutely ridiculous while you simultaneously ramble on about how ridiculous your rambles are. A true best friend will let you go on and on, and save your boyfriend/mom/roommate/coworkers from finding out just how nuts you actually are.

the joke is on you dmoney!

5. Change your hair, and change it often. If you have had the same part, color, cut, or style for over one month be sure to make a switch up soon. You should be completely unrecognizable to your family when you make it back to Jersey for a visit. After you change your hair- complain (to your best friend- see rule #4) about how you should have never changed your style in the first place, now it’s too short, too dark, too not-the-way-it-was-before.

6. Only fall in love with men named Danny. We’d map it out for you, but we’ve done that before.

7. Keep in contact with your best friend daily. There are about 239084 thousand means of communication these days, use them all. Text her while she tweets you. Leave her 230 comments on her facebook telling her how pretty and perfect she is. It’s kind of like getting a compliment from your mom, but it’s nice and you’ve gotta have each others backs.

i got you!

8. Be silly and have fun. Don’t take anything too seriously, don’t take yourself too seriously. Work hard, play hard. It’s all in good fun. Don’t sweat the small stuff- only sweat in the gym. Or on the beach. Or when Justin Timberlake is three feet away from you. (Okay. Last time on the JT reference. Solemnly swear.)

never too serious for bathroom pics.

9. We’re done, but aren’t rules always better in tens?

10. Follow our rules with caution. We aren’t experts on the matter, these just work for us.

BFF: how to do a waterfall braid

5 Aug

Happy Friday! Welcome to the newest edition of BFF (best friends friday!) we thought we’d put together a sweet vlog for you explaining how to do a waterfall braid. I’ve been braiding, curling, and cutting (it was one time) Court’s hair for years now so here we go! Unfortunately our first takes after dollar vodkas didn’t produce the best material:

So we took another shot at it this morning: how to do a waterfall braid.. without cheap birthday drinks running through your system.

Have a great weekend! Thanks for the kind birthday wishes. And Alyssa, sadly it did not include froyo or getting lost on boats but it definitely included some great times that are just a bit hazy.

bff: dynamite beauty essentials

29 Jul

Happy FRIDAY! For this edition of BFF: Best Friends Friday we thought it’d be a nice idea to show y’all our beauty essentials. We have honestly been using the same products together for years and will probably continue to do so until we’re eighty. This used 😦 to make restocking simple as when we’d run out of mascara and bronzer weekly monthly we could run the errands together.

dynamite duo

Most of our favorite products come from two places: Target and Sephora.

First up from Target: Our Colossal Volume Mascara! Eighty coats and you’re ready to hit the town! This stuff gives you some pretty amazing lashes without getting all clumpy- and it’s super cheap.

maybe it's maybelline

Second necessity: BRONZER. We’re from Jersey, didn’t you know? We have gone through bronzer phases (from wearing way too much to just the right amount, from expensive to cheap) but no matter which phase we’re in- it’s always included in our make-up lineup.

A word of caution: careful with the bronzer, because you could end up looking like this..

it happens to the best of us

Third on our list: Bare Minerals Matte Powder. This stuff is amazing, and it covers EVER-Y-THING.

you are worth the lofty price tag

And as if the combo of bare minerals and bronzer wasn’t enough, we both add in our most favorite blush of all time: Nars Orgasm. Such a pretty shade.


Once we get our faces glowing with all this goodness, we always brush our teeth with this toothpaste. Crest Vivid White provides THE BEST whitening.

like a ghost

gotta glow!

And to wipe off all our glow and revert to our incredibly dull selves, these face wipes are THE BEST. We have both been obsessed with them for awhile now, as we are usually too tired at night to imagine the thought of using water from the sink and combining it with soap. (The horror!)

so fresh and so clean clean

So there ya have it! These are not the only products we use, but they are the products that we obsess over together. Next week’s installment of BFF will be a special one…vlog, anyone!? 😉

bff: flashback friday

22 Jul

This week’s edition of BFF: Best Friends Friday will be a very special blast to the past!! 😉 Catch up on what BFF is in our first two posts here and here.

So we’ve said that we’re both from South Jersey, but how exactly did we meet you ask? In high school! At an 11th Grade sleepover to be exact. We went to a gigantic high school so it was likely not to know everyone in your grade. It was a destined friendship when Jamie said, “it’s flu season!” referring to germs (while whipping out some anti-bacterial) and Courtney couldn’t agree more.

first annual christmas card

We sat together at our 12th grade lunch table and began hanging out more and more through out our senior year. We always have fun and make sure to never take ourselves too seriously, which is how we’ve lasted so long as friends.

she was always a weight lifter

We didn’t always take pictures of our food, but we did always take pictures at the lunch table. That’s a start, right? (Although I wish we had some photos of those giant trays of tots the lunch ladies would leave out for us…)

….we liked to play with our food back then, too.

Our school was lucky enough to have a Senior Trip at none other than Disney World and we had a BLAST. While Jamie hates roller coasters, we still got to enjoy the little things in Disney Life, like Moose Juice, dancing, going to the pool, and eating churros.

future food bloggers of america

just working on our fitness

Before heading to separate colleges, we had a ton of fun going to prom, lots of beach trips, graduation parties, and sleep overs together making it a senior year and summer to never forget!

dc dynamites

Who knew how many years later, miles apart, we’d still be going strong and starting this adventure together! 🙂

foreshadowing cupcake dynamite

(And with better hair…too.)

Random secret Jamie edit: Looking at these pictures and stalking our past made me realize that some of the best times I’ve ever really had were with Courtney! I cannot WAIT to see my best friend in.. LESS than two weeks to take on the city of Virginia Beach. 🙂

bff: why to date a danny

15 Jul

HAPPY FRIDAY! Welcome to our second installment of BFF= Best Friends Friday! If ya’ll missed it last week, BFF is when we combine our forces and post together on the same topic! Because, like we said week.. we wanted to write this blog together.

partyin' partyin' YEAH

Maybe you haven’t noticed, maybe you have, or maybe you thought we shared a boyfriend…(we do not) us girls here at Cupcake Dynamite both date Dannys. Originally a Daniel for each, they are both known by friends and family as Danny.. or as we like to say: D or D$.

Courtney's DJ D$

jamie's fisherman D$

And they’re both perfect. GAG. Kidding, they aren’t perfect but they make us perfectly happy, for some of the following reasons. And I present:

Why To Date A Danny:

1. Dannys will bring you water in the middle of the night. Whether you’ve worked out too hard, or you’ve had one too many cocktails at night, everyone has had the experience of waking up at 3 AM with a mouth as dry as the.. Arizona desert. It doesn’t matter if your Danny is passed out completely and you have been awake staring at the wall thinking about juice boxes for the past hour, D$s will be happy to wake up, jump out of bed, grab you a glass of water (ice for me) and allow you to drink 1 sip before falling back to sleep. Even if they don’t pop out of bed and fill your glass immediately… you will always be able to convince them to do it.

"not pushing him down because he appropriately filled my glass"

2. Dannys like blogs. Or they at least pretend to. Even though they out us (Like asking how Jamie’s 3AM cheesesteak in Philly is real healthy living..) They deal with our desire to snap photos of every meal and even make plans to create their own blog to combat against us in becoming successful fitness/food/fun bloggers. These days Dannys get jealous when we snap pictures of our own meals and not theirs. “Why isn’t MY meal blogworthy??” Danny Dynamites? Cheesesteaks, bacon, and beer?

danny dynamite, professional cheesesteak blogger

danny dynamite, professional beer blogger

3. Dannys grow accustomed to healthy living. Jamie’s D$ recently ordered a VEGGIE GYRO at lunch, at Courtney’s D$ is running with her through the streets of NYC. Who are these healthy living inspired men? Not the boys we first started dating. What’s next Dannys, yoga on the beach? Would you like your UPS lunch to be packed with temph? We’ll oblige.

...but after we scarf down this mac&cheese.. of course..

4. The side kicks. Dannys have incredible sidekicks. They will take you under their wing and allow you to be their great friend as well, making for one big happy family..aka the “my boyfriend’s boyfriend” syndrome. But that’s alright. We like that our Dannys have some pretty solid BFFS (because after all, so do we.. ;)) even if sometimes we question who is actually dating our D dollar signs. Their sidekicks are super fun to hang out with and it has been so gracious of them to allow us to steal their boyfriends away.


Sometimes Danny’s BFF even lets Courtney and her friends borrow his glasses for pictures. (They’ve definitely been seen on the bloggie before…)

it's fun having someone's glasses to steal 😉