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fall favorites

12 Oct

When you move to New York people love to ask you things like, “what’s your favorite restaurant?” “what’s your favorite borough?!” and I always thought uh, are you serious people? Did ever try to just search for a restaurant in NYC and choose one? Impossible. (and If you dare choose a borough the rest will turn on you.) Until I went to a restaurant that offers you loads and loads of fresh vegetables on a platter. 😮

Enter: Westville.

Thus far my favorite meal in NYC.

Every day the market sides change based on ingredients so you are handed a photocopied handwritten paper or can check the chalk board. Today’s list for the East Westville:

Let me tell you something: If I’m not eating pesto mashed potatoes, I’m thinking about them. If I’m not thinking about pesto mashed potatoes, I’m asleep. It’s rare for a vegetarian to find an appropriate time for mashed potatoes. They are a typical side for steak and turkey, but salad with a side of mashed potatoes? Not-so-much. Now I love any excuse to get them. My plate from today:

Pesto mashed potatoes (duh), brussel sprouts, kale, and butternut squash. Trust me. It’s not easy to choose only four, but you have to. You can say “next time” to the rest and that’s how they keep you coming back. BTW, there’s a couple locations. I’ve only been to the East and West thus far. And I love the West – the East has better light for pictures. 😉 This is actually the first time I’ve been to the East and thus the first time I got a useable picture!

And in other news…

Danny and I rode bikes through all of Central Park on Sunday. 110 blocks via bike? Done and done. Now I wish I had a bike (we rented for an hour – only $7 if you reserve ahead of time and go with the place outside of CP) and lived near CP so it could be my new favorite thing to do, too.

new sky art

Also, my new hair!

Please don’t mind the jersey I’m wearing by rubbing anything in further. Don’t even mention the baseball team with “ill” in the name or I’ll have to tear up. Again. If you do want to talk about my new Tom’s I’ll be happy to tell you how comfortable they are, though!

Speaking of fall favorites… There’s a favorite J & I share from home I’ll be sharing soon! I may have had a few too many the past few days… oops.

PS, forgot to mention Westville is very generous with the wine, also. 😉


B Bar and Grill

9 Apr

Last night, Danny and I headed to B Bar and Grill for dinner. I let him choose because I’m a nice girlfriend we’re going to a vegan restaurant tonight. 🙂

I was superrrr intrigued by this $5 water, because I have a slight obsession with seltzer water after giving up diet soda a year ago.

crazy, right?!

Instead, I got a $5 beer that took a very long time to get to me. Agh! On a Friday night after a long week of work, don’t take long with my beer – please. 🙂 Danny got this chicken tortilla soup that I had to take a picture of. If only it didn’t have the chicken it would be right up my alley. Darn!

I of course, couldn’t say no to the brussel sprouts. I usually stop myself because I know I can easily make them at home and they are always way over priced, however they were calling my name last night.When I ordered them, Danny laughed. He said, “sorry I don’t know why I laugh every time you say brussel sprouts, I’ve never heard of someone liking or even talking about them so much.”

I also got a quesadilla to munch on.

here I display my lovely rained on hair

I somehow convinced Danny to finally try a brussel sprout after months of teasing me about them. He said they taste like broccoli, but “worse.” Wrong. So wrong.

Now I’m just waiting for my sister and her husband to arrive to the city because we’re heading over to one of the most popular New York vegan restaurants tonight! So exciting!!! 😀

lalala - CHEESE

stuffed sweet potatoes?

16 Mar

Last night I had this savory stuffed sweet potatoes recipe from Pure Foods on the brain. (pssst… it’s on Martha’s website ;))

However, I apparently don’t know what a sweet potato looks like. I popped it in the oven for 50 mins, let it cool, and then when I cut it open, my doubts were confirmed as I realized the cold hard truth and at that moment I knew it could not be a sweet potato. After extensive googling, I figured out it was a sweet yam. Regardless, it was still good 😉

I subbed spinach for kale, mushrooms & some pepper jack cheese for tofu, and thyme for rosemary. Oh, and chives for onions if that even counts. 🙂

After 50 looooonnnnggg minutes, I was able to take it out of the oven, cut off the top, scoop out the insides, and stuff it.


I honestly don’t know the nutritional differences between sweet potatoes and sweet yam’s. (Couldn’t find it!!) But the sweet yam was pretty darn good – just entirely different than a sweet potato. I love eating my dinner in a little pocket. 😀

ariel view

Today’s lunch was easy because its Bagel Wednesday! At work they have bagels for us every week on the lovely hump day. I hated cream cheese prior to working here so when I decided to try the chive/veggie it was a huge deal and I’ve never looked back. I’m addicted. Go big or go home on bagel day! I snagged my favorite bagel today – whole wheat everything.

nyc bagels do not disappoint

Therefore, my own personal Wednesday tradition is salad for lunch. An easy pack! I made it this morning after my run.

march greens

2 Mar

Yesterday, I started my month of March with a green juice to get me going in this month of GREEN.

my version of the shamrock shake?

(Kale, celery, green apple, cucumber, orange.)

To continue with the green-theme, for dinner I modified a recipe from Power Foods, which was Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pear and Shallots. The recipe called for shallots (as you might be able to tell from the title) and thyme. I had neither, and since I was already getting home late from work – I didn’t want to stop so I just went with what I had.

Brussels, pear, lemon juice, evoo, black pepper, and oregano sprigs

I also decided to make semi-stuffed mushrooms for some more protein… using my imagination. I combined evoo & white wine and coated the inside of the mushrooms, then just added Parmesan and seasonings – nothing too crazy, just something SIMPLE after my headache of a day ;), although I’d love to find & try a really awesome stuffed mushroom recipe sometime soon!

easy peezy

I may or may not have put the oven at 450 degrees this time in an attempt to cut down on my bake time… it was late & I was hungry despite an apple & peanut butter afternoon snack.

oven ready

Take it out of the oven, inhale in a few bites, and relaxxxxx while watching Sex & the City.

I always, always burn food, but I think I like it better that way.

Here’s to hoping the rest of March is less stressful than the first day, despite my green efforts! 🙂

happy march!