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three things thursday.. (times two)

17 Nov

Courtney’s three:

1. I inadvertently crossed off some NYC Bucket list things – one of which I didn’t even know should be ON the list.

Top of the Rock is beautiful. The absolute best views. Hands down. I highly recommend it to everyone, even if you’ve lived here for 10 years.

(Although, I am a little biased because I didn’t have to pay. My momma and Uncle came to visit on Saturday, which means I got the mom-star-treatment.)

We accidentally walked through the Central Park Zoo. And I did see a seal. Does this count?

2. I ate a delicious pumpkin cookie today that my co-worker made. She got the recipe from here (she skipped the toffee chips, still so good!) The recipe looks soo simple, so definitely something to keep in mind.

3. My sister is pregnant and it takes all of my will-power not to buy her shirts like this. I also sent her the link to Gina’s cupcake gender reveal and told her I’d bake the cupcakes. Too much…?! 😉 I might be worse than my mother…

Three things from Jamie because I wanted to play the game too:

1. When I get married, I want to wear a dress like this. Or maybe just wear this dress- you think she’ll let me borrow it? That’s not tacky, right? Danny pretends he is not amused by the “when I get married” game. It’s okay D$, I know the truth, you sappy son of a gun.

perfection... and such a beautiful wedding

2. I love lifting ridiculously heavy weights. It makes me feel really cool and tough. The callouses on my hands remind me of my old days as a competitive gymnast. Sure, I didn’t stay on the team long enough to compete because four nights a week interfered with my eighth grade social life- but the pride in having a strong tough body is still one in the same.

baby biceps

3. After a conversation with Alyssa on how I’ve felt so BLAH with my appearance over the past couple months, she suggested I get some cute side bangs. I decided to listen to her advice and go for it- adding a nice trim too.

if the bathroom is a mess it's not my fault..

Only problem is- I somehow walked out of the salon with a strange feather floating underneath my pound of hair. Let’s play a game called “how long will it take Danny to notice?”


Stay classy, kids.


what we ate wednesday

3 Aug

Hey ya’ll! guess what?! This week it’s a super awesome what WE ate Wednesday since Courtney is visiting Jamie in Virginia Beach!

Our breakfasts were eaten separately- Court’s in an airport/on the plane:

And Jamie’s at home in VA Beach:

Finally.. TOGETHER FOR LUNCH! Grilled chicken with pesto and cheese for this beach girl and a grilled veggie wrap for the city chick. We were offered sides of fries, chips, and onion rings. Since all were def unhealthy we both shouted for onion rings! They made Court feel weird. BAHA.

After attempting a beach tan for an hour and watching some Sex & The City, we were starving. Salad for Court and a Shroom Pepper & Goat Cheese wrap for Jamie. We shared sides of cucumber salad and broccoli like little old ladies.

And to prove that we aren’t actually old ladies: vodka & diet and a vodka & seltzer.

We’re currently hanging out watching the Jersey Shore flashbacks and stalking blogs… trying to make the tough decision between wine at home tonight or wild dancing at the bars. Please vote for the latter.

edit: wine it is while we wait for the rain to subside so we can dance wildly.

frozen summer treats

19 Jul

Best $2.50 I ever spent over the weekend?

Shaved ice actually shaved in front of you. I got the red plum. It was sosososo delicious. I might be a little biased because I had just spent my time walking around on top of Manhattan in the sun, but I doubt it because my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

new arm workout?

And walking in the sun was on the HighLine. Old train tracks turned into a park. Brilliant. (<– can you tell I saw HP7 last night?)

Worst $6 I spent? (…Sorry Danny. Jinx, Jaim?)

pick yo cookie, pick yo filling

I’m very sad to report, but it was on a Coolhaus ice cream sandwich. I had been following the truck on twitter for some time now and was really excited to finally be able to try it.

The cookie was way too hard for my liking; I couldn’t even bite into it without the whole thing becoming a sloppy mess and wound up throwing almost half out. (not of course before I ate any extra ice cream I could savage!) Awesome idea, but softer cookies, please. Especially for $6! 😦 Danny claims my choice of red velvet cookie and oreo ice cream was a poor choice, too. I’ll argue that one though..

Otherwise, my weekend was spent on quite a few roof tops and seeing quite a few concerts. And I won’t dare complain about either of those things.


Enjoy your Wednesdays, all! I’ve got a half day and visitor I’m looking forward to. 🙂

here i am, dun dunn

15 Jun

Oy. I’ve been seriously slackin’ on the postage lately. Here I am, back again! It feels good. I worked extra long and hard today (normal internet market job + a freelance project I picked up) + also got in a sweet workout with Alyssa (I ran three miles, ellipticalled for 15 mins, biked for 15 mins, and worked my abs) so when 8pm hit I was seriously craving a nice glass of pinot grigio.
(The first describes my feelings…the day.)

Ask and ye shall receive..Danny came home from a 12 hour UPS day with a bottle of wine. I’m telling you, these southern boys really know how to do it right. Once a cook at my old job here said to me “You know these southern boys..they care about their women more than they care about themselves. That’s why you like your man so much.”

Hmm. I made D$ (Dannys new nickname as of late) a giant omelet& got the urge to bake for our friend Taylor since he was coming over to hang. I stalked PBF for Julie’s recipe for the easiest cookies in existence- PB cookies that require only 1 egg, 1 cup sugar (I used brown), and 1cup pb. Holler! When you don’t want to dirty your mixing improvise.

do i always bake in the dark?

And of course I needed to sample the batter.

we don't do cardio for nothin'

Perfection. Tomorrow I can say “tomorrow I’ll be in Boston!” My plane takes off Friday AM…I’m so excited to see the city!

how to win girlfriend points, part 2

6 Apr

I can start this off by saying I love my best friend Courtney, and finish it off by also saying that I love my boyfriend Danny. He deserves some serious special treatment today, in the form of  fat, fluffy, snickerdoodles. I followed Jessica’s recipe because all of her treats look absolutely delicious and I KNEW this one wouldn’t disappoint.

We actually creepily stalked looked through all of her dessert recipes together, and Danny chose these. It helped that we didn’t need to make a trip to the store, or as Danny suggested “If you blog this and need to run out, I can take a picture of you walking out the door!!” Thanks, D. 🙂

Similar to my first blog posted treat for Danny..

pb banana stuffed french toast

These cookies are also cinnamon filled, sweet, and addicting..

girlfriend points, count em!

mah man

because the way to his heart, is definitely through his stomach.