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loving lately

22 Sep

A few of my current obsessions.

  • Brunch at the Smith. Free sparking water + veggies + Pumpkin beer + actual lunch options = ❤

  • Drinks at the Trump SoHo.

  • Friends with backyards in NYC. Shh. Don’t tell the Fire Department.

  • Wine. (This one’s on the way out, we’re currently on a break. *Cue Ross shouting*)

I do have a couple things left in the questionable column, though.

  • Green Kit Kats from Japan. It tasted good (like green tea!), but it made me feel weird.

  • My new as of Tuesday brown hair. Photo coming soon. :X

what we ate wednesday

3 Aug

Hey ya’ll! guess what?! This week it’s a super awesome what WE ate Wednesday since Courtney is visiting Jamie in Virginia Beach!

Our breakfasts were eaten separately- Court’s in an airport/on the plane:

And Jamie’s at home in VA Beach:

Finally.. TOGETHER FOR LUNCH! Grilled chicken with pesto and cheese for this beach girl and a grilled veggie wrap for the city chick. We were offered sides of fries, chips, and onion rings. Since all were def unhealthy we both shouted for onion rings! They made Court feel weird. BAHA.

After attempting a beach tan for an hour and watching some Sex & The City, we were starving. Salad for Court and a Shroom Pepper & Goat Cheese wrap for Jamie. We shared sides of cucumber salad and broccoli like little old ladies.

And to prove that we aren’t actually old ladies: vodka & diet and a vodka & seltzer.

We’re currently hanging out watching the Jersey Shore flashbacks and stalking blogs… trying to make the tough decision between wine at home tonight or wild dancing at the bars. Please vote for the latter.

edit: wine it is while we wait for the rain to subside so we can dance wildly.

sweet treat friday

8 Apr

We’d love to add a new blog post today…but the truth is, we’re both a bit wild. We’re sugar rushed, giddy, and too bouncy to write. Although we are best friends now living in separate states, we both chose a similar afternoon pick me up…

Crumbs mint cookie cupcake

a massive cupcake enjoyed in NYC and a size-of-your-face ice cream cone eaten in Virginia Beach..

birthday cake ice cream, rainbow sprinks!!

we’re now happy, giggly, and READY for the weekend. Because what’s healthy about not allowing yourself a good treat?

bronchitis is not rightis

23 Mar

I’m not going to complain, and I’m not going to whine. I’m just going to state one fact:

1. Coughing all night+not sleeping=  wildly delirious girl.

Last night I got home from the restaurant around 7, and Danny was home! He usually doesn’t get back from UPS duties til around 9:30. Although I was whiny, I wasn’t tired [yet] and we wanted to take advantage of the fact that we were both home early. We headed over to Swell, a local beach themed bar/restaurant. [Alyssa and I actually enjoyed a nice date at Swell not too long ago.]

Enter Danny’s meal: Chicken AND Steak Cheesesteak, topped with MAC&CHEESE. If courtney ate meat, she would’ve been in heaven. Court, when you visit.. you can order the noodles on the bun alone.. 😉


I took one bite and was seriously blown away by this sandwich. Please excuse the poor photo quality, I didn’t have my camera BUT NEEDED to document this for blogging purposes. Thanks to Taylor (my boyfriend’s boyfriend) for snapping pix with his i-phone. (Or shall I say I-PHIN. Thanks “I love you, man” for ruining the way I speak.)

I wasn’t too hungry, so I chose some edamame for a good source of protein. 😉 The beans were okay.. a little chewy actually. I was more interested in the side plate.. snazzy.

righteous brah

Chewy… but I managed to finish the entire bowl. It felt good to get out of the house- I didn’t have any fun ALL WEEKEND so I needed the adventure. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But I have been working a ton and didn’t make it out this past weekend on account of cough city. I needed the friends& goofiness in my life.

because side ponys are cool... and so is sticking to water 😉