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what sunday night dreams are made of

24 Jul


red velvet, cake batter, peanut butter


every topping under the sun

It’s true; I finally made it to 16 Handles after the gym last week, and it was everything I ever hoped and dreamed for. I went a little out of control and I’ll admit it.


half day

21 Jul

Yesterday I was lucky enough to take a mid-week half day (ghfjagjdf.. WOO!) because my mom was coming to visit.

We started off with my apartment for a veggie drop off (more from my dad’s garden.. Including Jersey tomatoes this time!! yesss) and to show her my rooftop.

We then headed to BLT bar & grill for lunch. I picked it because it was pretty close to where my mom wanted to go after and they had a mushroom pappardelle and panini on their restaurant week lunch menu.


Unfortunately, the menu didn’t match up, even though I was disappointed, I didn’t fret because the panini was still on the regular menu and there was a veggie pasta on the restaurant week menu.


I picked the restaurant week menu, because I really wanted the chopped salad with my meal. Just ONE thing to eat? How absurd.. 😉


Tons of hidden veggies!!

My main meal was the veggie pasta. 20110721-011918.jpg

It was nothin too too special, but still good nonetheless!!


mah view minus the motha


mom's view, teehee

Last up, dessert!


Basil Panna Cotta with raspberry

mmm, gotta love having dessert during the middle of the day! After walking around the Ground Zero area to see the progress, we decided to take the ferry to 34th Street. I was excited because of the awesome experience Danny and I had, not to mention the amazing pictures.

Well, there’s our one picture. There was NO top deck on this ferry! What a jip. My mom said she still enjoyed it! We had a long walk back to my mom’s bus, including some views of this guy. The later bus times were sold out, so we were a bit rushed, but still fun to walk around all day and have her here!


My legs were a little tired from all the walking, but my roommate and I did a short run and some how (might have been my influence… ;)) ended it at Red Mango. By the time we got back, my masterpiece was mostly eaten and melty, so I’ll leave you with this piece of advice.


WIAW: Lots and lots of azucar.

20 Jul

Hey y’all! Welcome to another installment of WIAW.

To be honest: Today was the day of dessert. I’m not proud of it, but I am currently under a bit of life stress and… it happens. So please enjoy my dessert filed day. And please understand what happens when you’re an emotional nut and you can’t help eating chocolate for nine meals. Ish.

8 AM: Woke up and grabbed some coffee and water. Drank it black, hardcore. This was when my first sweet kick set in: Whole wheat toast with PB & Choc Chips.

choccy chips

11 AM: SALAD. Leftover from Danny’s parents.. lots of corn& tomatoes MM. I cooked an egg to throw on top for protein. Tarrah said GROSS I said YUM.

fresh VEGGIES.

1 PM: Hungry again as per usual. I finished off a bit of mac& cheese also leftover from D$s parents house. We are moochers. This is why we are there every single day…

cheesy goodness

3PM: Rushing through some writing to try and finish up so I can hit the beach with Tarrah! Check out my new suits.. I didn’t eat them, I wore them.


And obviously post beach say 5PM- We stopped for froyo. Lots of fruit for me. I like to work it in that way.. 😉

FRO, yo!

5PM I thought a perfect pre-gym snack would be a brownie. Obviously perfect fuel.


5:30 PM- 3 miles of HIIT ( I WAS SWEATY. It wasn’t pretty.)+ 5 minutes of cool down on the bike.

8PM Til now- eating two slices of pizza (known as ‘ZA aroud these parts) while drinking some pinot. This is how I deal with stress- wine, and sugar.

Better eats to come tomorrow, right? 🙂

frozen summer treats

19 Jul

Best $2.50 I ever spent over the weekend?

Shaved ice actually shaved in front of you. I got the red plum. It was sosososo delicious. I might be a little biased because I had just spent my time walking around on top of Manhattan in the sun, but I doubt it because my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

new arm workout?

And walking in the sun was on the HighLine. Old train tracks turned into a park. Brilliant. (<– can you tell I saw HP7 last night?)

Worst $6 I spent? (…Sorry Danny. Jinx, Jaim?)

pick yo cookie, pick yo filling

I’m very sad to report, but it was on a Coolhaus ice cream sandwich. I had been following the truck on twitter for some time now and was really excited to finally be able to try it.

The cookie was way too hard for my liking; I couldn’t even bite into it without the whole thing becoming a sloppy mess and wound up throwing almost half out. (not of course before I ate any extra ice cream I could savage!) Awesome idea, but softer cookies, please. Especially for $6! 😦 Danny claims my choice of red velvet cookie and oreo ice cream was a poor choice, too. I’ll argue that one though..

Otherwise, my weekend was spent on quite a few roof tops and seeing quite a few concerts. And I won’t dare complain about either of those things.


Enjoy your Wednesdays, all! I’ve got a half day and visitor I’m looking forward to. 🙂

boston is beautiful

20 Jun

Hey ya’ll! I’m currently waiting to board my flight back to VA Beach. (I just got incredibly nervous because a man near me asked me if we were waiting to go to Atlanta…thankfully he was wrong and I am in the right place.)

First things first…Boston is BEAUTIFUL. I had such a good time with my family and I’m sad to leave this city so soon.

on the chahhhhles river

If you’re looking for good food, good bars, and just a damn good time…this is definitely a city worth visiting. On Saturday morning I was lucky enough to see the Bruins parade (along with their recently won Stanley cup- so cool)! While I am definitely a Philly sports fan and would’ve enjoyed seeing the Flyers take the cup..this was rad.

throw some glitter make it rain

My family LOVES the sports of beantown and attempted to turn me into a Boston sports fan on more than one occasion.

some boston sports guy..

Nice try, guys. It’s not going to work. Although I had an INCREDIBLE time I’m definitely ready to get back to my Danielson. And even though we walked everywhere…I feel an itch to RUN RUN RUN. It’s funny how just a few days off can really give you even more motivation to work out. Is this restless leg syndrome?

And one more treat…Boston Cream Pie cupcake for breakfast seems incredibly appropriate.

icing is proper running fuel

you know it’s hot when

8 Jun

your Red Mango turns from this…


…. to this before you and your roommate finish the walk home.


For the record, it was dark chocolate, Madagascar Vanilla, & Cheesecake… and of course, still fantastically delicious; but what isn’t when it involves frozen yogurt, fruit, chocolate chips, and sprinkles?

95 degrees today in the city and an even hotter repeat tomorrow! Bring on the heat (not the kind Jamie’s talking about) …it’s what I live for! That, and and melted fro-yo.

PS, Cross your fingers for me! I’m currently writing from the couch while someone from my building tries to fix the air conditioner in my room. Here’s to hoping I don’t sweat out my body weight and/or get woken up by seriously frightening air conditioner noises for the 37th day in a row. 😉 And to think that I actually do love this weather with all these sighs of frustration and aye yai yai’s coming from my room. These noises are also known as, “it’s not lookin good, kid.” I’m very familiar with this kind of disappointing situation as they match my dad’s handyman noises quite well.

not yo cheese

18 May

Aside from a lil harsh self-talk lately, I feel like I have been living the past two weeks as a master of life. Seriously. I mentioned that Danny and I moved in to a roomy house just three blocks from the beach (we also live with his long-time buddy Mark) and I am absolutely obsessed with this life so far.

Anyway- reasons why I’ve been mastering life lately.

1. I’ve found the best nachos on the planet. Seriously. Actual fresh grilled chicken with tons of guacamole? Oh. My. God. Does it make it healthier that I eat all the good stuff with a fork and leave only the chips for Danny? Boys like, chips..right?

not. yo. cheese. remember when i was going to avoid dairy? oh..

2. I’m mastering the art of parking illegally at the beach. On Saturday Danny, Mark and I all went out for Mexican food and I suggested we park at the local Wendy’s. Seemed brilliant and fool proof. The best part of this? Post lunch Frostys!

please avert your eyes from my hairy legs

I explained that I’d feel like a horrible person if we used their lot and didn’t purchase anything, and that I really wanted only a baby sized frosty. Danny and Mark decided they wanted baby frostys too, so the convo went like this:

Wendy’s Lady: What can I get for ya’ll?
Mark: Hi, we’d like three baby frostys, please.
Wendy’s Lady: You want three chocolate junior frostys?
Mark: No, we’d like three baby frostys please.
Wendy’s Lady: You want the junior frostys?
Mark: Are junior frostys baby frostys?
Wendy’s Lady: Yes, junior frostys are baby frostys.

SUCCESS. And because all good lists come in threes…

3. Everywhere I go lately, I’m cheesin’ HARD. I can’t help smile when all I see is beach, sunshine, and a boy who makes me ridiculously happy.

could my smile get any bigger?

VA Beach, you have my heart.