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guilty as charged

16 May

roomie & I this weekend

yep. I’m a Mexican food addict.

this weekend, salsa sampler @ Mole in Williamsburg.


only a few bites, promise. my eyes are bigger (and less healthy) than my stomach.

last week, more salsas @ Dos Caminos,


oh and you know what else? if we’re admitting things – I’m also a cupcake addict.

how cute is this box?! baked by melissa might have won me over today by offering $1 juice boxes.

juice boxes = the keys to my heart.

courtney’s flavors of the day: strawberry, red velvet, cookie dough.

hmmm – it’s a good thing I wake up and run at 6 am 😉 blame the endorphins.


the verdict

5 May

I’m sure all you fellow Something Borrowed fans are dying to know “how was it?!?!” Well, I’ll assure you there are no spoiler alerts here.

The PopSugar ticket warned us they overbook premiers and to arrive early, around 6:30. My roommate & I both left as early as we could around 6 pm due to unfortunate Wednesday crazy busy work lives. We got there a little after 6 and were content with our spot in line. With a little less than 40 people in front of us, we were positive we’d get in. Over an hour of waiting and one Vin Diesel sighting (!!!!!!!!) later, they started letting people in groups of 15. Two groups later, they were full. SAY WHAAAAAAT?!!?!?! I may or may not have been the girl who shouted “what, was it a 20 person theater?!” Only to get the response, “No, 200 person theater, but there were employee reserved seats.” I appreciated her honesty, but maybe this poor movie theater woman who had no affiliation with PopSugar should have lied because that just caused an uproar. We waited around and she wound up giving the few of us that stayed free movie passes. Way above her call of duty and very much appreciated, especially in a city of $13 movie tickets.

However, our anger did not subside and we were hungry and in need of some adult drinks. Max Brenner’s is right across from the movie theater so it seemed like a fiiine choice.

Dessert and martini’s were mandatory.

Pomegranate martini and banana chocolate “egg rolls.”

In the end, all we have is a bookmark to show for ourselves. And PopSugar isn’t to thank for that, either! They will definitely be receiving some lovely emails in their future. (I’ll save your ears ;))

Hopefully I’ll be seeing it this weekend with the rest of you because I am still literally DYING to!! (Unfortunately my roommate & I’s schedules are tight so we’ll see. 😦 ) Our poor wasted heels!

may firsts

2 May

While it is only May 2nd, May is already full of firsts. For starts, Sunday was my verrry first visit to Central Park since moving here. Seriously, I know. Who am I? November to April are very cold months, mmk? I headed to CP for a blogger meet up (also a first!) which was co-coordinated by one of my new NYC favorites, Christine! yippie!!! 😀 Check out {av} at Long Distance Loving for an awesome recap and all the lovely bloggies I met! 🙂

After wards, I decided to soak up a little more of the park and continue re-reading Something Borrowed to get ready for Friday Wednesday – my roommate & I are two lucky ladies who get to go to an early PopSugar premiere! Awesome, but only two days left to finish! I can’t even express how excited I am, s0 more on that later. !!!!!

Danny met me a little while later and we found the row boats! dun, dun, dun. I’ve been waiting ages to ride these. 😀

I think anyone will tell you the truth, the row boats usually consist of a girl taking pictures, and a guy rowing – we were no expection. 😉 Full disclosure: Danny is now complaining of blisters on his hands. Tread with caution, ladies. This boat ride comes with a price.

Monday’s first? Baked By Melissa finally opened near my work!!! Of course, I went. Of.course.

My choices: Tye Dye, Mint Chocolate Chip, and the flavor of the month, Strawberry. Just in case you’re dying to know my cupcake strategy – I need to take a bite of each, then I can decide what order to eat them. Finished with the Strawberry. Think that tells you how good it was… 😉

My least favorite May first? Sunburn. I’ve got sunburn on my knees and wrists. Yep, a lovely sunburn line of my watch. I’m so cool. New York, what have you done to me? My skin didn’t seem to know what the sun was and I can’t remember the last time I actually got sun burn, randomly like this. Note to self: don’t sit cross legged on a rock in Central Park unless you want really really beautiful knee sunburns. I feel 8.

the besttt sunday funday

18 Apr

Sunday is usually my day of rest, like Jamie, however with 65 degrees & sunny on the forecast, and a boyfriend who actually agreed to run with me for the first time…. ever – I had to make an exception.

Don’t let him fool you though, although this is the first time he ran with me, he used to have to run a few 6 minute miles every morning for lacrosse in high school so he can easily squash me. (but doesn’t know how to pace!!)

We ran all around Williamsburg, through McCarren park and then one lap around the track, down to the water front by East State River park, underneath the overpass, hopping over dogs and puddles on Metropolitan. We finished in about 45 minutes and I tried to do a mapmyrun but I’m not 100% sure where we were at times – I think we did around 5 miles. So much fun in the beautiful weather lapping tourists those walking. 🙂

After chugging some water while Danny’s roommate was clapping for us  (he was just as shocked as me at Danny running!), we desperately needed some food so we headed to Blackbird Parlour for some brunch.

I got a truffle grilled cheese because I just wasn’t feelin’ the b in brunch.

Some celebratory mimosas were also necessary. (side note – does anyone else find that post-run food takes precedence over post-run showers? if not, feel free to judge me in these pictures. ;))

After lunch, I mean brunch (since mimosas were involved…) I really wanted an ice cream cone so it was off to find Mister Softee. Dreams really do come true, people.

It was way too nice of a day to spend inside, so we headed back to McCarren Park – first we watched the dogs at the dog park (I’m obsessed with doing this until I get my own) and then relaxed on the grass to watch some good ol’ American hipster softball. I got to the urge to ask if i could join their team. I seriously miss it after last year’s fun work league. 😦 !!!

I’m in love with the fact that we can watch softball with the NYC skyline in the background. Amazing. 😀 Someone please ask me to join their team, now. Thanks 😉

sweet treat friday

8 Apr

We’d love to add a new blog post today…but the truth is, we’re both a bit wild. We’re sugar rushed, giddy, and too bouncy to write. Although we are best friends now living in separate states, we both chose a similar afternoon pick me up…

Crumbs mint cookie cupcake

a massive cupcake enjoyed in NYC and a size-of-your-face ice cream cone eaten in Virginia Beach..

birthday cake ice cream, rainbow sprinks!!

we’re now happy, giggly, and READY for the weekend. Because what’s healthy about not allowing yourself a good treat?

it takes two, baby

7 Apr

One of my favorite combinations in life is grilled cheese with tomato soup. They just belong together – like Rachel and Ross. I’m feeling out of sorts and a bit sick today so it was the perfect time to call in the dynamite duo (not to be confused with Jamie & I.)

Cosi seemed like the perfect choice. Not only are they incredibly close to me, but their multigrain bread tastes awesome and has a whopping amount of protein in it – which is something I tend to slack on at times.

Their tomato soup is amazing, as well. Not too thin and not too thick – with some chunks of tomato hiding in there! Plus, the side is only $1.99 and it’s the perfect dipping size. 🙂

That is heaven, my friends. Now if only I could find a cupcake somewhere…

Unfortunately, it’s back to work for me! So instead of eating one, I’ll be day dreaming about customizing my own Baked By Melissa cupcakes.


A new location is being built close to where I work and as I’m sure you can tell I’m already jumping up and down on the inside about it.

how to win girlfriend points, part 2

6 Apr

I can start this off by saying I love my best friend Courtney, and finish it off by also saying that I love my boyfriend Danny. He deserves some serious special treatment today, in the form of  fat, fluffy, snickerdoodles. I followed Jessica’s recipe because all of her treats look absolutely delicious and I KNEW this one wouldn’t disappoint.

We actually creepily stalked looked through all of her dessert recipes together, and Danny chose these. It helped that we didn’t need to make a trip to the store, or as Danny suggested “If you blog this and need to run out, I can take a picture of you walking out the door!!” Thanks, D. 🙂

Similar to my first blog posted treat for Danny..

pb banana stuffed french toast

These cookies are also cinnamon filled, sweet, and addicting..

girlfriend points, count em!

mah man

because the way to his heart, is definitely through his stomach.