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bff best friends friday

8 Jul

Welcome to our very first BFF Best Friends Friday! Starting today, Friday posts will feature a post we write together, a crazy memory from our friendship, or basically anything fitness foodie BFF related.. because there was a reason we started this blog journey together! Ya dig?! (Psst, we’d love it if you left us comments to let us know what you think, something you’d like to see in future Fridays, or even a story about you and YOUR BFF! :))


Moving out of Jersey to begin careers in NYC (Courtney) and VA Beach (Jamie) was one of the best decisions we’ve made. The only downfall to this? The “Moving 15″…similar to gaining weight when leaving for college. New places, new rules ( rules) and finally moving out of our respective parents’ homes for good. Here’s our life lessons learned 400 miles apart in regards to feeling a bit…”soft” 😉 after moving to a new place…and finding ways to get back on track with health and fitness.


1. A new place means new food.

Coming from the suburbs to New York City my options became literally endless. I packed my lunch for work every single day when I was living at home and when I moved to NYC, I saw myself eating lunch out everyday. Shake Shack? (Anyone see Something Borrowed?) Yes, please. I discussed this before, but the shroom burger became my new obsession. And then one day I took the plunge and looked up how many calories it has. Let’s just say, I am no longer obsessed and I’m not even close to being a calorie counter.

okay look at that, maybe I'm still a recovering obsessor

It took a couple months to realize; yes – the food here is amazing, but I won’t miss anything if I don’t eat it every day. I’ve started balancing myself out by beginning to pack at least 3 days a week, and then gradually making it to every day! However, if I do go out – I make sure I’m picking healthy options. Schnipper’s has amazing mac & cheese, but they also have an amazing salad. If I’m with a friend we make sure to share fries instead of keeping them to ourselves, too. This is why they taught us to share in pre-school, my friends.

2. It’s hard to say no to happy hour.

Prior to moving, I knew a few people living here, but in a city this huge – it’s easy to get lost in the hustle. I felt the need to say yes every single time someone asked me to go out after work. I would then proceed to eat awful happy hour food even though I had a pile of fresh vegetables at home. While it is still hard to say no to happy hour – I know that there’s always tomorrow, or next week and it doesn’t have to be an every night occurrence. I’ve also learned that it’s incredibly easy to stay out for one or two drinks, skip the mozzarella sticks, and then go home to make my usual healthy dinner without missing too much fun.

3.  Getting back into a routine.

Moving to New York was a crazy switch for me. When I first moved here, it was quite an adjustment to start walking ALL the time that I couldn’t even dream of working out. (Also, these said happy hours were getting in the way ;)) It seemed fair because I was walking everywhere after all, but it truly did nothing for me as far exercise or keeping myself at my normal healthy “Courtney weight.” It took a while, but once I felt settled in, I promised myself I’d get back to working out every morning – and that I did! I try to wake up every morning before work and get to the gym so it doesn’t interfere with any of my after work fun and exploration of this amazing new city! Also, running buddies are a fantastic way to explore New York in a whole new way, too!

My boyfriend and I have weekly (unless it’s hot and he whines) Saturday runs around Brooklyn and it’s amazing how much faster you get around to seeing the scenery! …Not to mention all the zillions of classes you can take with your friends  instead of going to happy hour. My roommate and I took a gymnastics class together one night and had an absolute blast doing that, too!


1. The Double Whammy.

For me, moving to VA Beach also meant moving in to my cousin’s home and falling disgustingly in love with his roommate…aka my now boyfriend, Danny. Oops? I’m a scandalous gal, what can I say? For the first few months this meant that the idea of leaving Danny (heaven forbid) in the morning to go workout sounded awful. I was in the phase of wanting to spend every waking moment with the boy, and lost much of my motivation to hit the gym. Danny works for UPS, therefore he basically works out for a living, so bringing him along to the gym was a no go. The solution? I signed up for my first VA Beach 5k. I’m a competitive girl, and knew I’d push myself to run more if I had a race to prepare for. I ended up PR-ing at 25:22 and earning third place in my age group.

Although we’re still in a happy committed relationship, I’ve passed through the newly dating-don’t even leave the room because we’re obsessed with each other phase, and now have no issue ditching him for a good workout. 😉

2. Treating life…like vacation.

I moved to the beach. People flock here for vacation, and during the first few months of living here I treated my life as such. Out for ice-cream even though I just ate some homemade cookies after dinner? Sure. I’m on vacation. About seven pounds later (I’m only 5’0″, it makes a difference) I needed to get strict. SURE I allow myself treats (almost daily)..and I am in NO way trying to restrict my sugar intake (you only live once) but limiting it and not letting it get in the way of also enjoy fresh, energizing foods…is key. Moderation…not vacation. 😉

beachy fit!

3. Making time for fitness.

Moving here and living on my own meant I needed to make some serious cash. I work full-time in marketing (from home……amazing) and part-time free-lance writer. I’m a busy, busy girl. I believe that there’s ALWAYS time to stay fit. If I can’t hit the gym, I “Shred” with Jillian Michaels on my lunch break. Luckily, my new gym is in walking distance and I can head over during lunch time, early in the AM, or at night if I’m not working. I don’t stress about making time, I figure out when I can workout (usually 4-5 days a week), and I DO IT. It makes me feel good, has helped me lose my “Moving 15″…or seven, or eight ;)..and keeps me happy!




1 Jul

Rabbit, rabbit, Jamie here!! It’s July! Do any of ya’ll say that? When I was little I was told if I said rabbit rabbit upon waking up (literally, it has to be the first thing you say) I’d have a lucky month! I usually forget to say it immediately and remember about an hour later, which is a no-go. (Although I said it once on January 1st a year ago and crashed my car into a pole the same day so….goes to show ya how true that really is.)

sneaky little guy

Thank you for your comments on my post about troubles with strength training! I received a really interesting comment from Er about body type, indicating that I was most likely in fact a mesomorph. According to Muscle & Strength.Com:

A mesomorph has a large bone structure, large muscles and a naturally athletic physique. Mesomorphs are the best body type for bodybuilding. They find it quite easy to gain and lose weight. They are naturally strong which is the perfect platform for building muscle.

Typical traits on a Mesomorph:

  • Athletic
  • Hard body with well defined muscles
  • Rectangular shaped body
  • Strong
  • Gains muscle easily
  • Gains fat more easily than ectomorphs

Wild. And to clarify- I love muscles. Jillian Michaels is my idol, and I wouldn’t mind looking ripped if I actually looked ripped. My strength training gives me a puffy effect because I am most likely not 100% with the food I eat. I’m all for a healthy diet, but I’m not about to go nuts and I’d prefer to keep my current balance of veggies, beer, whole grains, and cupcakes. Only live once so I’m going to do it right.

we ain't cupcake dynamite for nuthin'

That being said, I am definitely going to take your advice and incorporate some body weight training and continue to lay off the weights for a little while. Also- I am definitely interested in further checking out specific workouts/food for mesomorphs, as I totally think body type has so much to do with athletic progress.

Today I plan on kicking my ass in gear with a nice six mile run. To combat boredom, a new playlist:

july tunes

The only thing that keeps me running are tunes that would keep me dancing. And speaking of dancing, I plan to do a ridiculous amount this weekend. Everyone pumped for the fourth?!

We’re having a surprise party at our house tomorrow for our friend Taylor’s birthday! Links to any great party recipes you’ve recently posted or seen in the blog world would be of great help. 😀


21 Jun

sometimes I don’t know how living in New York can get any better, but it always surprises me. Last week I read about the new East River Ferry that goes from Manhattan to Brooklyn & Governor’s Island.

Did I mention it’s free until the end of the month?

Oh, and that there was free iced coffee…?

Need I say more?

always in workout gear for perfect photo ops

After our ferry excursion on Saturday, Danny & I did a quick 1-2 mile run in the lovely 85 degree heat (seriously, I love it.) We worked up quite the appetite and headed to Dumont to enjoy the back garden and beautiful weather.

Mac and Cheese was totally devoured.

Side note: our waitress sucked. That is all.

After wards, in the theme of free concerts, we found another! Crest Fest – we caught the last band and $3 beers.

Sunday was all about sweet, sweet relaxing. Danny and I used the whole wheat pizza dough I got from Fresh Direct and made ourselves some personal pizzas!

danny's, mine

We were attempting to recreate the technique of one of our favorites of Ocean City, NJ – Mac & Manco’s.

oops, definitely a deep dish! 😉

The rest of the day was spent in the park for some good ol’ ladder ball, lacrosse catches, and laughing at hipsters trying to play kickball. It’s all I need in life.

Speaking of sweet? I started my week off by meeting Susan for $4 margaritas & dinner at Blockheads followed by a cupcake at Crumbs for her birthday (Happy birthday again, Susan!!! Thanks for spending your first day of 27 with me! :D)

So of course tonight, I had a [sweet] date with some cardio.

don't think those calories are accurate

+ 15 mins (3.5 miles) on the bike. (and yes, I took that screen shot WHILE on the bike. I get bored.) Threw in a ton of my best friends, the squat, as well. Bring it, Bagel Wednesday. 😉

here i am, dun dunn

15 Jun

Oy. I’ve been seriously slackin’ on the postage lately. Here I am, back again! It feels good. I worked extra long and hard today (normal internet market job + a freelance project I picked up) + also got in a sweet workout with Alyssa (I ran three miles, ellipticalled for 15 mins, biked for 15 mins, and worked my abs) so when 8pm hit I was seriously craving a nice glass of pinot grigio.
(The first describes my feelings…the day.)

Ask and ye shall receive..Danny came home from a 12 hour UPS day with a bottle of wine. I’m telling you, these southern boys really know how to do it right. Once a cook at my old job here said to me “You know these southern boys..they care about their women more than they care about themselves. That’s why you like your man so much.”

Hmm. I made D$ (Dannys new nickname as of late) a giant omelet& got the urge to bake for our friend Taylor since he was coming over to hang. I stalked PBF for Julie’s recipe for the easiest cookies in existence- PB cookies that require only 1 egg, 1 cup sugar (I used brown), and 1cup pb. Holler! When you don’t want to dirty your mixing improvise.

do i always bake in the dark?

And of course I needed to sample the batter.

we don't do cardio for nothin'

Perfection. Tomorrow I can say “tomorrow I’ll be in Boston!” My plane takes off Friday AM…I’m so excited to see the city!

run girl, run

23 May

Apparently May is National Running Month, and since it’s quickly coming to an end (CRAZY!!!), I bring you… my running essentials! After a blog meet up in Central Park a few weeks ago, I have been excited to try out Polyvore for myself (especially since I’m always obsessed with Christine’s adorable creations!!) So here goes nothin’! 😉

running essentials

(Click to see the items!) [1] This headband actually does not slip off my head. Enough said. [2] NikePlus for my iPhone! I wasn’t ready to invest in a Garmin, but I can still track my run and progress. Love. [3] Two hidden front pockets and a back zip pocket make these itty bitty shorts key (har, har) for New York City. I overheat like crazy when I run, so the shorter the better. [4] My go-to tank for running! Again, pockets in the back that fit my iPod/iPhone. [5] I keep it simple with a basic water bottle. And when I’m feeling too lazy to fill er up – SmartWater is awesome. [6] Just got my new Nike Plus sneaks! They’re purple, so not bad so far. 😉 [7] A few bites of one of these gets me going in the morning!

One thing that’s missing? An arm band for my iPhone. I have been in the market for an arm band that fits an iPhone along with its case. I have only come across the one’s where you need to take your phone out of the case every time, and I am far too lazy for that. Any suggestions?! 😀 This is border line absolutely necessary right now, so I can get outside in the parks and thennnn… a race in my future?!

Yes, please.

who ya gonna call!? stress busters..

20 Apr

I’ve been stressed. I have an odd assortment of things going on in my life right now, and I’m trying to make serious decisions/calm my nerves.

The first issue I have involves working from home. Lately I’ve been a wild’s solution was to sit at Starbucks like a creep (with one cup of iced coffee) for about five hours. I got serious work done, and couldn’t help smiling in my pineapple tee. 😉

is it summer yet?

Yet another issue involves some weird allergic reactions/issues I’ve been having. My boss (a neurologist, lucky me for the free medical advice!) swears and swears that I am in fact allergic to milk. I’ve continued to consume cheese stick after stick because I am a complete ADDICT but have finally made the decision to listen to him and cut out the dairy for at least a week.

chocolate almond milk, anyone!?

A quick trip to Trader Joe’s for some non-dairy products, and I even nabbed this:


Verdict? THIS STUFF IS INCREDIBLE. I only bought two bottles of the Zico Mango Coconut Water…but I wish I stocked up like it was goin’ out of business. DANG. Please don’t look too closely at my legs- Danny told me they are hairier than his.

Today’s workout included a painful (..this stomach of mine) 4 mile run and some shredding with Jillian Michaels.

And the ultimate and final most important stress buster?!?


mah best friend!

AH. We’ll both be in Jersey for Easter… 😀 and I’m the giddiest girl about it. Courtney is my true home girl, she listens to me whine on a constant and that deserves a medal in itself.

I also convinced my little bro to sign up for a local 5k with me Saturday morning. 😀 So excited to run with that 14 year old speed demon.

Two more sleeps ’til Jersey! Better get my outfits ready:

danny and jamie, or paulie and snook?!

And finally, to prove JUST how much Danny looked like Paulie D last Halloween:


running reflections

7 Apr

I have issues. Issues unlike the time Danny came into my room with no idea what hat to wear and forced me to decide…but issues that are REALLY just as ridiculous.


Tonight I set out on a run with my favorite VB/Jersey girl Alyssa. My legs were tired, and the run was tough..but I REALLY enjoyed it. Long runs are 10x better when you’re chatting away and forget that you’ve been trucking along for over an hour.

The final results for me: an 8.25 mile run. Here’s where the issues come in to play. Post run I felt disappointed in myself that I didn’t run ten. Eight seemed nothing at all, not good enough…not noteworthy. Just..eight.

I’m seriously jaded. I get so caught up in pressuring myself to go further, faster, and harder. Sometimes I need to get up into a crow pose and think about the fact that an eight mile run..or even a MILE run is something to be proud of. I’m moving, and I’m feelin’ good.

oddly relaxed

I thought hard about the first time I set out for a run when I knew it was something I wanted to get serious about. My first training run for my first EVER 5k in March of 2010. My brother came along: we ran about a mile and a half and I came home feeling like a CHAMP.

my bro & me

Remembering how difficult that 1.5 mile run was… and how genuinely proud of myself post workout is enough to remind myself that an 8.25 mile run.. IS noteworthy. The amount my endurance has improved (as well as my overall happiness) in one year.. 😀 GREAT. Sometimes ya gotta let yourself bask in the glory, rather than kicking yourself in the tush.