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run like a girl

8 Mar

To run outside…or hit the gym. The ultimate workout question of my day. As I mentioned, I recently signed up for the TowneBank 8k: It’s next Saturday! Poundin’ out five miles with some girls from work.

I’ve been spending extra time on my yoga skills lately, and less on my cardio. I know I need to amp it up this week to be in prime running shape come next weekend, but it it was COLD today.

what's a girl to do?!

I put on my big girl pants (forever 21 workout gear, actually) and hit the streets. Rather than trying to do an easy 6 or 7 mile run, I allowed myself to move as QUICKLY as I could for 3.5.


The best part about tonight’s run? NO LEG PAIN! I am usually a snail during my first mile: it takes minutes before my legs ever seem to warm up. Tonight was a whole new ball game. I was feeling like a rockstar, and my legs felt warmed up and ready to go from my first step out the door.

Yoga, anyone? Is all this stretching paying off!?

In other news, Court is seeing Bright Eyes tonight, and I am SUPER jealous& hoping she is having the BEST time!


Almost as exciting as eating frozen blackberries and hanging with my UPS man..;)



cold turkey

2 Mar

My name is Jamie, and I am addicted to diet soda.

the innocence..


I eat well. I eat whole grains and veggies, fresh fruit and lean meats. I consider my body a temple and I treat it as such. So WHY, am I guzzling Aspartame? My relationship with diet soda is becoming unhealthy. I’m at three-four (sometimes FIVE) cans a day, and I can’t kick the habit.

It’s not only the possible health dangers associate with high amounts of Aspartame that scare me- it’s the fact that I have actually become addicted to this stuff. I quit once (Courtney remembers this, as I stood in Target “dizzy and shaking with Aspartame withdrawal”- yes, I am that dramatic and yes, Courtney and I are really this obsessed with Target..) but upon moving to VA Beach, I relapsed.

So here goes nothing. I’m quitting the chemicals again, cold turkey I tell ya. I’m posting it here because if I announce it to the world, I HAVE to stick to it. Right? Right. Here goes nothing! It’s a new month (I’m a day late) so what better time to kick a bad habit? 🙂

rollin’ on a river

23 Feb

Yesterday I was leaving the house as Danny was getting back from work.

“Where ya heading?”

“Target. I need to get a foam roller.”

He looked at me like I had nine heads, but he knows better than to ask questions and just rolls 😉 with my weirdness. After a quick trip, (I knew just where the roller was…and this time on clearance! Yeah!) I returned with my prized possession in hand!

Jane Fonda and Tone it UP have partnered to create some workout supplies and DVDs available at Target. Although I may have been able to snag a roller cheaper at a running store (I’m honestly not sure how much they go for) I knew this one could be purchased quickly. (Plus, a roller is a roller.. I think?)

Lately I’ve been writing about the great amount of soreness in my calves as a result of running a 14k. I LOVE running, and I’d hate to have my “career” 😉 end so soon because I’m not properly stretching or taking care of my muscles. On top of the addition of yoga to my workouts, I’ve decided that a foam roller may be a great way to relieve my muscle pain.

Because it’s absolutely normal to test out your foam roller in the hallway, wearing jeans and boots. It was at this point I was called ridiculous. In the nicest, most caring way possible.

rock and roll

S0 far I have been working on this list of exercises. I’ll obviously be paying much additional attention to these calves of mine. Stress release, alright!