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puppies and pasta

28 Jul

Hey y’all! Thanks so much for your comments on my post about quitting the calorie counting : my goal that I have already put into motion! It’s going to be HARD. This is my third day without counting and although I feel okay, I now find myself thinking in rigid terms like: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. Although I start to eat each when I feel hungry, it still seems like some sort of “plan”, but I guess it’s a START. (And at least I’m free of the counting!)

Last night Danny, my brother (who is in town visiting) and I went to visit my cousin Scott and his wife Joanne. Danny and I lived with Scott and Joanne for about eight months before moving into our current home (okay, so Danny lived with them and I totally moved in and crashed the place) so it was REALLY exciting to go and see them + their PUPS!

I think I have posted about Cruiser before- he is the first second love of my life, a giant French Mastiff.

the only boy who looks better with wrinkles

Last night he was PUMPED to see Danny, and probably even more excited to see me, his favorite former roommate. (I gave WAY too many treats…sorry Joanne.)

higher than jordan!

And I got to see their pup Mickey, who is equally as cute yet for some reason he makes me so nervous that it looks as if I have to pee. Whoops!

one day we'll be friends

P.S. Did you notice my first week early birthday present from Danny?

bling bling sistah

Anyway- since my bro is here I wanted to prove to him that I actually do cook (only so he can run home and tell my mom that I’m almost HALF as good as her, which is really a compliment still..) I decided to dabble with some shrimp and make Christina’s recipe: The Christina Orzo Shrimp and Feta Bake. The only change I made?

try this, now!

Out with the orzo and in with the Orecchiette, because it sounds way more like MY last name instead.

fresh veggies and white wine sauce

I also added a ridiculous amount of extra pasta and feta cheese: got some boys to feed here!


I’m about to pop it in the oven in another ten minutes so it’s done as soon as D$ gets home- serious girlfriend points, gotta butter him up before my birthday! If this is not one of the best recipes I’ve tried out in awhile, I will be shocked. It already smells SO GOOD.

Oh P.S. Follow me and Courtie on twitter! 😀

lucky duck

6 Feb

One great thing about living in a big beach city: SEAFOOD. My boyfriend, his boyfriend best friend, and I made ourselves cozy in a giant booth at The Lucky Oyster last night.

we're really excited to be here.

The Lucky Oyster is a place we’ve camped out on MANY football Sundays. Cheap wings, cheap drinks, & sweet potato fries. What could be better? Last night I had tuna on the brain.. in taco form! Everything is better inside a tortilla.

check out those taters!

I was NOT disappointed, then again I rarely am. After a long business meeting yesterday I was pumped to get some food and hang with my three boys.

teamwork on three


he loves me, really

Time to work brunch! One item we serve: peanut butter and banana french toast.

Once work is done: time for super bowl fun! I don’t care who wins, and my brain gets hazy when I try to remember who is even playing. I’m a Philadelphia sports fan. Once my team is done, so am I.

fitting in fitness

4 Feb

I can honestly say that I ENJOY working out. I have a serious passion for fitness and love feeling so strong and alive. I grew up playing sports: field hockey, lacrosse, gymnastics, cheerleading, track.. Currently I work out 3-6 days a week, and have been doing so (CONSISTENTLY for the longest period of time EVER) since March 2010. I’m super pumped about this, since prior to that I was a girl who’d work out for three months, then break for two.. then hit the gym for another month, quit…and so on.

A downside to fitness: it takes up TIME. I recently started a part-time side job as a waitress at an amazing seafood restaurant. I love it, but working 55 hours a week and finding time to workout (as well as time to enjoy my life and time to sit and do NOTHING) is ROUGH.

SOLUTION #1: Six am workouts. I’m doing it. I can’t do it everyday. If I stay up late watching the Jersey Shore and drinking bud light lime on a Thursday night, waking up to workout at six am on Friday sucks. So I don’t do it.

In comes SOLUTION #2:

shred it, baby!

If you had any hint that I just was referring to my night last night, you’ll know that today I have a date with Jillian at noon. This isn’t my only at home option, but the one I’m in the mood for today. I’ve been using the Level 2 Workout for months now, usually once every other week or so.

I’ve had the DVD for six months, and haven’t even PLAYED level three on the TV. I’m terrified of how difficult it must be. I can’t even look. I imagine Jillian spraying her workout girls with water if they are too slow, and having them jump through hoops of fire.

Something else that snuck in to my day:

cheesy goodness

Danny’s mom dropped these off yesterday. I can’t stop looking at them. They are TASTY. It’s only 11am and I’ve already made a sandwich using a stick as the cheese, then had one on the side as well. Seven grams of protein, too!


I’m a bad food sharer, even with humans. What is on my plate is mine and I want to eat it all. I know. I’m working on it.

Although I wish my Friday night would be spent like this:

best friends in nyc

It will be spent serving endless amounts of bread+artichoke& asiago cheese dip. Hopefully I can convince the cooks to whip me up something delicious. 😀

rabbit rabbit

1 Feb

Happy February ya’ll! February is one of the best months- short and sweet.. meaning that much closer to summer! I am a summer girl for sure- hence why I am living in beach vacation land. This morning I woke up and saw THIS:

yes, that is a reminder to myself that in the year 2010 (march-december) i ran roughly 371 miles!

Seventy-one degrees tomorrow! Bring on the rain, I just want to run in that warmth! It has been super chilly, so all my running and fitness has been done indoors. This morning I popped up (okay, hit the snooze twice and slowly rolled) out of bed at 6am and headed to the gym. I went in with the initial plan to run six miles on the treadmill, but my body took me elsewhere.

I completed 2 miles in 16-17 minutes, then hopped on the elliptical for twenty-five. After an ab workout and planks (GAH) I called it a day.

it's like i've never snapped a photo

The best part of the day: a special lunch date at PMS Deli. Since my mom recently told my boyfriend how incredibly bossy I am, I let him pick the spot. PMS is amazing.. and exactly what you think. They serve sandwiches with titles that include the words “hot flashes” and “yes dear”. At first I was unsure how I felt about this, but Danny told me it was run by a woman (this could be completely false) so I told myself it was pretty sweet.

I ordered the “no meat for me”, which was similar to a greek salad inside a wrap.

feta, veggies, balsamic

I had a few fries but gave them up to Danny, because I knew what treat I REALLY wanted. Pink champagne cupcake, split with my man. Only a real guy would eat half of this chic cake..

cheers to you, courtney!

I always feel the need to “stop somewhere” on the way home from everywhere. I think this is so I can sneak additional shopping into my day without anyone really even noticing. 😀 So target it was, for toilet paper..and candy. The necessities.

i will not always pose with crusier. i will not always pose with cruiser.


Time to get back to work!