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one year

8 Nov

Yesterday marks a very special anniversary of mine – one year and one day ago, I made the move to New York City to live with a [then] stranger and start an entirely new career. Woah.

uh, yeah, I live here.

I actually moved in the day of the NYC Marathon last year, so it meant a lot to me to watch it this year. Although a spectator’s version of the NYCM is not quite as exciting as say, someone who was running it, I have to say – the energy in New York on the day of the race was electric. The energy in NYC always feels electric, but on Sunday it was a positive happy electricity. Everyone was rooting for one another and no one was giving dirty looks because someone stole the other person’s spot on the subway.

We usually keep to ourselves in the city, unless it’s to call someone out on stepping on your shoe or bumping into you with an umbrella, but on race day there was no holding back for shouting stranger’s names and cheering them on.

I’m sad to say I didn’t get to see anyone I knew! I’m easily distracted and nearly blind but was super disappointed not to at least see Susan zooming by! Congrats to all, though!

In terms of my one year relationship with New York, I decided to start a bucket list. Not that I plan on leaving any time soon; but it’s really hard not to get caught up with your every day problems and forget how amazing it is to be in your 20’s and living in the greatest city in the world. Whenever a bad day gets me down, I just look up and remind myself “Wow; I’m living a life in a city some people only get to dream about and watch on their tv’s. I am so lucky.” Of course in the movies, the work day is a montage and not nearly as long so reiterating the I am so lucky in your head is really important. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to lie or fake it – I’m totally not some chipper girl all the time: sometimes the subway makes me feel like I’m going to vomit, and/or I get so angry my ears get hot, but the least you can do appreciate the city you live in on occasion before the novelty wears off. 😉

Central Park 🙂

So here’s my little baby! It’s a growing list so I’d love suggestions and of course new friends to check off items along the way. 🙂

Side note: I like to add some things I’ve already done even though of course it’s missing a big chunk. I had a life crisis after watching The Buried Life on MTV, but then I made a mental list of all the cool things I’ve done in life and I felt a lot better because while there was a ton of interesting things I haven’t done, there’s a heck of a lot I have that I was totally missing.

…. like eating at PB&co with Jamie. (Sure you don’t want to visit again, J? ;)) Along with the Highline, fireworks on a rooftop, the boats in Central Park, & Eataly just to name a few.

xoxo, courtney


a family 5k

25 Apr

Jersey was perfect..I wish I could have stayed longer! Danny and I actually left our costumes at home in VA Beach, and I opted for a more traditional outfit…one including my new Nike Tempo shorts so i could race in a local 5k with my brother!

The race wasn’t my best. I originally set out to beat my PR of 25:23…but one mile in my stomach was in some SERIOUS pain. I thought I could hold out my 7:50ishh pace but the only way it would’ve happened was if I was running straight towards a porta potty… I finished the race in 25:33 but was SUPER excited for my brother! It was his first ever race and he finished in 24:13. (With no training what-so-ever…damn kids.)


Despite my failed attempt at a PR, I managed to snag third place in my age group for females, and my bro placed third in his as well. 😀

It was so fun to run with my brother, even if he was about a minute ahead the whole time. 😉 The race was to benefit research for SIDS, and after explaining the saddness to my brother he said..”Oh, I thought we were running for STDS.”

Post race my mom made us wraps filled with smoked turkey, cucumber, and cream cheese. (Yes..I’m having a hard time quitting dairy, hence my pain. I’m ridiculous.)

with pretzels&pinapple!

Post 5k we took this little girl for a walk..


then headed out to Haddonfield..where I was lucky enough to score a running related gift from my parents! More on that soon. 😀

Edit: My official results!

                         age|#in              p. 2
 o'all                   grp|age   age  sex|#fin
 place age s  TIME  pace plc|grp  group plc|by sex
  53    23 F 25:36  8:13   3/26   F2029  10/113  F

who ya gonna call!? stress busters..

20 Apr

I’ve been stressed. I have an odd assortment of things going on in my life right now, and I’m trying to make serious decisions/calm my nerves.

The first issue I have involves working from home. Lately I’ve been a wild’s solution was to sit at Starbucks like a creep (with one cup of iced coffee) for about five hours. I got serious work done, and couldn’t help smiling in my pineapple tee. 😉

is it summer yet?

Yet another issue involves some weird allergic reactions/issues I’ve been having. My boss (a neurologist, lucky me for the free medical advice!) swears and swears that I am in fact allergic to milk. I’ve continued to consume cheese stick after stick because I am a complete ADDICT but have finally made the decision to listen to him and cut out the dairy for at least a week.

chocolate almond milk, anyone!?

A quick trip to Trader Joe’s for some non-dairy products, and I even nabbed this:


Verdict? THIS STUFF IS INCREDIBLE. I only bought two bottles of the Zico Mango Coconut Water…but I wish I stocked up like it was goin’ out of business. DANG. Please don’t look too closely at my legs- Danny told me they are hairier than his.

Today’s workout included a painful (..this stomach of mine) 4 mile run and some shredding with Jillian Michaels.

And the ultimate and final most important stress buster?!?


mah best friend!

AH. We’ll both be in Jersey for Easter… 😀 and I’m the giddiest girl about it. Courtney is my true home girl, she listens to me whine on a constant and that deserves a medal in itself.

I also convinced my little bro to sign up for a local 5k with me Saturday morning. 😀 So excited to run with that 14 year old speed demon.

Two more sleeps ’til Jersey! Better get my outfits ready:

danny and jamie, or paulie and snook?!

And finally, to prove JUST how much Danny looked like Paulie D last Halloween:


sweat, baby, sweat!

24 Mar

I felt PRETTY pleased with myself yesterday for two reasons.

1. I got TONS of work done on the job front. Lots of writing, designing, html business.. maybe this is because Court was out of the office and we weren’t virtual work buddies through AIM? 😉

2. I had a ROCKIN’ workout. In case you’ve been ignoring my whines (I would too) I WAS sick for about two weeks. I’m almost done my meds and yesterday was my first day back at a REAL workout. (I’ve been yoga-meltdowning and going on measly runs in the meantime.) Last night at the gym I completed 40 minutes of cardio on the elliptical (fairly light, as to not upset my lungs!) followed by a total body weights session.

The BEST part of the workout? I put my ABS to the test. I dug into my gymnastics roots an completed three sets of 20 V-Ups in addition to my routine of planks, crunches, and weighted sit-ups.

flex, baby, FLEX!

I work out to be strong, healthy, and proud.. but I work my abs because I will be living five blocks from the beach starting in May. 😉 Oh..and to have a good core so I can speed through races like this:

check out all those men! eat my dust 😉

confused and puzzled.. but the beach looks nice!

Happy Thursday! One more sleep til the weekend. 😀

sham’rocked it!

21 Mar

After just a bit of debating.. okay, a TON of back and forth and the wild psycho-ness of being way too hard on myself over a five mile race… I decided to run the Shamrock Townebank 8k on Saturday!

Part of my decision to run was created by a late night text Friday from my friend Lexi telling me to set my alarm because she’d be at my house at 6:45 am to scoop me for the race. YESSSSSS. As soon as I committed, I knew there was no turning back!!

Although I really wasn’t feeling my best.. ( I continued to hack up my lungs the entire car ride over) ..the large crowd and the race location (Atlantic Ave. & the boardwalk) had me PUMPED.

lil map from my garmin 😉

The first two miles in were GREAT. Not too much congestion- just some tired legs that haven’t moved enough in the past two weeks, but nothing to hinder my running!

After mile two, the race course had us turning from Atlantic Ave. up on to the boardwalk, and against the wind. I seriously felt as if I was running in slow motion, and suddenly I began to feel all the congestion in my chest. It was TIGHT. I imagined it was the same feeling that people with asthma get, and my breathing felt rattled. Not fun.

It was at mile three that I just wanted the race to be OVER. Maybe I pushed myself too hard after being sick- I probably should have just jogged in the back or walked with the walkers and had more fun, but I wanted the thrill of racing…I am extremely competitive when I run, but only with MYSELF. This time, however, my body wasn’t up for the test. I tried too hard when I wasn’t feelin’ it, and definitely made the race less enjoyable than it could have been.

Meh. I’m still learning. I’m still figuring out this whole racing business, and hopefully I’ll be good ‘n healthy at my next race and this will be a non issue. 😀

Either way, I didn’t do too bad! I have some stats from my garmin: mile 6 with a pace of 4:53 makes me giggle because I definitely pressed start in the car ride home by mistake…

(You can really see where I was strugglin’ during mile 3&4.. that wind was ROUGH.)

And my final Townebank 8k Results: 42:49. I came in 23rd in my division (women 20-24) out of  304 chickadeeees. I am super proud of my time, yet semi-disappointed in myself for not running a tad slower in my congested state. I think I could have been a much happier runner during the race, and instead I wanted to be a fast runner, whether that made me miserable or not.

Like I said, it’s a learning experience! Back to work, rainy Mondays make me happy that I work from home.

P.S. Would you believe me if I said that not only have I not taken even one SIP of diet soda since my decision to quit, but I haven’t even THOUGHT of the stuff? Danny has been teasing me about how long the cases of Diet Coke last, now that I’ve kicked my habit..

ants in my pants

16 Mar

I’ve got ants in my pants. I’m going to scream.


I’ve just become even more discouraged/cranky/restless legged upon reading an passage from this article:

“If your symptoms are below the neck, such as coughing, body aches, fever, and fatigue, then it’s time to hang up the running shoes until these symptoms subside.”

I know there are more important things going on in the world. I hate being a whiny girl…but my body is USED to running now, and I honestly feel that my running hiatus (only ONE MILE since last Thursday) is making me feel WORSE.

And on a side note, this cranky hacker cougher:

guilty as charged

Has somehow magically turned into TWO cranky coughers:

sporting an evil look..he didn't even see it coming

Oops? I am REALLY hoping this does not affect my 8k Saturday. I am also hoping my mom reads this, drives down to VA from NJ, makes me chicken noodle soup, and gives me lots of presents and new clothes.

A girl can dream.

What about you, do you take time off when you’re sick? Even if you have a race coming up? I’m hoping these rest days magically transform me into a woman of supersonic speed Saturday, but in reality I am BUMMED.

the common cold blues

15 Mar

The best thing about this past weekend for me? I had a VISITOR! My semi-cousin (I have a strange family tree) and GREAT friend Tarrah came down from NJ to spend Friday-Monday in Virginia Beach.

st pattys matching 😉

Three wild nights with tons of great eats, great friends, and bud light limes..

brunchin' it up on the bay

take me back to friday please

Although the weekend was INCREDIBLE, I was looking forward to Monday to get back into my routine of healthy eats and running. We ate lunch on the boardwalk Saturday and I drooled over all the runners that were out in the sun- jealous! (It seems as if whenever I am not running and see another runner doing his or her thang it’s all I can think about!)

Anyway, I was ready for Monday: until the dreaded happened. I woke up coughing, hacking, runny-nosed and sore-throated. UGH. All I could seem to complete yesterday was a one mile warm-up run outside followed by Jillian Michaels’ Yoga Meltdown. That was rough yesterday, and today I feel WORSE.

I’m going to take it easy and down Emergen-C like it’s my JOB. (Take it easy while still working 65 hours this week, but who’s counting…)

I am mega-bummed and hope this clears up before my 8k this weekend!