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street freebies

31 Aug

I think I could start every post with, “one of the reasons I love New York…” so why stop now? Obviously, one of the reasons I love NY is for all the freebies. Free concerts, free hummus, and now free Odwalla bars and natural energy drinks. And of course because it didn’t let me down and float away after this weekend. 😀

Last Saturday morning, on the way to the gym there was some kind of fitness & health festival going on outside. I walked out it with a few Odwalla bars and a Women’s Health mag reusable water bottle. Score!

Nutrition Facts:

Overall – it tasted GOOD, but I think that’s because.. it’s really not that good for you. It doesn’t look like Larabars for a reason. (Okay, can I finally admit I usually don’t enjoy eating LaraBars?) I enjoyed all the chocolate chips, but I don’t think I’d rely on it for protein or as a bar before the gym. It actually reminded me of those Chewy Bars my parents would put in my lunch box, or force me to eat if I needed a snack. Like seriously, Smores..? Why did I not want to eat those back then!?! Regardless, I’m sure I would eat more Odwalla bars.


Next up, being handing a fruit energy on the way to work is not a bad way to start the day. I given the Strawberry-Banana flavor and decided to wait until I got to work to drink it.

Mistake? It kind of tasted like a warm banana. Nutrition Facts:


Overall – I would probably try another. It’s a good change up from the regular tea/coffee routine, although I’m not sure if it is as effective as coffee. The other flavors, crisp apple and pomegranate blueberry sound good, too! I know it has a lot of sugar, but I like to think its all good sugar from fruits. 😉 It’s definitely less sugar than the other energy drinks out there, too!

PS, I finally tried the cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery.

Verdit – Pretty good, but… Overrated? Too much icing? Could have baked it myself? I’m a Crumbs girl… what can I say?! 😉