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one year

8 Nov

Yesterday marks a very special anniversary of mine – one year and one day ago, I made the move to New York City to live with a [then] stranger and start an entirely new career. Woah.

uh, yeah, I live here.

I actually moved in the day of the NYC Marathon last year, so it meant a lot to me to watch it this year. Although a spectator’s version of the NYCM is not quite as exciting as say, someone who was running it, I have to say – the energy in New York on the day of the race was electric. The energy in NYC always feels electric, but on Sunday it was a positive happy electricity. Everyone was rooting for one another and no one was giving dirty looks because someone stole the other person’s spot on the subway.

We usually keep to ourselves in the city, unless it’s to call someone out on stepping on your shoe or bumping into you with an umbrella, but on race day there was no holding back for shouting stranger’s names and cheering them on.

I’m sad to say I didn’t get to see anyone I knew! I’m easily distracted and nearly blind but was super disappointed not to at least see Susan zooming by! Congrats to all, though!

In terms of my one year relationship with New York, I decided to start a bucket list. Not that I plan on leaving any time soon; but it’s really hard not to get caught up with your every day problems and forget how amazing it is to be in your 20’s and living in the greatest city in the world. Whenever a bad day gets me down, I just look up and remind myself “Wow; I’m living a life in a city some people only get to dream about and watch on their tv’s. I am so lucky.” Of course in the movies, the work day is a montage and not nearly as long so reiterating the I am so lucky in your head is really important. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to lie or fake it – I’m totally not some chipper girl all the time: sometimes the subway makes me feel like I’m going to vomit, and/or I get so angry my ears get hot, but the least you can do appreciate the city you live in on occasion before the novelty wears off. 😉

Central Park 🙂

So here’s my little baby! It’s a growing list so I’d love suggestions and of course new friends to check off items along the way. 🙂

Side note: I like to add some things I’ve already done even though of course it’s missing a big chunk. I had a life crisis after watching The Buried Life on MTV, but then I made a mental list of all the cool things I’ve done in life and I felt a lot better because while there was a ton of interesting things I haven’t done, there’s a heck of a lot I have that I was totally missing.

…. like eating at PB&co with Jamie. (Sure you don’t want to visit again, J? ;)) Along with the Highline, fireworks on a rooftop, the boats in Central Park, & Eataly just to name a few.

xoxo, courtney


i just felt like runnin’

15 Sep

AH! A new post…FINALLY. I’ve been super busy lately- in addition to working full time I picked up a part time babysitting gig. Basically I pick up a 7 year old girl from school 2-3 days a week, help her with homework, then paint nails and watch the Disney channel until bed time. Doesn’t interfere with my weekends/friday nights out? I’ll take it, sistah.

Plus- I thrive off a busy schedule. I’m about 80% happier of a girl when I don’t have time to sit around and think about things like hurricanes, war, sharks, and calories. That’s just me.

For an update I can start off by telling you that I’m currently charging two beautiful things that I feel lucky as shit to have.

1. My Garmin
2. My iPhone

Let’s start off with the Garmin. I love running, I really do. But something about running on the treadmill or running in 90+ degree heat really makes me miserable. Now that it’s FINALLY cooling off (or shall I say- it will begin to cool off in the evenings and early stays pretty warm in VB until November) I’ve signed up for a race! The Surfin’ Santa 10 miler! I’m pumped, and tomorrow marks my first “long” run on my schedule- 4 miles… 😉

I’m extra excited because I’m running with my cousin’s wife Emily! This is her first race, and I am pumped to run together every Friday until December 3rd.

tailgaters gone runnin'

Moving on to 2. My boss decided to buy me an iPhone! I feel like a lucky internet marketer of a girl. Hard work pays off..sometimes not in the form of a raise but in the form of a beautiful gift. I’m afraid to take it out of the box- and it’s DEFINITELY staying home this weekend. iPhones and dollar vodkas don’t mix. Alyssa knows how many blackberrys I’ve gone through in the past few months..

who, me?

Happy ALMOST Friday! XO


hip hop and ya don’t stop

1 Aug

Happy Monday- and August! It actually is an incredibly happy Monday over here. I’m racing around like a nut- writing, editing, and cleaning (aka washing nine pounds of smelly UPS clothing I’ve found hidden in random spots around our room, thanks D$)..because Court will get here on WEDNESDAY! AH. 😀

I am also still riding a wave of excitement from the best concert of my LIFE. On Saturday night I took my little bro to his first concert ever.


I honestly feel bad for him. I have been t0 many concerts and shows, and THIS one was my favorite. How the heck can his first concert ever also be the best one I’ve ever been to? Nothing will compare and he will face a lifetime of musical disappointment.

So.. who’d we see? My new boyfriend.

thas right

Maybe Lil Wayne doesn’t leave bad smelling socks under the bed, and dirty UPS shorts in his drawers…P.S. boy is JACKED.

I didn’t stop moving the entire time. As I’ve mentioned before, I really enjoy dancing wildly in public. Once again, my poor little brother.

After the concert I couldn’t handle listening to anything but Lil Wayne, so I created a new rap infused play list that pumped me through a run yesterday:


It worked amazingly well. If you haven’t downloaded “Power” by Kanye for your workouts you are missing out! Rap and hip-hop is my favorite type of music to workout to, because I just pretend I’m dancing while I’m running and lunging. I also put on this play list pretty loud while following along with this video using some 5 lb dumb bells at home:

Highly recommended for a quick, effective arm workout.

P.S. Today is the first official day of Kick the Habit! If you’re participating feel free to read about my goal to quit counting calories. I am actually PUMPED and ready to knock it off. 🙂

half day

21 Jul

Yesterday I was lucky enough to take a mid-week half day (ghfjagjdf.. WOO!) because my mom was coming to visit.

We started off with my apartment for a veggie drop off (more from my dad’s garden.. Including Jersey tomatoes this time!! yesss) and to show her my rooftop.

We then headed to BLT bar & grill for lunch. I picked it because it was pretty close to where my mom wanted to go after and they had a mushroom pappardelle and panini on their restaurant week lunch menu.


Unfortunately, the menu didn’t match up, even though I was disappointed, I didn’t fret because the panini was still on the regular menu and there was a veggie pasta on the restaurant week menu.


I picked the restaurant week menu, because I really wanted the chopped salad with my meal. Just ONE thing to eat? How absurd.. 😉


Tons of hidden veggies!!

My main meal was the veggie pasta. 20110721-011918.jpg

It was nothin too too special, but still good nonetheless!!


mah view minus the motha


mom's view, teehee

Last up, dessert!


Basil Panna Cotta with raspberry

mmm, gotta love having dessert during the middle of the day! After walking around the Ground Zero area to see the progress, we decided to take the ferry to 34th Street. I was excited because of the awesome experience Danny and I had, not to mention the amazing pictures.

Well, there’s our one picture. There was NO top deck on this ferry! What a jip. My mom said she still enjoyed it! We had a long walk back to my mom’s bus, including some views of this guy. The later bus times were sold out, so we were a bit rushed, but still fun to walk around all day and have her here!


My legs were a little tired from all the walking, but my roommate and I did a short run and some how (might have been my influence… ;)) ended it at Red Mango. By the time we got back, my masterpiece was mostly eaten and melty, so I’ll leave you with this piece of advice.


shrimpy special

19 Jul

Hey y’all! This past weekend was a rough one for me. I left Arizona midnight Friday (after spending a good time at the airport bar making friends with old men) and got back to sweet Virginia at 10AM Saturday then went to a wedding Saturday night. Basically I was STRUGGLING hard to keep my eyes open.

just let me take a nap on your shoulder?

Danny and I slept at his parents house Saturday night (we keep DOING that..) and didn’t rest much Sunday (not including the fact that we slept in until 2pm) basically I was almost READY to get back into workout and work mode when Monday finally came around.

I did an easy 3 miles of HIIT on the treadmill yesterday and it felt GOOD, but I really couldn’t focus on work. Luckily- someone saved the day!

THIS girl came back to see me!

Apparently I didn’t scare her enough on her last visit, so Tarrah came back for a week of fun! She’ll be hanging til Friday and even though I have to work I am super pumped to have her here. The boys were too, so we all decided to go to LunaSea last night for some food.

I got a pound of shrimp because they were listed on the back of the menu as the Monday night special (yeah, I’m cheap) for 10.99. The waitress brought the tab out and they were listed on the check at 14.99! (Poor Danny.) We told her that they were listed as the special and she simply said- “Oh, those menus are old.”

say WHAT?

Oomph. I definitely thought we should have argued for the price- it wasn’t OUR fault the menus were old! I guess neither me or Danny were in the mood to haggle for 4 dollars- so the only fight we put up was when we were walking out and D$ shouted “Get those menus changed, GIRL!”

I totally regret not saying much about it. STUPID! Would you have fought for the price? I think usually I would have- I know it wasn’t the waitress’ fault but I should have asked to speak to a manager. I guess the four of us were busy having a good time and we didn’t feel like hanging around. Still. LAME.

jet-lagged and potato-filled. done.

14 Jul

First thing first: I. Am. Exhausted. I woke up yesterday at 4am (was that really yesterday?) and had D$ the most incredible boyfriend ever drive me to the airport. (Thank you D$, if you read my blog you would know that I am fully gracious of the fact that you drove me to the airport at 4:30 AM before you worked 10 hours as a highly paid UPS slave.)

eternally greatful, and d wonering what he got himself in to

After one flight to Atlanta, a three hour layover, a four hour flight to Phoenix, and getting fully acquainted with this book:

thanks google

I finally landed here.

beauty. hot, hot beauty.

I had to fly in to Phoenix for some marketing training, and although it is incredibly beautiful (and definitely in its own right) it is HOT. Like.. seriously. “Dry heat” is a myth. A sick myth that says just because it is 105 degrees, the air is dry and it isn’t as hot. WRONG. I laid by the pool for all of 5 minutes yesterday..each time I jumped in I got out and was immediately dry. Plus my lips got chapped after 8 seconds of being outside. EW.

you're welcome for the sweaty photo

I tried to run at the gym last night but this time change is killing me. I managed only a 2 mile walk/run (it was HOT in there) and 20 mins on the elliptical at the pace of an 80 year old woman.

pretending to be happy about fitness in an oven

Luckily this room service salad saved the day: Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing, you can make your way into VA now, thanks!

if i said "winning" i'd say it right now

After forcing myself to stay up until it was 8pm Arizona time and 11pm on my internal clock, I passed out for 10 hours. Beauty. Training today was informational, and I felt pretty good about myself since I was placed into the advanced group after taking a test about the program. (Hey, I’ll take the ego boost!)

Until lunch time came around. I wish I snapped a photo, and more so I wish someone snapped a photo of my face when I saw the catered table. Upon first though I shouted to myself “YESSSSSS. BIG OL HOAGIES.” (Aka subs) BUT NO. What I thought was subs was a pile of baked potatoes the size of my face.

Baked potatoes. And a bar of toppings.

what da f**k

No protein.. I made an odd salad mix and had a potato bite before deciding that Arizona is all too weird for me. After lunch the jet lag hit and it all went down hill from there, as I facebook chatted with Danny and creepy men tried to get me to go out with them in Phoenix tonight. (Sure, I’m a little girl traveling here alone, let me just go out on the town with six large men.)

BASICALLY. I’m over it. I want my big comfy bed, a bottle glass of pinot (grigio, that is), and my danster. I can’t even work out tonight because I am too damn tired. Annnnd I’m out. xo If I make it til 8pm it will be a miracle, somebody buy me dinner.

what i…..wednesday.

6 Jul

So last night while Mark and Danny were watching extremely boring television (sorry Mark you know I like you) I decided today would be the day I would finally partake in WIAW.

I figured I’d give you more of a what the heck I ate, ran, and wore sort of Wednesday.. so here we go! A day in the life of me.

7:50 am- Pop up from a wild dream that I couldn’t find Danny anywhere. Notice that Danny is next to me and not a missing soul. Count my blessings and consider not allowing him to leave for work today.

8:00 am- D$s alarm goes off, I get up and make us coffee. Mine stays with me (the work from home-er) and Danny’s goes into my hot pink “Jersey Girls Don’t Pump Gas” travel mug. UPS man with style. Snack #1 Coffee with some chocolate almond milk and a glass of water.

i spy courtney, and a baby jamie& danny

9:00am Already said my goodbyes to Danny, checked work emails and read blogs made a work to-do list. Worky work work, all while eating a breakfast comprised of a cup of cereal, some chocolate almond milk, & some pb.

chocolatey pb goodness

10:30 AM- Break from work and hit the GYM! I decided on some HIIT and completed three miles in just under 26 minutes. I ran on the treadmill at a speed of 6.5 for three minutes, then bumped to 7.5 for two minutes and repeated until I hit three miles like a sweaty mess of a home girl! After some abs, I headed back home to work.

lookin' like a pro

A headless one, that is.

12:00PM STARRRRVING. After working on real work + writing freelance articles and chatting with Court on AIM (yeah, I use AIM) It was time for some lunch! Spaghetti squash with a ton of Harris Teeter veggie tomato sauce and lots of garlic.

sauce covered squash

2:00 STILL hungry..of course. I pretty much have zero foods right now and didn’t include like any protein at lunch.. I snacked on two 100 calorie packs of poppppycawn.

seasoned with old bay

Then at 3PM finished off my jar of PB by pouring in some more chocolate almond milk and cereal. Once I get on a kick- I stay there.

obviously this pb is crazy

6PM- Hunger strikes again. Finally finished today’s writing and editing, showered & ready to hit up the grocery store for the most amazing salad bar ever created.


In an attempt to keep my hair shiny (okay..I’m lazy in the summer and at the beach you can get away with wild hair) I’ve been semi-forgoing the hairdryer. So sexy that I went out with this giant wet spot on my shirt.. and I thought everyone was staring at me for my pretty smile!

lettuce less salad beaster

And to reward myself for such a tame work day.. a couple treats!

shape & pinot, an oxymoron?

And… for 6:30PM til it’s not Wednesday anymore? Chilling with a glass of wine, Shape magazine, & my Dan the man. Possibly seeing what Alyssa is doing but I am pretty beat! I try to keep my week days tame because I usually let my Thursdays-Sundays get pretty wild. It’s all about a balance, friends. Hope ya’ll had a rad day!