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11 Aug

While I’d love to rewind to $2 Create your own Mojito Monday with my BFF

and eating lunch across from this face

or, our family dinners

lil j made me dinner after my plane drama πŸ™‚

jamie's roommate and boyfran

along with one of the many photo shoots..

oh… and of course the beach.

…it was still lovely to finally come home to a few of my favorite things about New York City.. like random free things on the street and hilarious Starbucks trips.

free hummus, free pita chips (!!!)

everything I could ever need seconds away at Duane Reade


and what I’ve been looking forward to all day:

it's been a long few days on the couch


life in pictures

8 Aug

Hey, all! I’m here to update you on our life as of lately while Jamie works! I figures pictures would tell the best story. πŸ˜‰

$5 pitchers @ The Boxx

coming home to an Edible Arrangement from Danny after the gym!

Spinach pizza post gym

beach fun

birthday margs

the nachos I had to try @ Lunasea

oops – Menchie’s. Only $3!! 16 Handles, please take notes.

making our own fun in the rain

brunch @ big sam’s

post pool dinner at baja sandbridge

pretty view over the bay

matching our cups

fun at the pool

cake batter!


bed head.. and candle blowing

jet-lagged and potato-filled. done.

14 Jul

First thing first: I. Am. Exhausted. I woke up yesterday at 4am (was that really yesterday?) and had D$ the most incredible boyfriend ever drive me to the airport. (Thank you D$, if you read my blog you would know that I am fully gracious of the fact that you drove me to the airport at 4:30 AM before you worked 10 hours as a highly paid UPS slave.)

eternally greatful, and d wonering what he got himself in to

After one flight to Atlanta, a three hour layover, a four hour flight to Phoenix, and getting fully acquainted with this book:

thanks google

I finally landed here.

beauty. hot, hot beauty.

I had to fly in to Phoenix for some marketing training, and although it is incredibly beautiful (and definitely in its own right) it is HOT. Like.. seriously. “Dry heat” is a myth. A sick myth that says just because it is 105 degrees, the air is dry and it isn’t as hot. WRONG. I laid by the pool for all of 5 minutes yesterday..each time I jumped in I got out and was immediately dry. Plus my lips got chapped after 8 seconds of being outside. EW.

you're welcome for the sweaty photo

I tried to run at the gym last night but this time change is killing me. I managed only a 2 mile walk/run (it was HOT in there) and 20 mins on the elliptical at the pace of an 80 year old woman.

pretending to be happy about fitness in an oven

Luckily this room service salad saved the day: Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing, you can make your way into VA now, thanks!

if i said "winning" i'd say it right now

After forcing myself to stay up until it was 8pm Arizona time and 11pm on my internal clock, I passed out for 10 hours. Beauty. Training today was informational, and I felt pretty good about myself since I was placed into the advanced group after taking a test about the program. (Hey, I’ll take the ego boost!)

Until lunch time came around. I wish I snapped a photo, and more so I wish someone snapped a photo of my face when I saw the catered table. Upon first though I shouted to myself “YESSSSSS. BIG OL HOAGIES.” (Aka subs) BUT NO. What I thought was subs was a pile of baked potatoes the size of my face.

Baked potatoes. And a bar of toppings.

what da f**k

No protein.. I made an odd salad mix and had a potato bite before deciding that Arizona is all too weird for me. After lunch the jet lag hit and it all went down hill from there, as I facebook chatted with Danny and creepy men tried to get me to go out with them in Phoenix tonight. (Sure, I’m a little girl traveling here alone, let me just go out on the town with six large men.)

BASICALLY. I’m over it. I want my big comfy bed, a bottle glass of pinot (grigio, that is), and my danster. I can’t even work out tonight because I am too damn tired. Annnnd I’m out. xo If I make it til 8pm it will be a miracle, somebody buy me dinner.

the beach equals

30 Jun

a little bit of this

spicy corn sauceeee

a little bit of that

skinny girl margs

college friend, Shannon!!

beer pong

and a lot of this. I mean….

make shift iPhone speakers

When everyone else left, my friend Lauren (since I was 5!) and I headed to Seacrets in OC, MD on Monday to lay in tubes and drink Rum Runners/Pina Coladas all day. It was a really tough life..

from last year! didn't want to soak my iPhone & camera this year! πŸ˜‰

Hrmph. Reality stinks. But at least reality is in NYC…? πŸ˜‰ Danny & I brought our sneakers with all the intentions of running, but with sunburns and beers – it just didn’t happen. I’m not too worried though, it makes me excited to get back into the routine! (Especially since T-Minus 33 days until VA Beach to visit Jamie! :D)

travel, travel

23 Mar

Sorry for the lack of blogginess – I had to head to White Plains for a client meeting this morning and yesterday I wasn’t feeling up to par so I went to bed super duper early. (Jamie didn’t think I was alive.) Train trips mean packing snacks, though! πŸ˜‰ I was told once a client only ordered corn beef sandwiches so needless to say – I wanted to be extra safe…

Home packings: fruit, veggies, larabar (cinnamon roll might be my favorite thus far!!), and a few caramel delites πŸ˜‰ (or samoas as some of you call them.)

Grand Central this morning was bustling.

I also picked up a few more goodies from Hudson News.

ex disney star has some rockin ab's

After all my worrying they wound up having a selection of mini sandwiches/wraps including a cheese/veggie whole wheat wrap. (!!!! a totally Courtney sandwich) Thank goodness, I always feel so awkward in these kind of situations because I hate to draw attention to my personal eating choices.

I’m back home now and so very sleepy – I’m totally ready to curl up with a big bowl of veggie whole wheat pasta and some television while it SNOWS in NYC (you heard me!!!)

Some other weekday fun..

Currently OBSESSED with my new Lululemon headband. Seriously the best headband, ever! Grippies and doesn’t move. LOVE.

I attempted to make a homemade sorbet. TJ’s frozen berries + a little bit of fresh sqeezed oj + my baby food processor

= your makeshift sorbet with alottttt of seeds.