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fall favorites

12 Oct

When you move to New York people love to ask you things like, “what’s your favorite restaurant?” “what’s your favorite borough?!” and I always thought uh, are you serious people? Did ever try to just search for a restaurant in NYC and choose one? Impossible. (and If you dare choose a borough the rest will turn on you.) Until I went to a restaurant that offers you loads and loads of fresh vegetables on a platter. 😮

Enter: Westville.

Thus far my favorite meal in NYC.

Every day the market sides change based on ingredients so you are handed a photocopied handwritten paper or can check the chalk board. Today’s list for the East Westville:

Let me tell you something: If I’m not eating pesto mashed potatoes, I’m thinking about them. If I’m not thinking about pesto mashed potatoes, I’m asleep. It’s rare for a vegetarian to find an appropriate time for mashed potatoes. They are a typical side for steak and turkey, but salad with a side of mashed potatoes? Not-so-much. Now I love any excuse to get them. My plate from today:

Pesto mashed potatoes (duh), brussel sprouts, kale, and butternut squash. Trust me. It’s not easy to choose only four, but you have to. You can say “next time” to the rest and that’s how they keep you coming back. BTW, there’s a couple locations. I’ve only been to the East and West thus far. And I love the West – the East has better light for pictures. 😉 This is actually the first time I’ve been to the East and thus the first time I got a useable picture!

And in other news…

Danny and I rode bikes through all of Central Park on Sunday. 110 blocks via bike? Done and done. Now I wish I had a bike (we rented for an hour – only $7 if you reserve ahead of time and go with the place outside of CP) and lived near CP so it could be my new favorite thing to do, too.

new sky art

Also, my new hair!

Please don’t mind the jersey I’m wearing by rubbing anything in further. Don’t even mention the baseball team with “ill” in the name or I’ll have to tear up. Again. If you do want to talk about my new Tom’s I’ll be happy to tell you how comfortable they are, though!

Speaking of fall favorites… There’s a favorite J & I share from home I’ll be sharing soon! I may have had a few too many the past few days… oops.

PS, forgot to mention Westville is very generous with the wine, also. 😉


a WIAW freak out

24 Aug

This is going to be short and sweet, unlike I had originally planned.

…my roommate and I just realized, 7 days before we have to decide to re-sign our lease, that Tague did the wrong math (kinda humorous, at least LOL) and our rent is actually going up MUCH more than we thought. Needless to say, these little girls are having major anxiety and googling like mad women. Sidenote: Any help is HUGEEELLLYYY welcomed and I promise to give you lots treats in return. Craigslist ain’t cuttin’ it this time.

Breakfast – bagel Wednesday!

whole wheat everything

with a much needed caramel soy iced coffee

Lunch – salad beast with spinach, strawberries, goat cheese, walnuts, and balsalmic dressing.

I actually made my salad early this morning before I saw Gina’s status! woop. great minds think alike 😉

I had it with a couple of these chips I just became obsessed with. UM, one day and the bag is almost gone!?!

Snacks – way too many unpictured starbursts & jolley ranchers, double oops! I actually forgot to eat my banana an hour before the gym because of it. triple oops.

Dinner after a sweaty ab class – a semi-mexican hodge podge; peppers, onions, black beans, corn mushrooms, zucchini, squash, cheese, and TJ’s cilantro dressing.

Dessert – more freak outs and maybe some wine. 😉

the meatball shop

1 Aug

YES, you read that right and this is Courtney here… THE MEATBALL SHOP! While I am a vegetarian, it’s not very often you’ll see me posting tofu recipes, or eating any fake meat. Tofu isn’t always my cup of tea, and while I’m not completely opposed, I just don’t enjoy all that processing that goes into the fake meat they sell in the grocery store to make it taste like meat. I gave up meat for a reason, not to eat psuedo-versions all day! (I never really liked any meat to begin with, so while it might be great for other people – it’s just not for me.) That being said, I do absolutely love veggie wings and a veggie chicken cheese steak from two of my favorite places in Philadelphia. Can you tell chicken was the only meat I actually liked…

I’ve heard legends of The Meatball Shop in the Lower East Side, and when I heard another opened near Danny, I knew it was only a matter of time. I just didn’t think I’d be involved… 😉

When we walked by and I saw Danny’s face, I figured I’d give it a go and try something new. The waitress came over and explained the menu and I was shocked at how awesome their daily risotto, market salad, and market vegetables sounded, but intrigued by the meatballs.

I was brave! You actually mark your choice on the menu with an erasable marker. Fun for a lover of checking things off her to-do lists…

I figured it was go big or go home… That’s why I got a “Fool-Aid,” the adult version of a childhood classic to help me through it 😉

tasted exactly like purple, and that's it.

What is a meatball sandwich supposed to taste like? I’m not quite sure.

It sure looked like one… I asked Danny 100 times if he was sure his was meat.

Ahhh, I did it!

eee nervous face

Verdict: It was good! I survived. And was full the entire day and I swear the beginning of the next. I think next time I would try the meatballs naked, and you can get a side underneath. For example, rigatoni, mashed potatoes, market veggies, spinach, etc. Check out the menu – possibilities are endless! PS, The side salad was AWESOME. I can’t help it, I just love my vegetables.

Sidenote.. I got a new iPhone app. Jamie, get ready for a ton of this comin atchya shortly!

what I ate on Wednesday

27 Jul

Gotta love Wednesday, because the week is half way over you get to read about what the beautiful people of the blog world eat thanks to, Jenn! And yep, still going strong with what I actually ate ON Wednesday.

Wednesday is Bagel Wednesday for me (free bagels in the office!), so needless to say, like pretty much every Wednesday for the past 9 months, my day started with a whole wheat bagel. (…yep, that’s a lot of carbs.)

The bagel had some flax seeds, what I believe are sunflower seeds, and another unknown seed.

Please help! 😉 I’ve already come up short with no resolution from someone..

please is optional

I also started my morning with some apple juice because I saw a child with a juice box on the way to the subway and it looked delicious. Yep, I take drink recommendations from children.

so.. I didn’t pack my lunch. :O I got a salad from Just Salad in a reusable bowl (extra toppings, AND green… but can someone wash it for me? :()

I couldn’t even tell you why I picked what I did, it’s what I hate about creating my own.

Strawberries, blueberries, dried cranberries, radish, cucumber, low-fat aged white cheddar, and almonds with raspberry vinaigrette.

Meh. Why do I choose these things? I can't be trusted on my own..

Two little bears were calling my name when I got back from lunch..

And then the 3pm antsy oops.

Late afternoon snack to fuel me through a sweaty after-work gym sesh:

For dinner, I looked to this lovely book I got many Christmas’s ago from my sister.

I decided on the Mushroom & Goat Cheese Calzone recipe since I still have some whole wheat dough left in the freezer and nothing else was calling out me. (One for dinner, one for lunch tomorrow.)

Portobellos, button mushroom, red onions, garlic, and pepper that were sauteed in olive oil.

Add some herb goat cheese and thyme on top.

Ta-da! This is where I thought.. “Oh god, can I do this?”

I cannnn!!

But I’ll confirm that when I let you know how they turn out.. 🙂

PS, just think… next Wednesday may very well be what WE ate! 😉

half day

21 Jul

Yesterday I was lucky enough to take a mid-week half day (ghfjagjdf.. WOO!) because my mom was coming to visit.

We started off with my apartment for a veggie drop off (more from my dad’s garden.. Including Jersey tomatoes this time!! yesss) and to show her my rooftop.

We then headed to BLT bar & grill for lunch. I picked it because it was pretty close to where my mom wanted to go after and they had a mushroom pappardelle and panini on their restaurant week lunch menu.


Unfortunately, the menu didn’t match up, even though I was disappointed, I didn’t fret because the panini was still on the regular menu and there was a veggie pasta on the restaurant week menu.


I picked the restaurant week menu, because I really wanted the chopped salad with my meal. Just ONE thing to eat? How absurd.. 😉


Tons of hidden veggies!!

My main meal was the veggie pasta. 20110721-011918.jpg

It was nothin too too special, but still good nonetheless!!


mah view minus the motha


mom's view, teehee

Last up, dessert!


Basil Panna Cotta with raspberry

mmm, gotta love having dessert during the middle of the day! After walking around the Ground Zero area to see the progress, we decided to take the ferry to 34th Street. I was excited because of the awesome experience Danny and I had, not to mention the amazing pictures.

Well, there’s our one picture. There was NO top deck on this ferry! What a jip. My mom said she still enjoyed it! We had a long walk back to my mom’s bus, including some views of this guy. The later bus times were sold out, so we were a bit rushed, but still fun to walk around all day and have her here!


My legs were a little tired from all the walking, but my roommate and I did a short run and some how (might have been my influence… ;)) ended it at Red Mango. By the time we got back, my masterpiece was mostly eaten and melty, so I’ll leave you with this piece of advice.


what court ate wednesday

13 Jul

I’ll start this out by saying Jamie and I have had multiple conversions today pondering how people get their WIAW in so early. With our two brains together (mostly Jamie’s), I think we finally realized it’s not called WIAOW for a reason. Regardless.. here is what I ate ON Wednesday. 🙂

Of course
today also happens to be Bagel Wednesday, so I started my day off with a whole wheat everything bagel and scallion cream cheese.

I also get crafty in the morning and make my own unsweetened iced tea for a little kick of caffeine.


I’m never very hungry for lunch on Bagel Wednesday (I wonder why… could have something to do with my excessive amounts of cream cheese?!) so I usually pack something light. Today, it was wax beans, zucchini, summer squash, broccoli, cauliflower, and green peppers tossed with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and lots of ground pepper. Eaten outside on the roof for some extra Vitamin D 😀


Immediately after lunch, I mean… sometime in the afternoon I got hungry and decided it was snack time. I just got white bean and basil hummus that I’m basically obsessed with so I had that with cucumber from my Dad’s garden (yes, I MUST peel them) and a few TJ’s Reduced Guilt Pita Chips. I think I need to elaborate on the obsessed part: my co-worker had me try some of hers a few weeks ago, and I hadn’t stopped thinking about it until I went and got some yesterday. This is surprising because I don’t really like hummus, but less surprisingly.. I think that’s because I don’t really think it’s hummus at all after reading the ingredients..


After work, I hit the gym for 3 easy miles and 15 minutes on the bike. I skipped the weights today because after wards I did laundry, and in New York – they are basically the same thing. 😉 Dinna, dinna time came nexttttt. I sautéed a ton of peppers, onions, jalepenos, mushrooms, and a few zucchini & carrots. (Half is for lunch tomorrow.)

Then, tossed them with romaine, black beans, and TJ’s avocado salsa verde.


I added some TJ’s Reduced Fat Cilantro dressing on top.


And, I saved the best for last… CHEESE! I actually took this picture then said out loud “let’s be real, I need more cheese.”


Finally.. all together now, I’ve had 3 fill ups of this guy, my 32 oz water bottle.


I’ll probably end the night with one more fill up and possibly a TJ’s frozen peach pop… mmm..


11 Jul

I had a much needed super relaxing weekend spent in the sun. Saturday, Danny and I headed back to South Jersey for his Dad’s big 50th Birthday Party. Sangria, pasta salad, and peanut butter cake were thoroughly enjoyed alllllll day. 😀 On Sunday, Danny needed to do some laundry so I happily obliged to spend my time waiting on a raft in a pool.

another braid by Danny..

What else was on my NJ agenda? Hitting up Target to stock up on essentials, duh.

Yes, that is a lot of face wipes. No one will ever understand, except maybe Jamie because she uses the same ones. And okay, I may have accidentally already picked up my travel size for when I visit her in August. Whatever.

We also stopped by to see my parents and pick up some goodies from my dad’s garden.

Wax beans, zucchini, parsley, cucumber, jalapenos, green pepper, and momma’s oatmeal cookies. 😀 love fresh free food. Already used some zucc in a stir fry for today’s lunch! 🙂